Why Commodities is in a Sweet Spot to Invest in


The idea of business cycle investing is simple. Allocate more of your resource based on the different stages of the economy cycle. Invest in stock and property during the recession and early recovery of an economic cycle. Invest in commodities and financial related stock during the growth to stagnancy stage of the economic cycle as inflation and interest rates start to accelerate. The last stage … [Read more...]

How to Improve the Risk Return of your Bond Portfolio


A well balanced investment portfolio typically has a bond component which will help to smooth out the volatility of the portfolio and gives investors some safe buffer to take advantage of any market correction or crash when it occurs, without needing the investor to top up the investment portfolio with cash. As the global economies move towards the more mature end of the economic cycle, it is … [Read more...]

March: The Month of Financial & Political Minefields


One and a half month after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of United States of America, the world is still trying to figure out his stand in foreign affairs. The immediate concern of the financial market right now, is to see whether President Trump is able to pull off his promise of lowering the US tax rate and increasing government spending at the same time. With US budget … [Read more...]

The 2017 Fengshui Guide to the Stock Market

As we ease into the year of the Rooster, experts all over the year put in a piece of their opinion how the market will fare. As a part of our annual tradition, we shall turn to the world of metaphysics and Fengshui to give us an insight how 2017 will be. However, before that, let us take a look to see how Fengshui has been accurate in predicting 2016: The year of the unpredictable fire monkey … [Read more...]

Debtzilla – Game Design Diary Part I: Theme


Right after the launch of Wongamania: Banana Economy, I started to brainstorm on a new game which can portray another aspect of the world of finance. There has been requests from different sectors on different subjects. Some wanted me to create value stock investment game, some wanted me to focus on commodity and there are ideas on using a game to teach people about real estate investing. However, … [Read more...]

How I Hedge Against Donald Trump Before the US Presidential Election


2016 is a year of the possibilities. Brexit happened when nobody thought it is possible. Donald Trump became the President of United States when nobody thought it is possible. The recent US Presidential election caught the financial world by surprise again with the global bond market and emerging markets bearing the brunt of the backlash. Meanwhile, the USD and US stock market rallied to new … [Read more...]

Plagiarism or Co-incident? Coin sorting wallet designers clash on Kickstarter.

Ever since Kickstarter allows Singaporean creators to launch their projects in September, there has been a rush of projects being listed. Many did not manage to survive the harsh world of crowdfunding and a few will stand and gain media recognition. One of the project that succeeded in doing so is the KIN wallet. Designed by a team of students in the NUS School of Industry Design, the project … [Read more...]

An Extremely Quiet October. All Eyes on the US Presidential Elections


The month of October has been uncharacteristically quiet as the whole world turn their attention to the increasingly bitter US presidential election. The outbreak of a series of scandals related to how Donald Trump treat women has put the Republican nominee on an unfavorable front. However, team Clinton was again plagued by a resurfacing of the private email scandal initiated by the FBI when … [Read more...]

5 Lessons for Small Publishers from the World’s Largest Board Game Convention: Spiel Essen 2016


When I first started writing about my adventures in the world of board game design and publishing, I thought that nobody will bother to read my blog. It seems like I was proven wrong. During my walk around Spiel Essen 2016 this year, I went around to say "Hi" to some of the new Asian board game designers and to my surprised, some of them actually recognized me and thanked me for sharing on … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Changes Which Singaporean Creators Need to Watch Out For


At long last, Kickstarter is to be launched in Asia on 1st September, with Singapore and Hong Kong being the first two countries to benefit. Singapore Kickstarter creators need not go through the complicated process of looking for a overseas helper, or deal with complex offshore tax issues anymore. However, there are some fine points for Singaporean creators which will be different from creators … [Read more...]

5 Danger Signs that the Stock Market may be in Trouble


The post Brexit stock market rally is a familiar story for this economic cycle: "Ah sharks! Things are turning bad! Nevermind! The central bankers will save us again! Buy buy buy!" The stock market recovered sharply from the Brexit shock and in some markets, are trading in record territory. Other than the strong optimism that the central bankers will flood the market with cheap money again, … [Read more...]

Brexit + China Economic Slowdown = A Perfect Storm?


Truth to be told, I am not too concern about the direct potential fallout of the Brexit on the Singapore Economy. The greatest casualties of Brexit are perhaps the countries with significant exports to UK, which includes Germany, China and the Netherlands as a result of the sharp fall in Pounds, and a "saving for rainy day" mentality as the British prepares for a potential recession in the United … [Read more...]

How the Brexit Vote Will Affect Your Singapore Investment Portfolio


On 23th of June, The citizens of the United Kingdom will come together to vote for one of the most important decision in their life, to stay within the European Union or to withdraw from it. A few weeks ago, polls indicated that the "Stay" camp was leading but the lead has narrowed in recent days leading to a razor thin advantage for the "Stay" camp. Given the potential implications both … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Your Kickstarter Reward Is Always #$%#$% Late


Having pledged a couple of Kickstarter projects prior to launching my own, we all have heard of notorious stories of late deliveries, often months beyond the promised delivery date. As backers, we have often curse and swear at the project creators for bad services. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I can well empathize some of the problems creators who need to deliver manufactured … [Read more...]

Why Gold and Oil are Rising and Why it may not be Sustainable


Ever since hitting a low of $25 in Febuary, oil price has been rallying to the recent high of $45. There has been a number of negative news that rightfully could have derailed the rally in oil price. The most significant one is perhaps the fallout among the OPEC members at the Doha meeting by major oil producers around the world including Russia. The objective of the meeting is to halt oil … [Read more...]

Are The Currency Markets Telling us that Another Crisis is Brewing?


March is a month or recovery with oil prices trending towards the $40+ after its low of $25 and China's Shanghai Composite index rallying back to 3000 points. All seems to be well and the global markets seem to be readying for a good rally after a 10 months long 20% correction. However, everything is as rosy as what many of the governments proclaimed or there are more than meets the eye? One … [Read more...]

How a Negative Interest Rate Regime will Destroy the Banks (And Your Investments)


8 years after the global financial crisis, inflation and economic growth remains elusive after years of 0 interest rates and numerous rounds of quantitative easing. As the pillars of global growth of India and China start to slow down in the past few months, central banks in Japan and Europe push their monetary policies to a new frontier: Negative interest rates. Normally, a loosening of the … [Read more...]

How Accurate is Feng Shui in Predicting the Stock Market?

The January crash started without warning and strike on the first trading day of 2016, sending shock waves around the world as the China's stock market fell by the stock exchange circuit breaker limit of 7%. Oil prices, pressured by a combination of slowing demand, rising supplies and a rising USD fell below 30 dollars, added another layer of pressure on the financial markets. The central banks … [Read more...]

Trials and Tribulations of Setting up a Singapore Board Game Publishing Company

Xeolyenomics - 0033_low res

I know I am late to do the recap thingy which every other bloggers have done a month ago as I was engrossed by the New Year market China's market crash along with the workload with working with our China's manufacturer to kickstart the manufacturing of Wongamania: Banana Economy. 2015 was the year whereby we went from a simple game designer to a full blown game publisher with lots of trials and … [Read more...]

3 Types of Market Situations You Should Cut Your Investment Losses


Your investment portfolio has lost 10%. You are worried that it may lose another 40%, but on the other hand, it may rebound back in a couple of weeks time. So should you cut loss on your investment or not? The recent market concerns about the state of the China's Economy and Oil prices have caused some of the stock markets around the world lapsing into a Bear market since the high reached in … [Read more...]