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Complete Guide to Trading Part 4: Bring Your Trading To The Next Level

Regardless of what level of trading experience you have, there are bound to be moments when you feel that you are stuck and can’t get a breakthrough. Today we discuss some ways to help you bring your trading to the next level. Journaling A trading journal is one of the most underrated tools in trading. A well-documented trading journal will enable you to track your progress and review your mistakes. Hence it is important for you to record down every single trade that you have transacted. These are some of the information you should include in the journal: Instrument...

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Complete Guide to Trading Part 3: Trade Management

After our article on preparations before live trading, we have come to the part that truly matters, live trading. In this article, we will be going through what are the things to do and not to do during trading. With a well thought out trading plan, it is time for the execution. Monitor Your Trades While watching over your positions is necessary, how closely should you monitor them is a tricky question. Some would say to let the position play out on its own while others say to monitor your position closely. I would say the answer to this...

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Complete Guide to Trading Part 2: Preparations Before Live Trading

Now that we have gone through the basics of trading in Part 1 of our Trading Guide, Part 2 will be touching on the subject of what are the preparations needed before live trading. Develop Your Trading Plan What exactly is a trading plan? A trading plan is like your compass when you are trekking in the dense forest, guiding you to your destination. Whenever you are lost, refer back to your trading plan and follow whatever you have penned down on it. These are the following that needs to be included in your trading plan: 1) Risk Management...

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