Year of the Rooster Property Strategies

On January 15, over 80 attended the 2017 Singapore Property Strategies and Opportunities in Auctions education seminar organized by Property Club Singapore. My presentation topic was ‘Year of the Rooster Property Strategies for Buyers and Investors’ that covered the following points: – What are the likely scenarios? – Is the market slowing down or bottoming out? – What are the strategies … [Read more...]


Customary for every Chinese New Year, Singapore Stocks Investing will discuss the Singapore stocks which investors can consider for the Chinese New Year. Unlike the stock picks where it comes to a brand new year which are driven by analysts, the stock picks for the Chinese New Year are mostly based on forecasts by Fengshui experts. For this post, let me discuss MY very own take of stocks to … [Read more...]

Infographic – All You Need To Know About HDB Loan And Bank Loan (Guest Post)


Buying a HDB flat for the first time can be an intimidating experience. It’s probably the first big ticket purchase in your life that will take the next couple of decades to pay off, so you’d definitely want to rake in as much savings as you can. Perhaps you have not really thought about what kind of loan to take up. If you don’t already know, you have a choice between taking up a HDB or bank … [Read more...]

18% returns for UOB

On 18 Jan 2017, sold 400 UOB shares at $20.71 each. This transaction net me a profit of $1311+ This translates to 18.87% returns over a holding period of 11 months. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with UOB however if I chose to hold this stock , I will be getting 4% yield annually based on entry price @ $17.33 /$0.70 dividend. Not too bad but still not good enough as I want money … [Read more...]

Cambridge Industrial Trust’s Manager Sold to e-Shang Redwood Limited – What could be the background?


SGX listed Cambridge Industrial Trust (dividend yield 7.1%) shareholders do take note. The majority shareholders of the manager, managing Cambridge Industrial Trust was finally able to sell their manager to e-Shang Redwood Limited (ESR). nabInvest Capital Partners and CREIM Limited have agreed to sell 80% of their stake in the manager to ESR. Who is ESR? A look up on the internet shows … [Read more...]

My Stock Report Card for Dec 2016


My Stock Report Card for Dec 2016 Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Dec 2016 : SGD $ 62,205. Income distribution in Dec came from Aimsamp Cap Reit, SPH. I sold off SPH as I think they might be too late in their transformation exercise and added some Facebook. Happy New Year :-). What a year, 2016 ! For the first time, the Singapore market performed badly while the US market hits all … [Read more...]

Losing money yet again trying to time the market? Read this…it might help

Losing money again trying to time the market? Buying too high, selling even higher? Or buying at a low price, market drops further...fear gets the better of you and you sell at a loss?? Darn! Worse, buying and selling stocks which one does not intend to pay fully.... anyway, lets face it, who knows what market will open and close tomorrow? who knows what the market will be in 1 months … [Read more...]

CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) FY 2016 Financial Results


CCT released their FY 2016 Financial Results this morning. Seems a strong results for 2016 overall per se. 穷小子 shall touch on some of the key factors. CapitaGreen's contributions is 100% with effect from 01 Sep 2016 Starting off with the much anticipated on CapitaGreen contributions injections to the portfolio. Note that its contributions is 100% only from 01 Sep 2016 onwards, … [Read more...]

Is it time to sell Apple as it hits its 52-week high?


Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is probably the most well-known company on the face of the earth and is also the largest public company in the world by market cap. Apple hit a 52-week high yesterday, 17 Jan 2017, when its share price touched $120. It’s market cap now stands at over $629 billion. Have a look at its 1-year chart: Chart: Financial Times The question now is: Can Apple break its 52-week … [Read more...]

Why Dollar-Cost Averaging is overrated

Happy businessman or manager brags success graph.

Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) is a very popular investing technique and I believe it is probably one of the first few techniques that new investors will come across. With so many books and articles explaining the benefits of DCA, I also think that it is well suited for a lazy investor like me - put in a fix amount every month and let father time do its magic. The returns may not be fantastic but I … [Read more...]

Dutech Holdings – What Lies Ahead? Part III


This is a continuation of the earlier posts: Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I) Massive FY16Q4 For Dutech Holdings – Digging Deep To Understand The Impact Of Metric Group Acquisition (Part II) In Part III, I will be sharing mainly on what are the happenings in the industry that would affect Dutech Holdings’ immediate – mid term prospects, as … [Read more...]

The Emergency Fund

In The Bedokian Portfolio, I made a very brief mention about the emergency fund1. I also stated that it is up to you how much your emergency fund should be and it must not be mixed into the Bedokian Portfolio's cash component. One of the questions that I had was how to build this emergency fund in the first place. I did not cover this part in the ebook as this issue is more of a personal … [Read more...]

An Interview with "SG TTI"

As stated in the last post of 2016, I am restarting the interview series. I will try to have an interview with an interesting investor every month in 2017. For Jan, I will start with interviewing SG Thumbtack Investor aka SG TTI. If you have yet to read his blog, I urged you to do so soon. I only knew about his blog after he sent me an email to exchange on a guest post. Right now, I … [Read more...]

The Long Sunset for Oil Rig Demand?


Different industry have different length of business cycle. I can still remember one acquaintance of mine observe closely that the shipping up cycle usually takes place 4 years and down cycle 2 years. He may not be wrong, but in recent times, the shipping supply was so out of wack that the downturn lasted longer than normal. The global slowdown and  challenging economic situation does not … [Read more...]

Recent Resilience of the Capital Goods Industry


Stocks categorised to the Capital Goods Industry are involved in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution activities. The majority of Singapore’s 20 biggest Capital Goods stocks have business activities that span across Asia. Singapore lists the third biggest Capital Goods stock in Asia Pacific – Industrial Conglomerate, Jardine Matheson Holdings, which re-joined the STI in November. Over … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #39 : Gut Investing.

At least according to Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose is the best stock picker in the start-up world. Compared to the other sections of the book, this section ranks as one of the more important ones for the investing public. When it comes to start-up investing, most value investors who need to look at accounting statements would be quickly rendered impotent because may startups are hardly profitable … [Read more...]

Can’t Get BTO Flat? What Are The Other Options Available?

Applying for a BTO may not be as easy as it seems with many couples trying many times and still can't get the flat they want. BTO stands for Build To Order where the government will launch new flats every 3 months for couples to try their luck in getting one of the units. The November 2016 BTO was especially hot with good areas such as Bedok, Kallang and Bidadari (Toa Payoh). All these locations … [Read more...]

The 15HWW Permanent Portfolio Is LIVE!

I talked about the principles behind this portfolio almost a year back (over here) but it took me almost a year to build up this portfolio to $150,000 worth of value. I am officially tracking it from 1 Jan this year. And this is not a hypothetical tracker since I am putting real money (a significant chunk of my wealth) inside it. The $150,000 is split into 5 assets which makes it about … [Read more...]

The fate of my investment in SPH.

"At SPH, we recognise the power of sharing in a world that's more connected than ever, across multiple platforms." Disruption to the media industry is faster and more frightening than I had expected. Actually, if an IT dinosaur like me can be a blogger, I shouldn't be alarmed by this but I am. That the disruption has impacted SPH is amply evident with its earnings declining in the last few … [Read more...]

Women In Investing – Interviewing Lauren Templeton


Warren Buffett. Benjamin Graham. Peter Lynch. Philip Fisher. George Soros. John Templeton. Where are the females among the world's most recognised investment legends? A look at Investopedia's list of the world's greatest investors shows that there's none. Among the money managers, only 2% of hedge funds are run by women, although a large percentage of them are in the top performers of the … [Read more...]