Recap 2016 & Looking Ahead 2017

Global markets were on a roller coaster ride in 2016 starting in really bad shape with market crash shouting all over the places but ending 2016 with a bang (for most markets in particular US).  FTSE STI however was flat for the year despite all the roller coaster ride and great volatility, ending with a dip of 0.068%. Recap Global markets suffered major sell off in January 2016 due to fear … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : United States of America


At the lowest point of America during 2008 GFC, Bush transition power to Obama. He comes in the nick of time from nowhere to bring America back up again. What even more amazing is that he is black. A White America who has appointed their First Black President instead of the First Women President. Who can say this is Uncle Sam other than the most extreme North Korea. America today has so many races … [Read more...]

Singapore Healthcare Stocks Kick Off 2017 on Strong Note


The SGX All Healthcare Index has generated a 0.7% total return in the January MTD, following a total return of 6.0% in the 2016 calendar year. This brings its five-year annualised total return to 11.2%. The 10 best-performing constituents of the SGX All Healthcare index averaged MTD and one-year total returns of 9.8% and 22.2% respectively. These stocks outperformed the 10 largest Healthcare … [Read more...]

Donald Trump becomes President Today, what should investors DO NOW?

US President-Elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated officially as the President of the United States later today United States time. The position of the US President is always thought to be the position of the most powerful person on earth. Inevitably so. And we have read and heard of President Trump’s views on China, TPP, Climate change and NATO. Some of Trump’s views seem strong. The question is … [Read more...]

The Long Sunset for Oil Rig Demand?


Different industry have different length of business cycle. I can still remember one acquaintance of mine observe closely that the shipping up cycle usually takes place 4 years and down cycle 2 years. He may not be wrong, but in recent times, the shipping supply was so out of wack that the downturn lasted longer than normal. The global slowdown and  challenging economic situation does not … [Read more...]

Recent Resilience of the Capital Goods Industry


Stocks categorised to the Capital Goods Industry are involved in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution activities. The majority of Singapore’s 20 biggest Capital Goods stocks have business activities that span across Asia. Singapore lists the third biggest Capital Goods stock in Asia Pacific – Industrial Conglomerate, Jardine Matheson Holdings, which re-joined the STI in November. Over … [Read more...]

New Year 2017 – Bull or Bear Market? Learn 2 Winning Strategies for Stocks


New Year 2017 will be an exciting year for global stock market with Donald Trump as the new US president, recovery of emerging markets and crude oil market, rising interest rate and a bullish US economy. Let’s learn how to position in stock market with 2 winning strategies: 1) Buy Low Sell High, 2) Buy High Sell Higher. US contributes to 40% of global stock value, therefore it should be a key … [Read more...]

Another Year That Ends with 7


You probably have heard of the folklore -- whenever the year ends with 7, the stock market would crash. In 1987, Dow Jones Industrial Average went through the Black Monday in which it crashed 22.6% in a single day on 19 Oct 1987. Stock markets worldwide followed suit. In 1997, Asia went through the Asian Financial Crisis which did not end until nearly 2 years later. The STI went from 2,216.79 on … [Read more...]

The STI is at 3,025; what should investors DO NOW?

The Singapore Stocks markets benchmark indicator is on a good high of 3,025. Some analysts said that going forward, the STI should still advance. One bullish analyst even predicted that the STI might go into the 4,000 mark. All the analysts said are based on their own “crystal ball” and we should only know how accurate their predictions are at the end of the year. But one thing is clear, the … [Read more...]

Ernest’s market outlook (13 Jan 17)

Dear all, STI performs to my expectations as it heads towards 3,040 (my eventual technical measured target price which I mentioned previously). What’s next? For the charts analysis below, you can cross – reference to my market outlook sent on 6 Jan 17 HERE. (Actually, my bi weekly market update should be done next week. However, I noticed that the market seems to be reaching some near-term … [Read more...]

The Same Question Whenever STI Inches Upwards


From SPDR Straits Times Index ETF official website, distribution yield has now dropped to 3.04%. Price/Earnings is a little higher at 12.56, and Price/Book Ratio is 1.23 🙂 As the STI slowly inches upwards, the same old question pops up. Is it too expensive to buy now? I always refer them back to this post (see bottom half). What we know from history : – The Straits Times Index had carried a … [Read more...]

SGX Real Estate 20 Index Began 2017 with Broad-Based Gains


All constituents of the SGX Real Estate 20 Index generated positive gains in the first five sessions of 2017; returns of the 20 stocks averaged 3.7%, taking average 12 month total returns to 14.6%. The SGX Real Estate 20 Index makes up one-tenth of the total market capitalisation of all stocks listed on SGX. The Index includes the eight Real Estate plays within the STI, in addition to three of … [Read more...]


The STI has been rising ever since the beginning of the year to the 3,000 level. This has had some analysts saying that the STI is going into a bull run. Indeed if we are to compare the performance of the Singapore stocks markets at the beginning of this month to that of Year 2016 where the global stocks markets were shaped by China’s stock markets, there is optimism among Singapore investors. … [Read more...]

This is why China is only just getting started

This article was first published by Truewealth Publishing. China gets a lot of investor blame. But it shouldn’t. In recent years, China has been a convenient go-to excuse when markets are bad. For example, China’s banking sector is in trouble; debt levels in China are too high; China’s real estate bubble is going to pop… and China’s rate of economic growth is unsustainable and slowing … [Read more...]

STI 3,000 and 250K milestone

STI finally broke through 3,000 points today.  Very contrasting start of the year 2017 than 2016.  While last year we saw the bear raging in the beginning of the year, this year look like it is the bull's turn. The good news for me is that my reit trees planting in the last two months is already bearing early fruits.  While doing nothing yet in 2017, my total portfolio value crosses 250K for … [Read more...]

My 1st Post of 2017


I will just like to apologize for the lack of post for the last 2 weeks. Other than taking the holiday breaks, I am busy learning about US Stock Market. As I have emphasized so many times, I intend to invest in the US Stock Market in the very near future. Many will ask why will I invest in the US Stock Market now, when Dow Jones Index is at all time high? There are 2 reasons. Firstly I … [Read more...]

2017 is all about Donald Trump !


On 20th January 2017, unless something really drastic happens, Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. As SMU's only law student who supported the Republican ticket in 2016, I promised my classmates a dinner buffet if Trump won the presidential election the day before the election results were announced. I figured that there was only about 16% chance Trump would win over … [Read more...]

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said China could become pushy.

"I don't want to sound apocalyptic but I don't see Taiwan as being able to resist the pull of the mainland. There will come a time when the 7th fleet cannot intervene." Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. A long time ago in ancient China, there was a big village that sat on both banks of a river. One day, there was a big fight in the village and villagers living on the left bank said they wanted to have nothing … [Read more...]

Economic Forecast Illusion or why “Economist” is one of the worst professions one could choose – Long Version

In my last post I mused over Forecasts and those guys who come up with them.  In my little research I came across so many noteworthy facts and statements on that subject that I decided to collate them in a separate post. Here we go, some 32 randomly listed observations on why Economists have a tough stand: 1) No Economist has ever convincingly explained why a normal economy has to go through … [Read more...]

Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017!

This is the first week of 2017. Happy New Year everyone! 2016 ended remarkably well for me and my family as far as intangible non-material aspects of life is concern. My family is healthier both physically and spiritually. Relationships in my house improved tremendously too. Above all, we were blessed with a godsend baby boy due in few months time. Financially, while income and investment … [Read more...]