Black Monday

By: Derek Lim As anticipated, Singapore shares plunged 2.81% or 105.34 points. I'm not panicking as I have already liquidated most of my stocks. In fact, I'm looking to buy more; I'm currently looking at companies who will be posting good 3Q results and giving out dividends. Several reports will be out this week which will determine the market outlook. In US, existing and new home sales will … [Read more...]

Sub-prime issue again

By: Derek Lim STI together with all the entire region tumbled today on worries about the sub-prime situation in the US. However, this problem has been around for some time now and I'm not too worried. My biggest concern is not in the US but in China. We have all been hearing about the increasing number of Chinese people opening trading accounts and splurging their life savings in the stock … [Read more...]