Aoxin Q & M Dental Group – First China Dental Play to List on SGX


Aoxin Q & M Dental Group Ltd (Aoxin), the first dental services and equipment provider in China, is scheduled to debut on Catalist tomorrow. Aoxin is one of the leading providers of private dental services/dental equipment and supplies in Liaoning Province, Northern China. China’s healthcare expenditure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 11.8% on the back of rising affluence, … [Read more...]

Should You Be Worried About Geopolitical Risk ?

European markets and Dow Futures seems celebrating on the news of today’s French Presidential Election result. FTSE , DAX and CAC 40 all up by 2-4% at the time writing and Dow Future also up by more than 200 points. Recently, investors seems given more concerns to geopolitical issues where it hasdominated the market move base on their preliminary or final results , since BREXITreferendum on … [Read more...]

Review of Singapore’s Construction Sector – Part 2


This is Part 2 of the Review of the Singapore Construction Sector. Part 1 was meant as a more qualitative approach. Part 2 will be using a quantitative approach instead. Do read up on Part 1 here. Prior to this writing, SG Thumbtack Investor has pointed out on InvestingNote, this maybe too much a generalization of the companies within the construction industry. Read his full … [Read more...]

1st Quarter earnings leads to cautiousness in Straits Times Index


1st Quarter earnings leads to cautiousness in Straits Times Index 1st quarter earnings announcements have started rolling out last week as market participants were busy understanding the change in companies performances are the reporting. During this period, many decided to stay cautious and stayed out of the market. Hence, Straits Times Index was affected and started the week bearishly. … [Read more...]

Can We Hold STI ETF With Good Entries As Multi-bagger Over Market Cycles???

Unlike holding single stocks over market cycles; there are no shortage of multi-baggers held by some retail investors over market cycles; can we hold STI ETF into into multi-bagger Game? If you are curious and have time; you may to check on other market indices. Uncle8888 not keen in other market so he doesn't bother with it... … [Read more...]

Is The Singapore Stock Market Healthy? A Billionaire Speaks Out

Billionaire investor, Paul Tudor Jones, has a stark message for fellow investors in Singapore. Years of low-interest rates, avers the legendary macro trader, have bloated stock valuations to a level not experienced in the country since 2000. He states that it happened before the tumble of the Nasdaq, which stood at 75% over a period of more than two years. He argues that such a value of the stock … [Read more...]

Review of Singapore’s Construction Sector – Part 1

Dear Readers, I am continuing my search for, what Warren Buffett will have exclaimed – the next “wonderful company at only fair prices”. Therefore, to search for this company, I decided to try searching within the construction industry. The interest in construction industry was triggered due to a few reasons such as: This video via Flyinpeach – Singapore continuous infrastructure … [Read more...]

Pharmaceuticals – A Strong and Growing Healthcare Sub-segment


Despite being one of Singapore’s smaller healthcare sub-segments, the YTD total return of 7.3% generated by the six Pharmaceuticals stocks is almost double that of the overall SGX Healthcare Index.  Against Asia-Pacific peers, Singapore Pharmaceuticals stocks trade at lower valuations of 13.9x PE and 1.2x PB, and generated higher total returns of 7.3% in the YTD (vs 2.2%) and 16.3% in the last … [Read more...]

21 SG Stocks Feature in Regional Index built on ‘Quality Factors’


The SGX Developed Asia ex Japan Quality Index is made up of 60 stocks listed across Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. With constituents maintaining comparatively strong financials, the Index has generated more resilient long term returns than relative benchmarks. Financial metrics for Quality Factors include net profit margins, return on equity & invested capital, the degree of … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Stock Market Volatility 1997 – 2016


The following information is plucked from various sources in the internet and summarized. I am doing that in view of recent North Korea crisis and Syria conflict in Trump era. I do not think we reach market crisis level yet. What I found is that 50% dropped is a major number observed when there are major crisis. The lesser ones are mere correction around 15% range. Stock Market … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Ride The Waves

2017 had opened with a big bang for the local financial market. For the period of 3 January to 13 April, the Straits Times Index (STI) had taken a tremendous rise from 2887 points on 3 January to 3169.24 points on 13 April, with reaching a high of 3187.51 points just two weeks ago1; Gold had risen from USD 1158.84 to USD 1287.92 along the same timeframe2; Singapore REITs (S-REITs) had also gone … [Read more...]

Two Billion- Cap undervalued, high-dividends Singapore Stocks


Amidst all the geo-political tensions in the world arising from the US and North Korea confrontation, global stocks markets, including Singapore’s are getting jittery. Some investors fled the markets, some investors rather hold their monies for now, all just to have clarity on the current state of geo-political tensions as well as how the French Elections will pan out. Other investors who aim to … [Read more...]

Interest Rate Hike: 4 impacts it has to you and your money


Will you give it a yawn when you hear the news that the interest rate hike is coming? You may yet to realise how deeply this will affect you and your money. For a start, when US Federal Reserve increases their interest rates, it is not only a US thing. US interest rates matter to Singapore. When the interest rate in the US is raised, so will it be in Singapore. The interest rate is important … [Read more...]

Strongest Performing Healthcare Providers of the Past Year


Singapore lists comparatively more stocks in the GICS® ‘Healthcare Providers and Services’ sub-sector than the global norm, with capitalisation growth outpacing the world. Singapore's 14 primary listings in the sub-sector generated a 12 month median return of 24% (or 45% average gain excluding new listing HC Surgical Specialists' 115% gain on its initial offer price). Four of the 14 primary … [Read more...]

Singapore’s High Dividend Yields Grab Spotlight Again


Singapore’s biggest Index stocks maintain the highest dividend yield in Asia, with Singapore’s yield of 3.7% ranking as Asia’s highest in the FTSE Country Indices. As many as 70% of Singapore’s constituents in the FTSE All-World Index qualify for the FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield Index, compared to the global norm of 40%. While Singapore’s lists a number of REITs with high yields, the FTSE … [Read more...]

WHAT should investors KNOW NOW?


Ever since the stocks markets rise to peaks for markets like the US, market watchers continue to see how the policies of Donald Trump will continue to benefit stocks markets. I must said previously, the radar is on Trump's economic policies, US-China trade relationships and the interest rate decision of the US Federal Reserves. Now the focus seems to be geo-political. First was the tension over … [Read more...]

Google launches Asia-Pacific financial dashboard, revealing top financial trends for Singapore in 2016

Mobile searches for wealth management is growing at 41% year-on-year in Singapore. Eight of the top ten searches in Singapore were about insurance policies. Today, Google launched its Asia-Pacific financial dashboard sharing how consumers in 10 countries across Asia-Pacific have searched for financial products over the last year, and the implications for financial companies. Michael Yue, … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index to hover around 3170 level


Straits Times Index to hover around 3170 level It has been a quiet week for Straits Times Index as market participants remains cautious on the outcome of the visit of US president Trump to China. Talks between the 2 countries are ongoing currently but early reports are showing that they are building up with some trade ties; in oppose to what was widely speculated. The week started with positive … [Read more...]

Impact of Trump Attack on Syria on STI and Gold


The news was shocking to me and I bet it was shocking to the world as well. Trump has ordered a missile strike on Syria Thursday. I read on Bloomberg that his move has shaken world markets. U.S. stock index futures slump after his action. Global oil prices jumped more than 2% on Friday on news the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack on Syria. The missile attack does not seem to have much … [Read more...]



I was like the world eager to know how the first meeting of US President Donald Trump with the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping would be like yesterday but the meeting was eclipsed by the sudden US strike on Syrian government targets. As we know, the strike was a response to the attack on civilians in Syria. The strikes definitely have an effect on the global stocks markets, not less than how the … [Read more...]