How to rebalance your portfolio for retirement

Building your portfolio is not a one-off event. Even if all your investments are passive, the portfolio has to be “tweaked” now and again, to compensate for changes in the markets. Think of it as car servicing: no matter how well the vehicle is built, the repeated bumps in the road mean you need to change the tyres and replace the suspension at some point. This is true even for retirement … [Read more...]



When I last blogged about CMT in 28th Jan'17, the stock price on 31st Jan'17 was $1.94. For people who are interested can refer to earlier blog article on CMT 4Q16 HERE. Since then, what has happened ?There were no distribution since we just Ex-div in 26th Jan'17. Stock price $2.01 as of today 20th Apr'17. Gain of 3.6%. CMT posts today 20th Apr'17 after trading hours, stable 1Q 2017 distribution … [Read more...]

Equity Management #9 : Long-short equity investing.

For the next few years, I will be stretching myself beyond the usual yield investing which has been instrumental in allowing me to reach this current of financial independence. One of the approach I am toying with is the use of leverage, I hope to start building a small portfolio which has a modest amount of leverage to magnify my dividend yields. The longer plan is to look at long-short … [Read more...]

Pharmaceuticals – A Strong and Growing Healthcare Sub-segment


Despite being one of Singapore’s smaller healthcare sub-segments, the YTD total return of 7.3% generated by the six Pharmaceuticals stocks is almost double that of the overall SGX Healthcare Index.  Against Asia-Pacific peers, Singapore Pharmaceuticals stocks trade at lower valuations of 13.9x PE and 1.2x PB, and generated higher total returns of 7.3% in the YTD (vs 2.2%) and 16.3% in the last … [Read more...]



Dear readers, I think you will agree with me that when an investor buys a stock, it is always with the wish and expectation of capital appreciation. And when the CEO of the listed company buys his own stocks, then it is always a sign to investors in general that the CEO is confident of his own company business and that it is a good sign. And if a CEO repeatedly buys stocks of his own company, I … [Read more...]

Hospitality Industry – The Next Investment Opportunity?

Many great investment opportunities happen when the industry is still depressed and where the individual companies are undervalued. I've been looking for more investment opportunities and the hospitality industry came up on my radar. The hospitality sector is not all gloomy for every country. The 2 stocks that I have which have direct exposure in the hospitality industry are Ascendas … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Limited to double in price?

Reader: Hi AK, I invested in Centurion Corp. I am thinking if I should sell or if the price will go higher with the dual listing in HK. Chinese money floods into HK stocks. AK: Dual listing in HK doesn't change anything in terms of business fundamentals. Centurion Corporation could be seeking what, to them, is a fairer valuation of their business. The EDGE wrote that in 2007, Want … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Stock selection and market timing

Recently, my mum-in-law said she was afraid of Korea War, she asked me how. I told her if she is very worried, take some money off the market.   She asked me to take a look at her portfolio. Some of her counters were from donkey years, salted fish until cannot salt Liao. I ask her if she want to remove deadweight, she said ok.   She showed me her sgx statement for the past few months, the … [Read more...]

11 things I learned from Amanah Harta Tanah PNB’s 2017 AGM

Amanah Harta Tanah PNB (AHP) is a Malaysian REIT that first listed in 1990 and has been paying a steady dividend to shareholders ever since. A total of 196.24 sen per unit or RM198.54 million has been distributed since 1990, with the highest distribution per unit (DPU) of 12.5 sen per unit paid in 1996. AHP has an average dividend yield of 6.4% from 2011 to 2016. AHP completed the acquisition … [Read more...]



AOXIN Q&M DENTAL GROUP IPO is the latest IPO for investors here as it was announced that the group would be launching an IPO yesterday. AOXIN Q&M is a dental business in China and evident from its name, it is a business which was spun off from listed entity Q&M. AOXIN Q&M Dental is offering 57 million placement shares at $0.20 per share and I understand that these are available for … [Read more...]



Every investor seeks to invest in a stock which will become a multi-bagger. A multi-bagger stock is a stock which appreciates in price multi-fold than the price the investor pays for. There is a stock which will become a ten-times multi-bagger and I said this with absolute certainty. The price of the stock will increase by ten times. However the mechanism to which the stock will appreciate in … [Read more...]

Banyan Tree – collaborations with AccorHotels and Vanke may spark re-rating (17 Apr 17)

Banyan Tree recently clinched two noteworthy strategic partnership with AccorHotels and Vanke on 8 Dec 2016 and 23 Jan 2017 respectively. Since 23 Jan 2017, Banyan has largely traded between $0.465 – 0.530. It closed at $0.510 on 17 Apr 2017. If a company can catch the eyes of China’s largest property player Vanke and Europe’s largest hotel group / the world’s fifth largest hotel group … [Read more...]

Top 5 Dividend Investing Mistakes to Avoid

The world of investing is one in which you can never fully eliminate the risks, as many new investors are quick to find out. However, by making better decisions and, more importantly, avoiding bad ones, you can minimise the level of risks that you take. Here are some suggestions for improving your odds of making successful investments. Mistake 1: Focusing Too Strictly On Yield New investors … [Read more...]

Would you buy Breadtalk shares cause of its name/familiarity?


Mitigate your risk through understanding a company’s financial number is key to winning this game ” – anon Comparison will be done with Auric Pacific Group (A23) – Currently has been offer $1.65 to go private / Owner of Sunshine/Foodjunction/Buttercup/SCS Dairy (famous butter) 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 3.037 (13.9% Below fair value) A23 – … [Read more...]

What I Learned From These Two Blog Posts

You might have noticed that the frequency of me updating my blog post has reduced recently. Yah .. I have been busy catching “Pokemon” and running around many parks which I never or have no time to explore before during full time working . Places like “ MacRitchie Reservoir “ ,” Woodland Water Front Park” , “West Coats Park” , Fort Canning Park “ , ChangiVillage “ , “ Bishan-Ang Moh Kio Park … [Read more...]

New Counter: Valuetronics

Given that Keong Hong's share price has taken off, I have been spending my time looking at other potential counters to invest money earned from my sale of Keppel T&T's stock. Happy to announce a new purchase this month. Here are some of my considerations - Equity: Valuetronics (SGX: BN2) Business: Electronic Equipments Markets exposed: America, Europe, Asia Pacific Stock exchange: … [Read more...]

Do You Invest/Trade in US Market?

This is frequent question ask : Do you invest/trade in US market? In 01 Aug 2009, Uncle88888 said .... I have never invested in any oversea market before, and also unlikely in the future as I don't believe that with my limited investing capital, SG market cannot provide enough opportunity for me to make decent returns. There is no need to look so far away when the pot of gold is just in … [Read more...]

Self Interest vs. Vested Interest??? (Good to refresh)

Read? Self Interest vs. Vested Interest??? Remember 3Ms - Method. Mind and Money Management! How can "Gurus" train you effectively on your Mind to be less emotional and add on another difficulty of training you to maintain strict discipline with your Money Management regardless of market movement? What was the process that have been taught for these two factors with the respect to your … [Read more...]

21 SG Stocks Feature in Regional Index built on ‘Quality Factors’


The SGX Developed Asia ex Japan Quality Index is made up of 60 stocks listed across Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. With constituents maintaining comparatively strong financials, the Index has generated more resilient long term returns than relative benchmarks. Financial metrics for Quality Factors include net profit margins, return on equity & invested capital, the degree of … [Read more...]



It has been some time since we visit the three local telco stocks. In an environment marked by a fourth telco, how are the three telco stocks performing now? Since M1 stock price broke below its 200-Day Moving Average in Sep 2016, its stock price has been on a decline. It since hit a support of $1.92 and rebounded off this support to close at $2.13 on 13 Apr 2017. Singtel stock broke below its … [Read more...]