ARA Asset Management – The mother of all REIT

By: Derek Lim That's the nickname given by my friend and I when we decided to invest in it. I admit that it was over exaggerated but that's us. When we invest in a stock, we like to give them nicknames. It sort of keep us interested in the stock and also reduce the pain when we made a loss. As its nick suggested, what really got me interested in ARA is that it is one of the largest REIT … [Read more...]

Dynamic Colours IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 21 November 2007 Commencement of trading: 23 November 2007 Established in 1993, Dynamic Colours is a manufacturer of coloured compounded resins and packaging materials serving the IT, electronics, and petrochemical industries. They supply their products to plastic injection moulders (PIMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who in turn … [Read more...]

Z-Obee Holdings IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 19 November 2007 Commencement of trading: 21 November 2007 Established in 2002, Z-Obee is a PRC-based integrated mobile handset solutions house that provides the complete design services spanning the entire handset design cycle, including industrial/mechanical/software/hardware design, procurement of hardware, prototype testing, pilot production, and … [Read more...]

Lippo-Mapletree Indonesia Retail Trust IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 15 November 2007 Commencement of trading: 19 November 2007 Lippo-Mapletree Indonesia Retail Trust (LMIR) is established with the principal objective of investing in a diversified portfolio of income producing real estate in Indonesia that is used for retail or retail related purposes. It will have an initial portfolio of 7 retail mall properties and … [Read more...]

Black Monday

By: Derek Lim As anticipated, Singapore shares plunged 2.81% or 105.34 points. I'm not panicking as I have already liquidated most of my stocks. In fact, I'm looking to buy more; I'm currently looking at companies who will be posting good 3Q results and giving out dividends. Several reports will be out this week which will determine the market outlook. In US, existing and new home sales will … [Read more...]

Hong Leong Finance

By: Derek Lim The Business Times Published October 19, 2007 HLF: Firing on all pistons, no CDO shock By SIOW LI SEN WHEN Hong Leong Finance (HLF) posts its third-quarter results next month, it is likely to announce a special dividend to use up its tax credits before they expire at year's end. Singapore's largest independent finance company is also expected to report good results, … [Read more...]

PSC Corporation Ltd

By: Derek Lim PSC closed at $0.455 today. Pretty disappointing if you consider that the last price before consolidation was $0.12. Hence after a 5:1 consolidation, I'm expecting about $0.60. Even if it is calculated base on $0.10 per share (figure used by PSC to calculate the rights issue price), I should still expect at least $0.50. However, I half expected that it will happen because trading … [Read more...]

My Asset Allocation

By: Derek Lim There is a thread on "What is your overall asset allocation?" in Sgfunds. I find it really useful gauge of each person investment appetite and risk. Below is my asset allocation. Stocks : 53.00% Insurance : 27.56% Cash: 14.84% Fix Income: 4.24% Gold: 0.36% Insurance: I still have 2 endowment and 1 whole life policy. I guess I'm one of those with the highest allocation … [Read more...]

September Portfolio

By: Derek Lim I was in reservist for the whole of September. Hence, I didn't have much time to monitor my stocks or update my site. But hey, isn't that what investments are about - ignore market noise and let it run. It's a pretty good month, with the Fed cutting interest rates and the market rebounded. The sub-prime issues seem so long ago. I guess it's human nature to look at the positive and … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update 18 August 2007

By: Derek Lim I have sold all 10 lots of Unifiber at $0.210 at a loss of 23.59%. However, I'm fortunate that my overall loss was not too affected as Unifiber made up only about 9% of my portfolio. However, in line with the market tumble this week, my existing portfolio is now at -6.13% and my returns for the year is at -4.97%, mainly brought down by a sharp decline in HL Finance. I still stand … [Read more...]

Hong Leong Finance – Second Quarter and Half-Year Financial Statment 2007

By: Derek Lim A good set of results though a dividend of 6 cents is pretty disappointing considering that HL Finance has S44 tax credits - I suspect that HL finance might be issuing rights. My friend mention that HL finance has just open a branch in Rivervale Mall. This is in line with HL Finance plan to target the heartlands. With the economy expected to do well, I will expect to see even … [Read more...]

Unifiber – Half Year Financial Statement 2007

By: Derek Lim Unifiber profits increased by 302%. On paper, it looks fantastic but I have my doubts. View the Financial Statement here. 1) Revenue and Gross profits went down - mainly due to no pulp sales from PT Kiani Kertas. It seems to me that pulp sales is uncertain and with its construction business reaching saturation point, the only hope lies on its woodchip sales. 2) Unifiber's … [Read more...]

Ascendas India REIT

By: Derek Lim Hard-luck. Even for a fairly big IPO like this, I'm still unable to get any. Come to think of it, my only two successful IPOs (ChinaRetail Investment Trust and CitySpring) was applied via DBS and none of was successful via UOB. Despite the low yield, I believe that AscendasIndT is a good stock for the long term. My initial plan is to buy only 1 lot and being the typically "Kiasu" … [Read more...]

Sub-prime issue again

By: Derek Lim STI together with all the entire region tumbled today on worries about the sub-prime situation in the US. However, this problem has been around for some time now and I'm not too worried. My biggest concern is not in the US but in China. We have all been hearing about the increasing number of Chinese people opening trading accounts and splurging their life savings in the stock … [Read more...]

Ascendas India Trust IPO

By: Derek Lim Price: S$1.18 Placement: 392,000,000 Public: 20,000,000 Date of Offer: 25 July 2007, 12:00pm Closing: 30 July 2007, 7:00am Commence Trading: 1 August 2007, 2:00pm Underwriter: JPMorgan, Citi, DBS I believe many are turning to safer investments especially when the market tumble last week. Most REITs are CPF approved and I wonder why Ascendas is not - higher risk? … [Read more...]

IPO Balloting Results for RH Energy and China Angel Food

By: Derek Lim Another disappointing IPO balloting. Both stocks have more than doubled from it initial IPO price but there's no shame, because this is all about luck and money rather than skill. Date: 9 July 2007 Company: R H Energy Ltd. Price: S$0.32 Placement: 68,000,000 Public: 4,000,000 No. of shares applied: 50,000 Results: Unsuccessful Balloting Results: Date: 11 July … [Read more...]

Calculating Price After Rights Issue

By: Derek Lim I have figured out the problem to my calculation of PSC price after rights issue. Current Market Price: $0.15 After 5:1 share consolidation, Theoretical Market Price after share consolidation: = $0.15*5 = $0.750 After 1 rights share @$0.33 for every 2 shares based on New Market Price of $0.750 Theoretical Market Price after rights should be = {[200 shares * $0.750 … [Read more...]

IPO Application Strategy (9 July 2007 – 13 July 2007)

By: Derek Lim With 4 IPOs coming up next week, it will be interesting. My friend and I are fed up on being unsuccessful in every IPO application this year and we have decided to pool our resources together. Instead of 10 lots, we will be applying for 50 lots thereby increasing our chances from 4-6:99 to 6-8:99 respectively (based on the balloting ratio of Sunsine and XLX Fertiliser). The … [Read more...]