Buy 99 years leasehold or freehold property in Singapore?

For home buyers in Singapore, most would qualify for a BTO HDB flat. It gives the best value for money. Even a resale HDB flat is a good deal compared to the sky high asking prices of private condominiums. However, regular readers know that I would caution against buying very old HDB flats. "It's OK lah. I like the location and there is 60 years left to the lease." And how long are you … [Read more...]

Announcing the launch of a revamped blog

Dear readers, has been keeping the same web design for the past 6 years. With things slowing down towards the end of the year, I decided to give my blog a new look. After some hiccups to outsource the job, I was determined to DIY for this long overdue project. For 10 days I returned from work early to play with the kids who were on school holiday, then worked on it from 10 … [Read more...]

CPF’s Home Protection Scheme (HPS).

The most significant big-ticket item for my family in 2016 was the purchase of our Executive Condominium (EC), The Terrace, at Punggol Waterway. Like many Singaporeans, being able to upgrade to an EC is our Singapore Dream. Arising from this purchase, we had taken a quite a big mortgage loan from one of the local banks and in the course of doing so, I did some research on mortgage loans. In this … [Read more...]


“Boomtime property buyers now big losers” was the headline in a local newspapers today. The article featured property transactions which were losers. For example, the biggest loser went to the seller of a condominium unit at Seascape. The condominium was bought for $11 million in year 2011 and was sold for $6.35 million in October 2016 at a loss of $4.65 million. This translated to a loss of … [Read more...]

Do Parents really love their kids?


What is love? To me, to love someone means to think about their welfare, not only for the immediate future, but for the long term. Recently, I have been talking to many people, and hearing their stories regarding housing. As someone who has recently bought a home, I find that Singapore is still a very Asian society, where parents do impose their thinking on their children (even if they are not … [Read more...]

Positive Experience With A Professional House Mover In Singapore


Readers of would know that Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl chose to purchase a HDB BTO flat over a HDB Resale flat. Having chosen this option, they now face an almost unbearable wait of 4 years before their HDB BTO would be ready. Having heard the wise words that a big space is not necessary for procreation, Heartland Boy decided to move into Heartland Girl’s house as an interim … [Read more...]

Choosing the right BTO flat


“Honey, let’s invest and buy the BIGGEST BTO flat in the MOST CENTRAL location so that we can sell it off for a huge profit next time!” Does this sound familiar? Indeed, this is the mindset of many Singaporean couples, who believe that buying and selling property is a sure way to make them rich. While BTOs are indeed one of the cheapest housing options around, biting off more than you can … [Read more...]

5 reasons why you fail TDSR and how to save yourself


A blog reader shared with me that he had put down a deposit to buy a property for investment. When he applied for a housing loan, to his big surprise, the bank told him that he couldn’t pass the TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) test. “I thought I was financially sound. How could I possibly fail the stress test?” Another reader was checking with the bank to refinance his existing mortgage … [Read more...]

Moving past our mistakes

I must admit that I felt a pang of regret/fear when I read Kyith's (Investment Moats) post - Negative Cash on Cash Return Bites Single 45 Year Old with 6 Investment Properties. Although I am not in the same situation as the lady mentioned in The New Paper, Kyith's analysis could just have easily been applied to my wife and I. It's a great read and important reminder for people not to get … [Read more...]

Negative Cash on Cash Return Bites Single 45 Year Old with 6 Investment Properties

Property investment is one of the most popular wealth machines in Singapore. It has create a lot of wealth for a lot of people. Due to that, people advise their peers the way to build wealth through properties. The New Paper interviewed a single 45 year old Property Investors current situation to profile the weak leasing market. She works in the sales industry and earns $20,000 per … [Read more...]

5 ways Big Data is disrupting Singapore’s property market


Do you know that our property industry is facing a major disruption? And Big Data will be playing a major role in this disruption, similar to what is happening now in the finance, media, healthcare and manufacturing sectors? What’s the big deal about Big Data? In the age of IoT (Internet of Things), the transfer of data among connected devices is much more complex than humans can handle. Big … [Read more...]

Further Analysis to a Straits Time Article

Just saw this article on Straits Times with the headline, "ABSD deadline fast approaching, but developers stay cool". Thus, I felt that it is good to find out who are the developers of these properties. After all, I do have numerous developers in my portfolio (most probably will do an update on my portfolio soon) and hopefully none of the properties belong to the developers I … [Read more...]

Lie if your Ricebowl depends on it (Iskandar)

I just read this article on property in Today written by Ku Swee Yong (I know, I'm a bit slow) and I thought that it was an excellent read regarding Iskandar and property investing in Malaysia in general. Here are the main points that I picked up: Completion **TARGET** is 2026 Terminus cities benefit from HSR links Cities along the route declined in GDP and fixed asset investment … [Read more...]

To pay down HDB housing loan faster or not?

Not only do all of us have different financial circumstances, we also have different capacities to stomach stress.  What works for one might not work for another (i.e. what might give someone peace of mind might be quite stressful for another). So, listen to what others have to say but, ultimately, make our own decision, one that will not rob us of our precious sleep. Chat with Reader … [Read more...]

Speaking at Australia Property Show on Nov 27


I will be speaking at PropertyGuru’s Australia Property Show this Sunday (Nov 27). Feel free to drop by and say hi. Event: Australia Property Show Date: November 27, 2016 (Sunday) Venue: Regent Singapore, Level 3 Nassim, 1 Cuscaden Road, S249715 Topic: The Double-Edged Sword of Foreign Property Investment Speaking Timeslot: 1630 – 1700 Panel Discussion: 1700 – … [Read more...]

Making a four- room HDB functional for less than $8,000


I just moved into our 4- room resale HDB flat, and we made it functional in less than $8,000! Notice, I didn't use the word renovate as we didn't hire people for renovation works. As such, let's use the term functional here. Initial Condition of the Home Before we moved in, the home came with the following: In- tact flooring tiles Adequate power points Available fibre optic point … [Read more...]

Vietnam Property: 5 Bagger! – Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous post on Vietnam Property.We have established the following in the last post:1. Vietnam has a huge and hungry population and is on the growth trajectory to be a developed country. GDP will continue grow at high single digit and property prices at a multiple of that over time. It might be the last Asian Tiger in our lifetimes.2. The development of the Ho Chi … [Read more...]

When the housing market collapses


Remember the infamous Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that kick-started the last financial crisis? Last month hedge fund Bayview Financial bundled their junk securities into $118 million new bonds. Fitch Rating immediately stamped it with A- for investment grade. Didn’t they do the same for subprime mortgage bonds that were once top-rated AAA debts before the US housing bubble burst? This is … [Read more...]

Investing in real estate while I’m young

Some of my friends recently expressed surprise to the stuff I’m doing. I’m seriously investing in real estate because I like to generate passive income so I can focus on stuff I like to do, ie. writing this blog. Why not just stick to stocks? I’m not a big fan of technical investing, chart reading, etc. The reason is: I don’t know how to time my entry and exit. I see funny diagrams when I … [Read more...]