Other Sell transactions for Mar 2017


Another sale event following up from the big one last week. The proceeds are not as high but what is significant about this one is that we are selling some of our ETFs. I have mentioned before that our portfolios structures are messy and uncoordinated because of inexperience and lack of clarity in our strategy. Our investment approach developed over time and although our buy transactions are more … [Read more...]

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT is a fine investment for income.

This was a recent chat with a reader: Reader: http://www.commercialguru.com.sg/property-management-news/2016/9/136176/the-future-of-tuas 30 32 tuas west road and 8 10 tuas ave 20 are so close to the upcoming tuas west road MRT station! AK: Yes! I saw it for myself 🙂 Reader: u took a look during your site visit? AK: During the tour they gave me 🙂 Reader: haha. hard to get the … [Read more...]

Singapore gold bullion market

n the aftermath of the Singapore’s GST exemption for investment grade precious metals since 2012, many bullion dealers has set up shop to take advantage of gold liberalization by Singapore government. In its latest financial results, it was revealed that BullionStar led in Singapore gold bullion market. According to data released by World Gold Council, the overall bullion demand in Singapore … [Read more...]

Golden Energy – 4th largest in Indonesia but share price lags Geo Energy by a mile! (27 Mar 17)

Golden Energy (“GEAR”) has slumped 21% from $0.655 on 12 Dec 2016 to $0.515 on 27 Mar 2017. Compare this with a 47% rally in Geo Energy’s share price over the same period. Moreover, GEAR has slumped 10% post its results notwithstanding the strong set of results. Why is this so? I have managed to fix an exclusive 1-1 meetup with Mark Zhou, Head of investments, GEAR (“Management”) to find out … [Read more...]

My 10% Portfolio – Changes After 1 Quarter


Before I proceed with the main topic of this post, I just want to say my thanks to those who came and spent their Saturday Morning listening to me "talk". Hopefully everyone that turn up had learnt something that day! Back to the main topic...  These are the updates to my 10% Portfolio: As per Previous Post Current Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Oversea-Chinese Banking … [Read more...]

Buy transactions for Mar 2017

Let’s get the part about our Buy transactions for Mar 2017 out of the way first. Automated Investing Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan Buy 30 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.15 per unit on 8 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 30 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B on SGX) at S$3.22 per unit on 14 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 OCBC Blue Chip … [Read more...]

Buying Singapore Savings Bonds

Investing is a fascinating game in a sense that no formula ever works all the time. There is no "Bao Jia" or sure wins. There are no programmable solutions, no absolutes and we must always break the rules to win. There is also no such thing as never. Warren Buffett himself broke his own rules so many times, in order to win. He said he would never buy tech stocks, yet he bought IBM and Apple.  He … [Read more...]

Cory Diary: Is STI Performance truly understood ?


What is STI Index true performance ? The often quoted is 7% XIRR or so called Compounded which includes dividends distributed. This is achieved if one invest all their money one time exact in the year 2005 low and measured on the final price this month of STI. Yes is about 7%. The issue is can this be repeated ? That is the catch. Firstly our money in fund is constantly injected and for some … [Read more...]

Healthcare S-REITs Rate-Hike Sensitivity Data Comparison

Collecting rental income from hospitals and nursing homes is one of the more stable yield investment IMO. Healthcare REITs combine the best of two worlds - real estate & healthcare. With a rapidly aging population in Asia, hospitals and nursing homes will be in greater demand than ever. Parkway Life REIT is best positioned to take advantage of this demographic trend. It has the premium brand … [Read more...]

Karin Technology – What really matters in a Stock (11% Yield)


Dividend yield stands at 11.42 % | HK company | Founded in 1977 | Comparison will be done with ExcelPoint Technology(BDF) – Based on closest market cap 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 0.564 (43.6% Below fair value)  BDF – 0.812 Price to earning ratio : 28.837 ( Growing above industry standard –11.614) BDF – 7.303 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR … [Read more...]

TTI’s New, Puny Position – S i2i


March has been an absolutely crazy month for me thus far, work-wise. Probably cos it’s sandwiched between 2 holidays, and I’m paying for my travel sins. It’s almost the end of the month, and I have not had a weekday lunch in the whole of March. That’s really not very healthy. It’s screwing up my GI system, and I’ll probably see the consequences 2 decades from now. But it’s just 1 of those … [Read more...]

Old Chang Kee


As stated in my earlier post, Old Chang Kee trailing dividend yield was at 3.45% on 12 March 2017. It isn’t a very high yield (esp. as compared to the business trusts and REITs). So you may be scratching your head, wondering why I put this in the ‘dividend’ stock list. However, in an environment of rising increase rates, whereby the normal yield of stocks is hovering around 2% to 3%, a 3.45% … [Read more...]

Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF : One Thing People Aren’t Saying


Like what I wrote for Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF, just throwing out some food for thought for this one. A REIT ETF such as Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF is a great tool to have at our disposal. It would fit in nicely if you’re trying to construct a portfolio like Rick Ferri’s Core Four, for example. Portfolio Charts is a website that I really like, by the … [Read more...]

When can gambling make more than investing?

Reader: hello AK, just curious and wanting to understand further your thought process on HLS. Would knowing about the bumper dividend have changed your decision? I assume the announcement wasn't made yet when you sold. AK: Alamak. This is like asking me if I can see the future... Not a meaningful question 😉 Reader: hahahaha clearly I didn't give a good illustration put it another way, … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Financial Portfolio Update 20170325


Has been a month since my last post. Seems a long time. Quite amount of office politics that I have to carefully maneuver while getting things done during this period while guiding my team on execution and business alignment. Good news is we are better today than a month ago. More work to do ! 2017 is Year of Rates and Banking. Banking continues to recover from last year despite the oil … [Read more...]

Farewell, ARA… What I learned from my very last meeting with ARA Asset Management

The Scheme Meeting of ARA Asset Management was concluded yesterday, 23 March 2017. A total of 1,056 shareholders and proxies attended the Scheme Meeting held at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. 857 of them voted in favor for the Scheme of Arrangement to privatise ARA Asset Management at $1.78 per share. When the poll result was shown onscreen, a few shareholders cheered: “Huat ah!” While the … [Read more...]

KPO Analysis on Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) Rights Issue

Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) announce 29 rights units for every 100 existing units at a discounted price of $0.919 per share few weeks back to raise gross proceeds of approximately S$442.7 million. If you do not know what is a rights issue, you can read about it here. It is one of the way the company raise more fund to do all sort of things (acquire more property, expand business, pay debt, … [Read more...]

Singtel share price in supreme form

At a time when Starhub and M1 share prices were dropping like flies, Singtel share price is in supreme form. The corrections for Starhub and M1 shares were due to the announcement of the entry of the fourth telco player, TPG Telecom, which made the winning bid of $105 million for the licence in December 2016. When investing in stocks, always place your bets on the players with the biggest … [Read more...]