Hospitality Industry – The Next Investment Opportunity?

Many great investment opportunities happen when the industry is still depressed and where the individual companies are undervalued. I've been looking for more investment opportunities and the hospitality industry came up on my radar. The hospitality sector is not all gloomy for every country. The 2 stocks that I have which have direct exposure in the hospitality industry are Ascendas … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Limited to double in price?

Reader: Hi AK, I invested in Centurion Corp. I am thinking if I should sell or if the price will go higher with the dual listing in HK. Chinese money floods into HK stocks. AK: Dual listing in HK doesn't change anything in terms of business fundamentals. Centurion Corporation could be seeking what, to them, is a fairer valuation of their business. The EDGE wrote that in 2007, Want … [Read more...]

11 things I learned from Amanah Harta Tanah PNB’s 2017 AGM

Amanah Harta Tanah PNB (AHP) is a Malaysian REIT that first listed in 1990 and has been paying a steady dividend to shareholders ever since. A total of 196.24 sen per unit or RM198.54 million has been distributed since 1990, with the highest distribution per unit (DPU) of 12.5 sen per unit paid in 1996. AHP has an average dividend yield of 6.4% from 2011 to 2016. AHP completed the acquisition … [Read more...]



AOXIN Q&M DENTAL GROUP IPO is the latest IPO for investors here as it was announced that the group would be launching an IPO yesterday. AOXIN Q&M is a dental business in China and evident from its name, it is a business which was spun off from listed entity Q&M. AOXIN Q&M Dental is offering 57 million placement shares at $0.20 per share and I understand that these are available for … [Read more...]



Every investor seeks to invest in a stock which will become a multi-bagger. A multi-bagger stock is a stock which appreciates in price multi-fold than the price the investor pays for. There is a stock which will become a ten-times multi-bagger and I said this with absolute certainty. The price of the stock will increase by ten times. However the mechanism to which the stock will appreciate in … [Read more...]

Banyan Tree – collaborations with AccorHotels and Vanke may spark re-rating (17 Apr 17)

Banyan Tree recently clinched two noteworthy strategic partnership with AccorHotels and Vanke on 8 Dec 2016 and 23 Jan 2017 respectively. Since 23 Jan 2017, Banyan has largely traded between $0.465 – 0.530. It closed at $0.510 on 17 Apr 2017. If a company can catch the eyes of China’s largest property player Vanke and Europe’s largest hotel group / the world’s fifth largest hotel group … [Read more...]

Would you buy Breadtalk shares cause of its name/familiarity?


Mitigate your risk through understanding a company’s financial number is key to winning this game ” – anon Comparison will be done with Auric Pacific Group (A23) – Currently has been offer $1.65 to go private / Owner of Sunshine/Foodjunction/Buttercup/SCS Dairy (famous butter) 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 3.037 (13.9% Below fair value) A23 – … [Read more...]

New Counter: Valuetronics

Given that Keong Hong's share price has taken off, I have been spending my time looking at other potential counters to invest money earned from my sale of Keppel T&T's stock. Happy to announce a new purchase this month. Here are some of my considerations - Equity: Valuetronics (SGX: BN2) Business: Electronic Equipments Markets exposed: America, Europe, Asia Pacific Stock exchange: … [Read more...]



It has been some time since we visit the three local telco stocks. In an environment marked by a fourth telco, how are the three telco stocks performing now? Since M1 stock price broke below its 200-Day Moving Average in Sep 2016, its stock price has been on a decline. It since hit a support of $1.92 and rebounded off this support to close at $2.13 on 13 Apr 2017. Singtel stock broke below its … [Read more...]

14 things I learned from CapitaMall Trust’s 2017 AGM

CapitaMall Trust (CMT) is Singapore’s first and largest retail REIT. CMT first listed in July 2002 and now owns a portfolio of 16 retail properties and malls that includes some of the most popular retail properties and malls in Singapore like Plaza Singapura, Raffles City, Clarke Quay, and Bugis Junction. CMT’s total portfolio value as at 31 Dec 2016 is $10.3 billion. With the government making … [Read more...]



There are currently three Singapore stocks, each with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion which are trading at less than 50% Price-to-Book ratio. Noble Group stock currently trades at 0.42 Price-to-Book. OUE stock currently trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book while Wing Tai Holding currently also trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book too. Of these three stocks, Wing Tai pays a dividends of 1.58%, … [Read more...]

Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) AGM & Thoughts


I attended FEHT AGM this evening which was held at Orchard Parade Hotels.   I had quite a bit of hard time finding the hotel and had mistook it earlier for Orchard hotels which was just right opposite the premise. Thankfully I found it right on time, else I'd be late. It was my first AGM for 2017 that I had attended (3 more to come this and next week) so the usual procedure applies. … [Read more...]

11 things I learned from MRCB-Quill REIT’s 2017 AGM

MRCB-Quill REIT (MQREIT) is an office REIT with a portfolio comprising 11 commercial buildings. Five properties are located in Cyberjaya, four in Kuala Lumpur, and one in both Shah Alam and Penang. In the last financial year, MQREIT completed the acquisition of Menara Shell, a 33-storey office tower, increasing the nett lettable area of its portfolio to 2.2 million square feet. MQREIT is managed … [Read more...]

16 things you need to know about MRCB-Quill REIT before you invest

MRCB-Quill REIT (MQREIT) derives its income from a portfolio of 11 properties. Most of these properties are office buildings located in Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya. As at 31 December 2016, MRCB-Quill REIT’s overall portfolio is worth RM2.22 billion. You may have heard of the saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a single day.” And this is true for all successful companies as well. Personally, I’ve … [Read more...]

How You A Passive Or Active Value Investor?


Before we go into deciding what strategy we prefer when investing, we must think about whether we want to be a passive or active value investor. “What?” You must be thinking to yourself. What is the difference between the two?The Short AnswerTo keep it simple and short, passive investing is investing by tracking the index you chose. For example, you might be a Malaysian-based investor and you want … [Read more...]

Are these stocks potential turnaround?


As the market continue to rise, there are not many cheap stocks to buy and invest in. With this in mind, I thought I will try on short term for a potential turnaround. While the whole world was worried about the Mad Fat Boy launching a missile, I was checking the past few weeks a few counters (including the below) and the TA looks pretty convincing, What do you think of the below, both cut … [Read more...]

Stocks to watch during this Cum-Dividends Period


In my current watch list, 42% of the Singapore stocks are now trading at CD. This also means most of the stocks are "highly" valued while it does not cancel them as possible potentials. I came to notice Straits Trading and added it into my watch list. It is probably old news but this company deals with quite a number of business such as mining, metals, mineral resources, real estate management and … [Read more...]

Can Kingsmen Creatives Still Hold the Fort?


Recently, I have noticed Kingsmen Creatives share price starts to shaken, fluctuating from $0.63 to $0.595. Below are some of the notes I have taken from reading the FY2016 annual report. Based on the financials, we can see why investors are selling or avoiding Kingsmen Creatives at this moment. There are more negative news than positive news. I have also color coded the points I think are … [Read more...]

Two Billion- Cap undervalued, high-dividends Singapore Stocks


Amidst all the geo-political tensions in the world arising from the US and North Korea confrontation, global stocks markets, including Singapore’s are getting jittery. Some investors fled the markets, some investors rather hold their monies for now, all just to have clarity on the current state of geo-political tensions as well as how the French Elections will pan out. Other investors who aim to … [Read more...]

$100,000 lesson from Marco Polo Marine.

I always say that I have been mostly lucky as an investor. The operative word is "mostly". Long time readers would remember the narrative for Marco Polo Marine, a business which transformed from a tugs and barges operator, it was doing all the right things to grow stronger, adding value over the years. In fact, Marco Polo Marine weathered the Global Financial Crisis well and remained … [Read more...]