Why Technical Analysis Won’t Work For You – You’re Doing It Wrong


So you think you can make money just by drawing some lines, recognising chart patterns and memorising candlestick patterns? Or you may think that Fundamental Analysis is too difficult. Reading and evaluating financial statements are too mind-boggling. Reading price charts would be much easier, so it should be easier to make money. You are in for a rude shock. I first got interested in technical … [Read more...]

What Am I Supposed To Gain From Trading The Financial Markets?

Many traders would like to make money from the market. That’s the main objective isn’t it? Are there other things that one can gain from trading the markets? Personally I would say “Yes”. To me, the trading of the financial markets means more than just making money off the market.  There are many areas that have provided invaluable lessons and sparks in my life that make life stronger and more … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index attempting a breakout


  Straits Times Index attempting a breakout Straits Times Index continued to its bullish streak while US Federal Reserve announced its first interest rate hike for this year. The week was first greeted with cautiousness as many chose to stay sidelines ahead of the announcement of the interest rate hike last Wednesday. Some traders anticipate the possibility of bearishness ahead of the … [Read more...]

Trading Experience


I spent the past few months doing stock trading. To be exact from November till today, I have only done 3 trades. The trading technique I used is actually no technique honestly. I totally ignored the typical technical indicators such as moving average convergence divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI) or stochastic oscillator which you would see in any technical analysis … [Read more...]

What is Contra Trading?


Contra Trading, is the act of 1) buying a stock and selling it before payment date 2) selling a stock and buying it back before payment date In Singapore, after a trade is executed, you have three working days before you need to pay the total cost of the stock. If you buy a stock on Monday, you are only required to pay the total cost of the trade on Thursday. However, in contra trade, you … [Read more...]

MAS: Don’t trade in binary options on unregulated platforms

It says these are high-risk instruments, and many trading platforms are fraudulent and based outside Singapore. IN the wake of complaints from investors who have suffered losses, Singapore's financial markets regulator has warned against trading in binary options on unregulated platforms. Read? Option trading As Passive Income is still Hot!!! (2) Don't smile or laugh! You may also have … [Read more...]

Price Triggered Orders

People like to invent new names. SGX call them Price Triggered Orders, some brokers call them Conditional or Contingency Orders, while traders just call them Stop Orders. A Stop Order is just an instruction to automatically trigger a Market or Limit Order when a pre-determined price level has been hit. (Stop reading if you don't know what is a market or limit order) 1) It can be used as … [Read more...]

Meeting And Learning From Successful Retail Investor And Trader

Last Friday; one new reader jio SMOL and Uncle8888 for kopi session at Ya Kun. After knowing that he has been trading US market; then we asked him what is his objective of meeting us? He said he wanted to meet and learn from successful investors and traders in Singapore to become an investor in Singapore market to build up investment portfolio for his retirement. Now thinking back. Are … [Read more...]

Feb 2017 Trading

Well, this month, I was not able to get a profitable month. Earlier of the month, I actually lost more than $63. But was happy to recover some of it before month end. Its considered a consolation prize for me already. Ok enough say, lets see if I can get some profit in the next month :) Period $ Profit/Loss % profit/loss Capital Verdict Jan … [Read more...]


I attempted a quick trade on 3 Mar 2017 on one of the top volume stock during trading hours. When the stocks markets closed, I made profits. Today, the stock continued to run, giving me more profits in the same stock. Was I delighted? Of course and while one usually think of it’s the monies that would make me and investors in the green happy, I would say I am delighted because of my trading … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index hovering at 3100 level for now


Straits Times Index hovering at 3100 level for now Straits Times Index attempted to reach for a higher level this week but it faced profit taking pressure during the week. The week started off weak with brought over selling pressure from the previous week. This allowed STI to test its support at 3100 level again. This support level broke briefly on Tuesday but support at 20ma weekly line was … [Read more...]

First trade done in 2017


It has been a while since I sold any stock. Today I have sold the Fastenal Co. stocks I owned. It is still a relatively new stock in my portfolio. I bought these stocks in Aug 2015. After selling the stock, I booked an approx. 42% profit. Frankly, I do not enjoy selling any stocks. However given the run up in the US market, I reckon it would be prudent to trim down my stock holding and … [Read more...]

Jan 2017 Trading


This month is quite a good and profitable month. I managed to chalk up a handsome profit which is almost the same as my total profit in 2016. This is definitely a good start in 2017! If this continues for the rest of the year, I will definitely be a happy man. Especially for this kind of return per month, of course it out performed my dividend stock portfolio. However, in trading, we cannot expect … [Read more...]

Bearish start after Chinese New Year Break


Bearish start after Chinese New Year Break First week after Chinese New Year turned out to be a week of bearishness. Straits Times Index halted it’s ascend and decided to take the bearish que. Controversies of US President Trump’s policy on immigration rocked the market during the week which triggers fears of kick starting economic instability in US. During the week, there were attempts to … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : 2017 Chicken Out


Did my second speculative trade of the year for fun. This is after I notice there is still some upside for Keppel since last year low. By the way I am no fan of Oil and Gas or Ships. And no margins. Saw my profit went up to more than $800 before it came crashing down after the poor result announced. This hit me back to fundamental reality or am I ?Nevertheless I Chicken Out and close my positions … [Read more...]

2016 Trading Review


I started trading in Jan 2016 and like I said before, this should be my 3rd attempt. Every time when I have a new try, I would always regard as money being thrown away. There's no difference for this time too. As you can see from the chart above, my trading got a good start when I got a few wins, beginner luck maybe. However, all that it became like an exciting roller coaster ride in USS. My … [Read more...]

Dec 2016 Trading


Made a big mistake at the beginning of Dec and it has already confirmed that I would end the month will a negative return. As you can see from the ugly steep dip in my trading equity. Indeed it was because the loss was quite huge. However, did managed to gain back some and narrow down the loss but nevertheless still end up as a negative month. Period $ Profit/Loss % … [Read more...]

A Flat Pancake Trading Year

Oh well! I guess the streak has to end some day, isn't it? 2013 - Doubled my trading account (Rampage!) 2014 - Tripled it! (Godlike!) 2015 - Up 88% (Double happiness!) 2016 - Up 13%... (Shy, Shy, Shy - Yes, its from K-Pop Twice's Cheer Up MV) Tale of 2 halves 2016 started fantastic. Got played out as the trend reversed? Then came mid-year where I thought surely this must be … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index paving its way for the start of 2017


Straits Times Index paving its way for the start of 2017 Year 2016 is starting to come to the end as the whole celebrated Christmas last week. The expected Santa Rally failed to materialise as the market chose to go south instead. Concerns were focused on the uncertainty of the upcoming newly elected US president Donald Trump’s administration. During the week, there were several rebound … [Read more...]

What are Bucket Shops

I noticed a bad habit by some readers of financial blogs - too reliant and dependent on their favourite "shepherd"... For example, got question on CPF matters, instead of checking the CPF website or contacting CPF directly, prefer to be spoon-fed... If you get a summary from a summary from another summary, what do you think? Want to bet there's some "oil and vinegar" (油加醋) added to the … [Read more...]