Why I Think Trading Is A Poker Game

If you are reading the title and is thinking that trading is gambling, this article probably isn’t for you. Because your fundamental framework of the investment world is already wrong, and I don’t think this article would change your perception otherwise. However, if you are here to learn to make money out of the markets, I’d be glad if you can continue to read on. I usually hate comparing … [Read more...]

A bit of trading while I wait…


Hey guys, just a quick update on what I've been doing - seeing as how blue chips are pretty expensive right now, I've been pouring my warchest into doing a bit of trading while I wait for prices to come down, In my last post, I liquidated all my Silverlake Axis (5CP.SI) shares after getting a small profit. My intentions were to use the cash I had following the sale to build my blue-chip … [Read more...]

Top Things Small Businesses Need to Be Aware of When Dealing with Forex Trading

The Forex market offers a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to make a lot of money. However, it can come with some seriously high risks. Before you jump into Forex trading, you need to have a good understanding of how it works and what could go wrong. Here you’ll discover the top things your small business needs to be aware of when dealing with forex trading. It’s not a get-rich … [Read more...]

What Is Long-Term Investing And Short-Term Trading???


When Uncle8888 started this blog on Sunday, 19 November 2006; he named the title of his blog to his investing and trading strategies which he has been revising and executing since Jan 2000 when he became serious and convinced that the stock market (Investment quadrant) is the way to go after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in Dec 1999. Read? The journal begins ... After more than 16 years in … [Read more...]

Why a Trader Should Invest Too


I was at a traders' fackbook group when someone asked which stocks should he buy for investment. Immediately there were a few replies and most actually said that they will ramp up their trading capital and trade bigger lots. Why need to invest in stocks they say when they can earn bigger bucks by increasing their trading capital and trade bigger. Agree? Hmm this I do not quite agree. In fact, I … [Read more...]

Speculating on Silverlake Axis


Recently, I mentioned that I'd sold off a few of my holdings with the idea of picking them up on the cheap later on, when the market weakened. So, since I had some spare cash lying about, I thought I'd do some short-term trading with Silverlake Axis (5CP).  The banking software provider's stock price closed at 0.585 on Friday (15th Jul), a far cry from its days above $1.00 before a … [Read more...]

My Trading Edge

As usual, I shall lay out the context and perspective before I share what's my trading edge.   Paid to trade Traders working for institutions like hedge funds, investment banks, sovereign wealth funds, etc; they all have one thing in common - they have a base salary. That means they don't have to worry how to pay the bills every month. With one thing less to worry, they can … [Read more...]

Did You Profit From BREXIT?


  23rd June 2016 went down in history as Britain voted to be excluded from the EU. Same as the majority of people, I did not expected this to happen. However, more importantly, as an investor, I benefited from this news.     In my previous article, I shared about using the straddle strategy on GLD to potentially benefit from the movements of this counter. You may read … [Read more...]

YoTa See My Trade results for June are in!


Boy! What a month! We knew June will be an exciting month due to “Brexit” and it did not disappoint. For those who have been following YoTa’s trades, you will know that YoTa made a killing before and after the Brexit day. One of the best performance was executed on 24th June with 34% ROI on a single trade! That result is amazing. Due to the expected volatility, YoTa took … [Read more...]

A year later

It has been a year since I started trading as I took a break on and off for a few months here and there due to personal circumstances and it is only in the past few weeks that I have managed to successfully know and close my positions before the trend reverses. Previously, I just hope and hold on which reduces profits and also destroys my self esteem as I start to question whether I can only short … [Read more...]

The year of the copy trader: tech makes markets more accessible

Funding for the growing financial technology sector more than doubled during the first quarter of 2016 alone, as the way banking, investing and just about everything else we do with money is changing rapidly. The ongoing fintech revolution is replacing financial advisors with robots, offering cheaper ways to instantaneously transfer money around the world, and has even given rise to a new … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Britain voted to be out of EU


Could not comprehend why is it so bad about it. In fact I did not even put it as something to watch that can cause another Lehman moment. Some News commentators said is a Black Swan Event which i disagree.I do not think is hard at all for BreExit vote as below pic but stock market sentiment cannot be under estimated. So I took profit in CDL which has large exposure in GB prior to the vote. I did … [Read more...]



Home Work Noticed a significant drop in FCT yesterday. This caught my eyes as I have been waiting for a good time to re-enter. A check in regular sources have no obvious news. Some retailers attempt to collect. There is a rather large selloff after trading hours at $1.89 which appear to be from a single entity. Do note some time back there is news of CEO change.Previous TradesMay have to click the … [Read more...]

3 Takeaway from Shorting Sinograndness

Using the Securities Borrowing and Lending Scheme (SBL), I have successfully shorted Sinograndness (SFIG) today at 0.700. Here were some takeaway from this first experience. 1. Long Processing Time Being my first experience, I asked to short SFIG on 7 June 2016 @ 1030 hrs, thinking I could execute the trade immediately at 0.770. Unfortunately, my trading representative informed me the … [Read more...]

May Trades

On 27th May , sold 100 lots of Singtel shares at $3.91 per share. Net about $280+ profit for this trade. Trading Volume for SingTel is low for the month of May & the price movement move within a few bids. The strategy is to get in with a considerable amount of capital & move out quickly & repeat this for a few times . There is a Chinese saying "积少成多 ", so meanwhile I contented … [Read more...]

Shortlist for replacement of CMPH

Seriously, I have not found the replacement. They are just options which I find interesting enough to go deeper. This is preliminary findings and I welcome comments (even if u disagree) First of all, I consider UOB kayhian, Kingsmen and SPH before, but decided to put all these in the back burner. Most of their most recent quarter report show continuous deterioration of earnings as compared to … [Read more...]

In Good Company

Carl Ichan positioning is net -150%. The legendary Horseman Capital has increased short positions from 98% to 103%. Me? I'm still short. I've been short since November. In fact, my short position on the QQQ is still open and I made it on 4/11/15, which is pretty much the market TOP. If it is the market top, please remember how godlike and guru my market timing skillz are. In January, I … [Read more...]

All about trading and investing consistently, profitably

It has been almost a week since I last blogged on Singapore Stocks Investing blog. Some readers might have wondered whether I have lost interest in the Singapore stocks markets with my not being here on Singapore Stocks Investing blog for the previous week. Well, far from being not interested in stocks, I was actually all the more interested as I focused more on learning in both investing and … [Read more...]