What to do if you are a victim of Credit/Debit Card fraud?

a security lock on credit cards / credit card data security and encryption

Recently, my wife was an unfortunate victim of a debit card fraud. You can read about her experience here: Naturally she was upset but she stayed calm and proceed to: Call the bank to inform them of the fraudulent charges and to cancel the card. Make a police report and inform the bank again once the report has been made. Contact the merchant. In her case, the merchant was Uber but … [Read more...]

Why Dollar-Cost Averaging is overrated

Happy businessman or manager brags success graph.

Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) is a very popular investing technique and I believe it is probably one of the first few techniques that new investors will come across. With so many books and articles explaining the benefits of DCA, I also think that it is well suited for a lazy investor like me - put in a fix amount every month and let father time do its magic. The returns may not be fantastic but I … [Read more...]

Being Employed Is a Fulfilment? [My Personal View]


A heavy topic for the festive season but it is actually quite mind stimulating. I belong to the camp that advocates employment. My reasons are it gives me the opportunity to meet different people of different cultures, participate in office debates, discipline to drag myself out of the bed and the list can go one and on. I still want my financial independence but I will still want to work after … [Read more...]

Financial Independence In Progress


I intend to publish this post only after Christmas but a fellow blogger couldn't contain his excitement and drew curious stares – which is a good thing. It started a few months ago during a casual conversation with my blogger friends. Wouldn't it be nice to have something in common to wear during our gatherings and better still easily identify one another on the street? That is where the idea … [Read more...]

Will Insurance Deny a Claim If Death Is Due to Suicide?

Depressed Young Man Contemplating Suicide On Bridge Over River

La Papillion a fellow friend and blogger wrote about "Financial competition" and my impression is that one's purpose in life is not to chase after wealth and that parents should play a part. However the comments soon digress into talking about suicide. Suicide is a taboo topic especially in our society. I have to admit I do not usually give much thought to this insurance clause and I believe … [Read more...]

BIGfatpurse Investors’ Conference 2016 – Five Free Tickets To Be Given Away


Update: 22 October 2016 Thank you everyone for your participation. It is another overwhelming response and I will be contacting the selected readers soon. For those who miss out, the organiser has gave me a discount code "TFS" where you can still purchase the tickets at the early bird price of S$39. Another investment talk on the horizon, this time alongside Alvin and Louis, … [Read more...]

TheFinance.sg is now in NewsLoop


It has always been my vision to create a more vibrant finance community and I was given the opportunity to work with NewsLoop - a news aggregator mobile app by Singtel to publish the articles in TheFinance.sg. I will also like to thank Adam from The FifthPerson for the link up. It works in the same way - only Personal Finance and Investing articles will be published in NewsLoop and readers has … [Read more...]

Profit Mastery Seminar 2 – Five Free Tickets To Be Given Away


Update: 11 October 2016 All the tickets have been given out and I will be contacting the selected readers soon. From the organiser that brought you last year Profit Mastery Seminar and the inaugural Personal Financial Investment Seminar, they are now holding another seminar – Profit Mastery Seminar. Seminar: Profit Mastery Seminar 2 Date: 23 Oct 2016 (Sunday) Time: 1 to 5 … [Read more...]

Will SMRT be privatised?

SMRT shareholders will be voting on Temasek Holdings' proposed buyout of the public transport company this Thursday - 29 September. Based on the poll I started in July, a whopping 65% feels that the offer price of $1.68 is unfair. For the privatisation to be approved, more than 50 per cent of the total number of shareholders - who hold at least 75 per cent of the shares held - must vote in … [Read more...]

My Accident and Insurance claims

My Accident and Insurance claims

I met with another accident while playing football. You can read about the injury here. This is my second major accident and after my first, I decided to sign up for another accident plan. I know some will say accident plans are a waste of money let alone having two. However, being an accident prone person accident plans are important to me. Time Line of the accident: 16 July (Day of the … [Read more...]

Transferring Shares from SCB to CDP

August is approaching and Standard Chartered Online Trading new rates will come into effect. This also means goodbye to SCB as I am not going to pay $10 and have my stocks in a custodian. I have also decided to do a stock take of my stocks in SCB to see if it is worthwhile to transfer the stocks to CDP - having a central place to check my stocks is easier. $10.70 (inclusive of GST) per 1000 … [Read more...]

How much shares should I apply in a IPO?

A new IPO Advancer Global Limited is in town and based on what I have read so far, I believe there will be a strong demand for it. It does not help that only 2m shares at a price of $0.22 are available to the public and that works out to $440,000. A person with deep pockets can easily sweep up all the shares but I know it cannot happen. A few bloggers shared that one should minimally apply 100,000 … [Read more...]

Brexit Poll: Do you want Britain to leave the European Union?


The UK will hold a referendum on June 23 to decide if it will stay in or leave the European Union. A decision by Britain to leave the EU would result in a “negative and substantial” hit to the economy, “permanently lower incomes” and harm other European states, the International Monetary Fund has said. Source: http://www.ft.com/eu-referendum Several bloggers have also shared their views and you … [Read more...]

Poll Result: Will you continue to use Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading?

Thanks to all the readers who participated in the poll. A total of over 900 votes were gathered and the majority states that they will stop using Standard Charted Online Equities Trading. Quite a fair share is still undecided though and about 20% will continue to use it. My guess is that there are a fair number of readers who are eligible to be a priority banking customer and can still enjoy zero … [Read more...]

Goodbye Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading?


I received a letter from Standard Chartered bank stating that they will be revising their fees for their Online Equities Trading platform from 1 August 2016. The fee structure is as below. I should have seen this coming but I was probably more concern whether Standard Chartered Bank will close down its equities business. I guess the answer is no for now but I wonder how long more will they … [Read more...]

How did my Whole Life Plan fare after 22 years?

There have been a few articles lately on investing at an early age and the wonders of compounding. I do not have a 20 year portfolio to boast about but I do have a whole life plan that I have been paying for over 20 years. Does the wonders of compounding also applies? In a nutshell, this is a basic whole life plan with a death coverage of $50,000. There are no riders and my annual premium … [Read more...]

Our First HDB

Yet another milestone in life as my partner and I began looking for a place to call our own. I have decided to create a new category to document my journey in getting a HDB flat - it will be a good reference for my future self and I also hope others will benefit from my experience. After our unsuccessful application for the sale of balance flats last December in Kallang/ Whampoa, our next step … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Jan 2016

January has come and go. Some believed that the worst is over and started picking up stocks aggressively while others feel that it is still over-valued and stayed at the side lines. I believe that the worst is not over yet but it is also an opportunity to pick up some stocks. Hence I continued my plan of nibbling STI ETF, added a bank stock and sold off another stock for capital gains. 1. … [Read more...]

Do you give your portfolio a name?


The inspiration behind this post comes from the recent market sell down. Several financial bloggers talk about how much their portfolio has fallen or fared, how having a diversified portfolio helps etc. Since a portfolio is important, why not give it a name instead of calling it just a basket of stocks? I chatted with a few bloggers and we came up with some really quirky names like 1 hit … [Read more...]

Free eBook: Investing Your First $20,000 by Singapore Finance Bloggers

Investing_Your_First__20K_Cover_Original - 150 x 150

This eBook project was initiated by Alvin from BigFatPurse who contacted me a few months ago to offer an alternative view on how one can invest their first $20K. In the original article, the experts shared that it is best to invest the first $20K in unit trusts and should only consider investing in stocks when you have a higher budget of $50K and above. I do not disagree with them as this is a … [Read more...]