STI ETF XIRR Performance from 2007 to 2015 – Shocking Results

I have finished my portfolio review for the year and I want to compare it against the Index. I decided on a hypothetical scenario of buying 1 lot of STI ETF on 11 December 2006 (my first stock purchase). I will also include the dividends (source: SPDR website) in my XIRR calculation.   2014 2015 XIRR: 4.16% 2.99% Over a 9 year period my XIRR is just 2.99%. That could not … [Read more...]

My Lazy Man Portfolio in 2015 – Who Stole My Dividends?


I was chatting with several Financial Bloggers on how they track their portfolio returns and I was swarmed with a 1001 different metrics e.g. Internal rate of returns (XIRR), yield on cost, yield on price etc. Everyone has their own way of calculating and there was a healthy debate on the pro and cons of each. There are also those who find tracking of their portfolio meaningless and are more … [Read more...]

Retire at 45? Nah.


There have been several articles lately on achieving financial freedom and living the life that you want, with the vast majority talking about retiring from their job. When I first started my financial journey, I also have the same thoughts to quit my job and enjoy life with my favourite Asahi (Photo credit CookieCoffee). However during the course of my financial journey, my perception of … [Read more...]

Croesus Rights – How Did I Fare?

I checked my SCB trading account and was pleasantly surprised to receive more excess shares than I have hoped for - 1,100 entitled and 600 excess. I read LP post and it never occurred to me that since my entitled rights is already rounded to 100, there is a possibility that I will receive zero excess rights. I checked with a few friends who applied for Croesus Rights and this is what I … [Read more...]

Update: Croesus rights allocation is out. | Indicative Timetable For Standard Chartered Online Trading Croesus Rights Players

I'm not a player, I just blog a lot

3 November 2015 - Tuesday Croesus rights allocation is out as confirmed by a reader and LP. For those who applied via a non custodian brokerage, you can log into CDP account to check. SCB users will have to check our online trading account. I last checked at 8 am and the rights are not in yet. Important: While some people around us may have already received the refund,  do not assume that … [Read more...]

Jumbo Group IPO – The Best Chilli Crab in Town?


Jumbo Group synonymous with Singapore favourite Chili Crabs has launched their IPO. You can read all about the IPO in the links below: Seafood restaurant owner Jumbo Group launches IPO Jumbo Group's S$40m IPO in the pot Singapore chili-crab IPO said to draw Temasek arm, Osim boss Jumbo Group IPO prospectus Without going into their financials, this is what I have gathered from the … [Read more...]

A conversation with my Mom on Singapore Savings Bonds

Asahi Super Dry Girl 4 - 150 x 150

Many financial bloggers have blogged about the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) since it was first announced. On last count I have over 60+ articles talking about SSB either directly or indirectly. It would seem that the mainstream media was quite surprised by the low take up rate but I am not surprised because articles on SSB have the same number of readers as stocks and other finance articles. I … [Read more...]

Lets Talk Insurance

Asahi Super Dry Girl 3 - 150 x 150

A week has passed since the elections, P won comfortably, the O has gone back to the drawing board and everyone of us got back to our daily routine. With my Lazy Man Portfolio review completed, it's time to review my Insurance Portfolio. I am going to be as detailed as possible complete with premiums and coverage but sensitive information like my policy number will be omitted. I welcome a healthy … [Read more...]

My Lazy Man Portfolio 2015

Asahi Super Dry Girl 2 - 150 x 150

I realized that it has been more than two years since I blogged about my Lazy Man Investment Portfolio. Hence, with one ear on the election rally and with my favourite Asahi girl, I decided to tabulate my portfolio, crystallise my thoughts and hear from fellow bloggers and readers. Asahi Girl Photo Credit: RocketNews24 I have 14 stocks now which is twice the number in 2013. Talk about … [Read more...]

Profit Mastery Seminar Ten Free Tickets To Be Given Away


From the organizer that brought you the inaugural Personal Financial Investment Seminar, they are now holding another seminar - Profit Mastery Seminar. In case you are wondering, I am not paid to promote the seminar. While I am given a complimentary ticket in appreciation for supporting their last event, I am paying for the additional ten tickets. It is my small way of thanking readers and to … [Read more...]

What do I do when everyone is talking about the market?

Asahi Super Dry - 150 x 150

The STI has breeched the 3000 point mark and everyone is dishing out their views and opinions. I too was caught up in the excitement - nibbling at stocks and watching in 'awe' as my watch list and portfolio continue to head south. The weekend is a good time for many of us to plan our investment strategy when the market opens on Monday. However, I decided to take a step back and with my "trusty" … [Read more...]

Show Me Your Piggy Bank!


I was talking with my group of financial bloggers on savings and a random idea hit me. I am sure many of us have a piggy bank when we were young and now that we are adults do we still have the habit of saving in a piggy bank? I decided to start the ball rolling and without further ado, I present to you my war chest and Mr. Froggy! This will be a small project of mine to … [Read more...]

How did I fare after OUE Commerical REITS rights exercise

I realised that I spent so much time over my rights experience that I forgot to calculate the stock performance. In a nutshell: Purchased 1,500 shares of OUE at $0.810 Cost: $1,218.02 (including commission). Entitled to 675 rights and allocated 1,025 excess at $0.555 Cost: $943.50 Total cost: $2,161.52 Average buy price: $0.675 Distribution yield for 2015 is 6.89% based on IPO … [Read more...]

Wongamania – are you up to the challenge?


I played Wongamania once and it reminds me of a mini wheel of fortune. I was flushed with cash and the next minute I almost went bankrupt because someone changed the economic cycle. The game is suitable for both the season and novice investors. Season investors might be quick to grasp the concept but the game allows the newbie to pick up quickly.  Haggling with other players adds to the fun part. … [Read more...]

Standard Chartered Bank Online Trading Rights Subscription (Not For The Faint-Hearted)


Featured image by Wikimedia A few bloggers have asked  me about the timeline for rights subscription via Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) online trading account and I would like to share my recent experience from buying OUE Commercial REIT.   1 July 2015 Purchased 1,500 shares of OUE Commercial REIT via SCB Online Trading - received email and SMS confirmation. 3 July … [Read more...]

Pocket Money and my Childhood


A post inspired by Christopher after hearing his interview today and it invokes memories of my childhood. You can read about the interview here. I am not a parent but based on the people who called in, I am surprised that primary school kids nowadays received only $10 a week for pocket money. Given the cost of living in Singapore, I was expecting more. During my primary school days (almost 30 … [Read more...]

Poll: Do you think the General Election will affect the Stock Market?


The election fever is here and a few bloggers have already penned their thoughts on the how the elections will affect the market. I will be putting this post as a sticky and will update it with new articles as more bloggers share their thoughts on the elections. Photo By William Cho. (Election Fever in Singapore.) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia … [Read more...]

A flat at 35 and an assurance to my partner


SGYI wrote a good post on how singles can buy a HDB flat on their own. However beyond all the dollars and cents in buying a flat, I am sure some singles will eventually find their soul mate. That is when many questions arises: If the couple are both above 35 and have their own flats, would a marriage mean having to sell one of their HDB flat? Do I still qualify for any government subsidies … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Review on Jim Rogers’ seminar – 2015 Market Outlook and Strategies


I held a contest in March to win a ticket to attend Jim Roger's seminar. Here is the winning entry: Hi Derek It is great to come across your blog and it is fantastic to know that you are willing to let go the seminar complimentary ticket for free! I have been following Jim Rogers for years and I have read up all his books. He is one of the legendary investors which I admire most (the other is … [Read more...]

A Liang Teh and An Evening with AK and Friends – 23 May 2015 (4th Session)

An Evening with AK and Friends – 23 May 2015 - Featured Image

How time flies, I attended the first AK's 'chit chat' session in Jan and just last week I attended his fourth session - that makes it an average of one session a month. AK was recovering from his illness and was less animated, but his voice held thanks to the "liang teh" he drinks and distributed some to the audience. Back to the 4th session, his guests for the evening were: Paul Chen … [Read more...]