MediShield Life Subsidies and Questions

MediShield Life

My parents received a letter from the Ministry of Health on MediShield Life subsidies. It looks like an ordinary information leaflet and if I have not informed them to pass me all insurance related mail, they would probably have thrown it away. I do not have the envelope but MOH could have done better in the letter to inform us that this mail is important and we have to act by 19 June 2015 in … [Read more...]

Do You Care About Personal Finance?

There has been a flurry of blog articles on why people do not care about Personal Finance. Some bloggers shared their life experiences while others talked about ideas and suggestions to get people interested in Finance. I have compiled the articles below. Feel free to share and contribute on how we can spread financial literacy to more people. Why Don’t People Care About Personal … [Read more...]

Taiwan R&R.

A Whisky Cocktail on the final night.

I was in Taiwan last week and I had envisioned myself checking my emails and blogging in my mountain top hotel with a hot cup of Alishan tea overlooking a superb view of the clouds and birds chirping in the background. Sounds cool ya except the checking of emails and blogging part which has been bugging me and I decided that in order to truly enjoy myself, I will ditch all work unless it is of … [Read more...]

My thoughts on Buying Insurance Online

MAS has launched a web portal - CompareFIRST to compare insurance products and to buy them directly. A few bloggers were talking about another similar portal DIY Insurance. While I agree with the merits of what the portals can offer, I'll also like to share my contrary thoughts. The online portal gives me the impression that all insurance products will be listed but is this this really the … [Read more...]

An Evening with AK and Friends – 30 March 2015 and my personal thoughts.

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) - AKretro

I attended the last of AK and Friends chit chat session for March last evening and I have to apologise to AK and his panel for being late – too much work to clear which is probably good news to my company’s shareholders. The audience this time were more proactive and I had a good time catching up with the regulars as well as meeting new friends. Special thanks to the brother (I think is Mr. I) for … [Read more...]

POSB 1.88% – A sense of Déjà vu

Earlier this year I talked about my asset allocation and how I wanted to take advantage of POSB 1.88% promotion. My mom is a firm believer of Fixed Deposits only and when I heard about the 1.88% promotion, I jumped on it and parked half of their funds there. While on the way to AK's evening with Friends,  I checked that I am the first 10,000 to received $88. I am delighted as this works out to … [Read more...]

An Evening with AK and Friends – 23 March 2015

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) - AKretro

An Evening with AK and Friends – 23 March 2015 Thanks AK for inviting me to his second "chit chat" session. I also met a few familiar faces Brian (who will be speaking at next week's event), Kendrick (I told you that I'll be meeting you soon) and Winston (enjoy your trip ya).   AK's guest panel of friends: Ser Jing (from Motley Fool Singapore) Rusmin (from The Fifth … [Read more...]

A World without you


The last time I met Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was over 20 years ago when I was at Feng Shan community centre. It was a day care centre of sorts for primary school kids. We were all very excited and spent many days decorating the place. Each of us has a role to play that day and I was assigned to play checkers. I still remember his warm smile and gentle handshake. I even spoke to Mrs. Lee too. Picture … [Read more...]

My Reply to a reader on My Financial Journey

road in mountains

Hi Derek, I just came across your blog and was very inspired by the posts that you've done. I like how you did up an asset portfolio (something I'm doing on my own as well..) Thanks so much for doing this, really appreciate the website. I just wanted to ask if you would mind sharing a bit more of your journey with me in terms of how you grew your wealth, perhaps in the last 10 years..? I find it … [Read more...]

Is it unreasonable to ask for a $4,000 starting salary?


My first reaction after reading the article was one of disgust. As an undergrad myself albeit not from a local university, it took me years to work to that salary range and now fresh graduates are already asking $4,000. I actually wrote a very sinister post of what a fresh graduate should be doing to justify his high asking salary but after simmering down, I began to ponder why these people have … [Read more...]

Growing my War Chest

Closed decorative chest with old metal key

Thanks to the stronger US currency, the money in my Standard Chartered USD trading account has grown by 2.1% in less than 3 months. This work out to an exchange rate of SG$1.363. I heard that other banks have a even better rate but I'm not complaining since it is a free account. I know that the greenback is gaining in strength and I intentionally parked part of my war chest into it but the … [Read more...]

Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes – Real or Fake?

I fill up only the mandatory fills.

I wonder how many households have received this. I remember receiving it a couple of years ago and tried my luck. Each time I was told that I was the selected few to make it into the next round and encourage me to sign up to increase my chances, and each time I declined. After a few rounds, I think they gave up because I did not received any more letters. I used to read Reader's Digest frequently … [Read more...]

A Geek’s take on Finance Redundancy

I read LP's blog post on redundancy and it triggered the geek in me to blog about Finance redundancy. Pardon me as I will be using some IT terms and concept but I will try to keep it simple for non IT readers. Every IT guy knows that Redundancy is very important when designing and building a system, and is usually broken down into Hardware (e.g. servers, network switches etc) and Software (e.g. … [Read more...]

What you see may not be what others see

blue black dress

The picture on the left is the dress that has gone viral in social media. What colour do you see? I see the color of the dress as blue and black but when I showed it to my colleague, he insist that it is white and gold. We then showed it to our friends and colleagues - some see blue/black while others see it as white/gold and there is yet another group who sees a different colour every time … [Read more...]

What my family will be getting from Budget 2015

Budget 2015

The theme for this year is building for the future. Since I'm single and as the only child, supporting my parents has always been the top of my wish list in each year's budget. My parents are almost 60 and this is the age group which I feel has been left out by G. They are already too old when CPF life was introduced and are too 'young' to qualify for the Pioneer Generation package. Although my … [Read more...]

Finding my ‘soul’

I had an enjoyable evening with some friends. Although it is our first time meeting, we talked freely discussing about finance, relationship, career and even about the stars. Does feel a bit like the Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu and Lu Su in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Picture: One of our conversations revolved around my site and they gave me many … [Read more...]

Make way for OCBC 360


It has taken me quite a while to make the switch because of the hassle especially when I have many bank accounts. However as I foresee myself holding on to more cash (sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen), the hassle is worth it. OCBC 360 is not new and many bloggers have already talk about it - do a search in my site. However the 360/365 is often confused (including myself) so … [Read more...]

Poll Results: Will you continue to use Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading?

StanChart_Singapore 150x150

Thank you for those who has participated. 600 votes is a new milestone and I already have a few other polls in mind. Stay tuned. Base on the results, the number of people who will carry on with Standard Chartered Online Equities Trading  is almost the same as those who will drop out and I am one of those who voted "No". However a fair number of people (25.67%) are still undecided. Standard … [Read more...]

Movie Tickets as Dividends – Did I make it?

Ah Boys to Men 3

Update - 4 Feb 2015 I bought 1 lot of MM2 on 28 Jan 2015. However, my settlement date is 2 Feb 2015. My CDP account (Movement Current) also shows the second day of Feb. Any ones if that means that I have missed out on the movie tickets? I received an interesting email today which I initially dismissed as spam. Dear Derek Local movie producer and distributor, mm2 Asia Ltd has launched … [Read more...]

A Burger and An Evening with AK and Friends

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) - IMG_6145

I attended AK's inaugural event last evening. What is a chit chat session without food and I bought a burger along which happens to be my dinner and SMOL complemented me with his Starbucks drink. The overall event was like a gathering of friends. There was a mix of young and old and I think the majority are 30s and 40s unless like what AK put it - you have very good genes. This suits me … [Read more...]