Passive Income Report – December 2016

Here’s a quick update on December’s income report. I’ll show you my passive income last month and track how I did. I’m sharing my passive income report publicly for three main reasons: Debunking the myth of online passive income: Before I started blogging, I knew nothing about making money online. I thought the fastest way to increase my income is to work super hard, bask in recognition, … [Read more...]

What Is Drop Shipping / eCommence Arbitrage? [5/6]


I came across drop shipping a few months back when I was seeking for an alternative way to monetise my niche site. I also wanted to diversify my Adsense’s earning and possibly increase the overall income. However, after spending hours consuming every pieces of content I could get my hands on. I decided not to work on it, will get to the reason later on. Drop shipping has been hot these days. … [Read more...]

3 Top Bloggers’ Advice & Tips On Blogging / Writing [3/6]

Seth Godin famously said that vitality is not what you do to a product but what the product actually is. Product must be ingrained with the element of vitality if you want to it spread virally. You cannot expect a boring product to hit vitality and neither would you be able to pay your way to the masses in the age of interest-based digital media. The same applies to idea and content. There are … [Read more...]

Blogging Income 2016

If $$$ numbers are what you’re interested in, let’s dive straight into it first. Ad Networks – Google Adsense : S$59.61 – Monumetric : US$463.46 Affiliates – Travel Smart Rewards : $68.00 – RedMart : S$280.00 – Airbnb : S$91.00 Others – Sponsored Post : S$90.79 Grand Total – Singapore Dollars : $589.40 – US Dollars : $463.46 Ad Networks If you’re thinking that you need … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: An online temptation

Lol. Just talking about an email offer to become an aflilate for a particular subscription. I had always wanted to earn some kopi money from blogging if possible I had really want to try my hand on it. Especially after some correspondences with the Marketing Manager, the product seems decent enough, and perhaps even of quality. The analysis are sharp and some could really be rather useful … [Read more...]

How Much Am I Making From Online Income in 2016?


I tracked on this last year for fun and I am going to do the same for this year. Writing has been very helpful in organizing and strengthening my thoughts and I enjoy doing so in the midst of busy schedules. I do get paid daily from writing on this blog and they are mainly derived from Adsense. Nuffnang also contributed a few but not significant. There were also a couple of adhoc sponsored … [Read more...]

Passive Income Report – November 2016

Here’s a quick update on November’s income report. I’ll show you my passive income last month and track how I did. I’m sharing my passive income report publicly for three main reasons: Debunking the myth of online passive income: Before I started blogging, I knew nothing about making money online. I thought the fastest way to increase my income is to work super hard, bask in recognition, … [Read more...]

I Did Something Fun As A Kid… And Now It’s Worth 6 Digits!!!


Oh boy. This is going to be a picture heavy post. And probably the most fun post for me on SG TTI thus far. As a little kid some 25 years ago, I used to collect stuff. There were 3 things that I was really serious about for several years: Currency (Coins & Notes), Stamps and Phonecards. (Yes, phonecards for public pay phones! No, NOT SIM cards!) If you have no idea what are phonecards… … [Read more...]

3 ways to navigate your passive income streams

I’ve recently visited the land of Skype, Sony Ericsson, köttbullar, and ABBA. Yes, Sweden. Unlike many chest-beating capitalist nations, Sweden is actually a socialist country (think Vietnam). During my short stay in the capital city, there were tons of friendly blue-eyed Vikings offering their help at every street corner. Stockholm is so well-designed that I felt like I was walking in a giant … [Read more...]

Oct 2016 Income Report – $528.90


Here comes another month of my monthly online income report where I share my journey in making side income online. To be honest I was a bit reluctant to write about it as things didn't move as well to what I expected to be. But after reading the income report from livingafreelifetoday, it got me a little motivated to put this post up. And since this is an income report where we talk about … [Read more...]

Passive Income Report – October 2016


Here’s a quick update on the passive income report for the month of October 2016. Updates I’ll be publishing my Airbnb income after I’ve successfully moved into the new apartment in Le Havre, which will be sometime in January 2017. We will rent the property in Lille once all our belongings are successfully removed and cleared. There is nothing much going on for now. Meanwhile, my passive … [Read more...]

5 reasons why you’re having problems earning extra side-income

Create a side-income, everyone says. Well if they’re so clever, why don’t they come down and do it? It’s not as if you don’t try. Relax, we know it’s not easy. This really is a trial-and-error process; you need to experiment before you find the thing that works. In the meantime, here are some common mistakes that could be getting in your way: 1. You’re too focused on your skill set This is the … [Read more...]

Sep 2016 Monthly Income Report – $422.88

Published last week via Email Hey, Thought to update you what I have doing for the past month. Before that, first let me express a BIG thank you to the readers who supported the value investing course, really appreciate that as it helps my site goes a long way! And I think it is a really good course for beginner to get started on value investing. If you haven't do check it out over here … [Read more...]

Advertorials or helpful sharing


Recently, I received a few advertisers asking to post on my blog without mentioning that it is an advertorial. Worse part is, I have no say in the post or what is going to be published. This becomes not my blog anymore but a platform for advertising. I hated it. I want the money but yet I cannot accept it. Sigh, why so difficult to earn money?! I think my readers will know that it is not … [Read more...]

Experiments with other income streams


Given the fact the US markets were at all time high only recently, I have not been actively investing in stocks in recent times. Still reading and occasionally research on potential stocks. My passive income stream is still intact – mainly coming from Stock dividends and interests from P2P loans & Invoice financing. However, I must say my year to date experiment with P2P loans have been … [Read more...]

Unconventional Side Income: Professional Pokemon Go Player


> A lot of people are actually not taking Pokemon Go seriously. Which is funny considering how unique and different this immensely popular game is compared to previous contenders, like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. The game mechanics are entirely different, but yet people like to talk about it as if it is just another game. When the game first came out, I was actually in the works with a … [Read more...]

How to be Rich without being a millionaire?

I had a look at the top 50 richest Singaporeans who have made it to the Forbes 2016 list. These are the richest of the rich in Singapore with more than few hundreds millions of US dollars on net worth. Once again, top of the list are names of property and banking magnates. What struck me (but it is a trend anyway) are those who are in the list because of their new media businesses and these rich … [Read more...]

July Income Report – $225.98 (What’s Adsense & Affiliate?)

Wed, 3 Aug 2016 Welcome to my first blog income report, over here I will share my monthly traffic stats, subscribers and blog's earnings. I believe this will pull the curtain back and show what is possible in making money on blog. I believe in doing so I'm able to keep myself accountable and motivated as nothing can be more motivated than by putting your ego up at stake. So work hard, get … [Read more...]

Turning Active Income into Passive Income


Stamp Collecting & Computer Games When I was young, my cousin and I used to collect stamps. We would soak the used envelopes (which have stamps on them) in the water to separate the stamps from the envelopes. Then we would leave the stamps out to dry and put them neatly in an album. Sometimes we would buy used or new stamps to add to our collections. Being young, we do not have much cash … [Read more...]

What I did to monetise my free time and why?

Hi AK, I have been an avid reader of your blog and have also been to your meetup session last week. Thank you for what you have doing and helping people in providing financial literacy. I read that you used to work 3 jobs when you were starting out, for 7 days a week. May i know what jobs were you doing at that time? I have been working in a mid sized firm for a few years but my income is … [Read more...]