How to Start a Blog That Makes $124,074 Per Month [Infographic]

When people think of bloggers, they primarily think one of two things: Either a young teenage girl with too many emotions who is maniacally typing away at her computer and reveling at the unfairness of the world, or a middle aged woman with too much time on her hands who wants to make a few friends. Well, while those bloggers are certainly out there somewhere, the face of blogging has changed. … [Read more...]

Turtle Investor (Behind The Scenes) : Writing & Posting

I don’t really remember how I first started the whole blogging thing. Erm, I don’t mean 3 years ago – what I meant was like maybe 15 years ago when I was still enlisted in the army? Yes, that’s right. That’s before WordPress was even around! Back then, I remembered it being a fight between Blogger and Movable Type – if you’ve been around for that long and you had fiddled with the earlier … [Read more...]

Do Survey For Spare Cash?


Hi Readers, I am writing this short post after reading B's recent post. I commented that I knew the people doing these surveys and could get "lobang" for those interested in doing these surveys for some spare cash. I regularly receive this email on a monthly basis Then a few of the FB friends started asking me. Thus, I started wondering "I maybe able to help my readers who are interested … [Read more...]

How passive is your income?


Passive income seems to some to be the holy grail of financial freedom. The definition of Passive Income in Wikipedia, states that “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” So what do you mean by little effort? Examples of Passive Income includes the following: Any type of property income Earnings from a business that does not … [Read more...]

Passive income is simple


One of the many ways that rich people have invented to make us poor people feel better is to swamp us with movies reminding us that, money isn’t that important in the end. Of course, these movies always seem to feature people who have great jobs or runs some sort of company etc. fancy cars and in some cases, helicopters live in huge apartments. One of the greatest examples is this guy … [Read more...]

Three ways of making more money

I suppose at some point in your life, the thoughts of making more money must have crossed your mind. Otherwise, you will not be visiting my blog! When I started my financial journey, I did not know that I would follow my late father’s footstep and become a sole breadwinner one day. Being young, I could not appreciate what Dad has done for us. On hindsight, if you have been receiving all the time … [Read more...]

Income received from blogging is taxable now

Yesterday, some fellow bloggers have revealed that they received a letter from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), requiring them to clarify their income sources, which include products or services received via their websites. Payments in exchange for services performed by social media are required to file for income and be taxable. There are some FAQs posted in IRAS which you can … [Read more...]

Real Earners Of Passive Online Income


An absolutely, ridiculously mundane morning three months ago, before the events of this short story, told from the perspective of “Shifu”. Who’s The Real Champion? *yawn* Yeeeaahh. Already 11am? It’s the 5th time I’ve missed breakfast this month – 5 days in a row! Damn, that feels good. And hungry. That’s what champions are made of! We wake up at 11am and only work 2.17 hours a day. *handphone … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

Although money makes the world go round, you may find yourself in a spin by not having sufficient funds in your bank account. But if you struggle to make ends meet, feel as though your pay cheque doesn’t go far enough or simply want some extra cash to spend on life’s luxuries, then consider giving one or more of the following 10 easy money-making tips a try: Forex trading Short for foreign … [Read more...]

False Promises Of Passive Online Income

Psst – want to make extra income online? Sorry Jared, I stole your line. I simply couldn’t resist it. I mean, such old school click bait strategy LOL! Not matter if it is Singapore or anywhere else in the world, everyone wants to earn passive income online. So much fun that I decide to make a post out of it. SMOL, see what you did now! Instead of the usual pitch that internet marketers make e.g. … [Read more...]

How to Build a Side Income Online


The internet is a wonderful place.  It connects everybody to goods and services online.  If you are itching to build a side income online, then you will like this post! This post will cover a few ways that you can start making extra money online, the non-scammy way of course… However, do take note that some effort or hard work is necessary in order to start raking in the … [Read more...]

Blog Income Report 2015

The stock market turmoil has been generating plenty of noise that isn’t helping the average investor. Instead of getting sucked into the negative vortex of depressing news, I have chosen to focus on other positive aspects of my life instead. For one, I’ve planned my upcoming trip to Japan + Taiwan in April. What? Portfolio tanked means life sucks and you have to sulk about it? Nah. Besides, there … [Read more...]

How Much Am I Making From Online Income (2) ?‏


Early in the year, I wrote a post (link here) on some of the things that bloggers need to take note if they are interested in earning some online income on their site, since there were a few people who asked me about it. They were not the most comprehensive you can find, but they were everything that I know at present, so I am just sharing with everyone that wishes to learn about it. I will try … [Read more...]

Free lance tutoring as a business – Part 3

Cash flow. This business is all about cash flow. In fact, shall I say all business is about cash flow? You can boost about how high your revenue growth is, but without actual cash flowing into your coffers, the revenue you noted down might not be translated to actual money. And we have to pay our bills with money, not with revenue. Here's a few key issues to think about: 1. Variability of … [Read more...]

Free lance tutoring as a business – Part 2

Revenue is not the main thing we should be looking at. Afterall, not all the revenue you earned is going all into your pockets because there is cost involved. Revenue, after all the costs had been deducted, becomes the profit. And that's what we're looking at in this post. I like to see myself as a company. What I earned for a living is my revenue, while all that I spend are the cost of earning … [Read more...]

How to be a financial troll ?


Some financial bloggers met yesterday and we discussed how a financial blogger can theoretically turn troll and earn Ad sense revenue by engaging with pissed off readers. I am trying to distill the discussion into something more concise for the benefit of other financial bloggers. While most are not trolls by my standards, a bit of trolling can make the blog livelier and expand the audience to … [Read more...]

How to finally get approval from Google Adsense


After more than 10 times of applying to get into Google Adsense, I finally got it after almost a year of doing so! I thought I would never get it. Actually, I was not expecting to get approved when I did because I changed nothing since my last application. Anyway, these are the steps I took: 1) Include an About Me page 2) Include a Disclaimer page at the bottom 3) Include a Privacy Policy … [Read more...]


ASIA INTERNET CONGRESS 2015 will be held from 23 Oct 2015 to 25 Oct 2015. If you are not familiar with this event, well this is an annual event featuring the sharpest internet marketing experts from around the world. And the host is none other than Singapore’s famous Internet Marketing Expert, Mr Fabian Lim. You might have seen photos of a man with a helicopter working on a laptop on an idyllic … [Read more...]

The Coolest Alternative Investment That I’ve Known Of – with 15,700% Returns!


The simple definition of investment, by Google, is "the action or process of investing money for profit". So, there are countless investment methods/vehicles that fits this definition. Of course, one that fits the definition of coolest must be something very with WOW factor. Today, one of my friend shared in his Facebook that he has made a 15,700% returns with his hobby-tuned-investment. I am … [Read more...]

How much you charge for being “Ah Long”?

How much interests do credit card companies charge for lending money to consumers? Write it down. How much do licensed money-lenders charge? Try google or make a phone call. Write the rates down. Ever wondered how much do illegal money-lenders charge? Talk to a taxi-driver. Write it down. Now, if you have $1,000 to lend to a stranger (can be a company) you have never known … [Read more...]