5 ways to make money before year 2015 ends

Look around you. There may be money-making opportunities. But the environment is cluttered with various schemes – some are dubious and raise suspicion. Flip the papers and you see an advertisement promising you double-digit returns with an investment that needs little effort. Surf the internet and there are many online link-ups informing that you can earn a 4 digit income within a few days by … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Money With Your Hobbies


Besides finding ways to lower your expenses so you have more money to save for investing, the other side of the coin is find ways to increase your income. The more income you can earn, the more you can set aside for investments to grow your wealth. And what better way to earn extra income than to make money with the things you already love to do: hobbies! Hobbies grow alongside our wealth. … [Read more...]

A Controversial Take On Income From Blogging

This post has been a long time coming. In fact, ever since I read SMOL’s take on blogging for hobby versus blogging as a business almost a year ago, I had wanted to pen down my somewhat scathing views. (And yes, if you’re interested in this topic, do read the insightful comments on that post. )  However, I have refrained from publishing as I knew some feathers in this personal finance … [Read more...]

Weekend Thought – Opportunities


On a cooling Saturday morning at around 26 Degree Celsius, the best thing to do is probably doing nothing and just cozy at home. But that's not what I did, I went back to office for a couple of hours to complete some of the outstanding tasks before my long leave from the mid of next week (will be heading to Taiwan for holiday). In life, many of us are studying and working hard/smart while … [Read more...]

Eatical Cornflakes of Interest?


It was just only 2 months ago that I wrote a post about blogging for money and I highlighted how many lifestyle and food bloggers make thousands from writing up editorials, posting pictures on instagram and tweeting about it. The reason why I know this is because I have friends in the marketing industry (I seem to have a lot of friends telling me industry secrets hor?). Interestingly, the Straits … [Read more...]