Book review: Talking to humans


This book is about entrepreneurship, and more especially, about what you should do before starting your business. It originated from a blog post, which received many comments and shares, and thereafter the author, Giff Constable, made it into a book. It is listed at 88 pages on Amazon. It is almost a required reading for many entrepreneurship courses in universities, and highly recommended by … [Read more...]

Who should you write for? [6/6]

That is a question every bloggers ask when thought about driving traffic to their site. If I write for myself I would not get traffic as not all readers are interested in me. If I write for audience then I might get some traffic but I would not enjoy it, hence it won’t be sustainable. Or maybe I should write for SEO, this way I could drive traffic from Google. But I might not enjoy it and … [Read more...]

Medium. [5/6]

If you have been following the news and have not living under a rock then probably have seen news speaking of medium’s recent layoff. The market sensing is that the platform couldn’t monetize successfully. However, I noticed a trend in Social media platforms these days which seems they have placed monetization at its early phase rather than take a “we’ll figure it out later” attitude. Snapchat … [Read more...]

Scaling Personalized Video [4/6]

5 min video is still too lengthy for someone to watch it all, I could shorten it to not more than 3.5 mins. I realized that since I’m targeting prospects of the same industry and criteria, I could scale it by splitting the video into two blocks. The first block is the introduction in which I would address them directly to make the prospects feel personalized, this has to be created … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #33 : The Rule of 3 and 10.

Phil Libin is the founder of Evernote and its executive chairman. There is only one point in this write-up which is about the Rule of 3 and 10. Phil learnt this from Hiroshi Mikitani who is the founder and CEO of Rakuten. The theory is quite simple. If you build a company, expect everything to break every time you grow 3x or 10x its size. Actually as 10 is very close to 3 x 3, it's … [Read more...]

8 Investments To Beat The Time and Money Paradox

Time and Money Paradox Time flies. Do you remember playing soccer with your primary school friends like it was yesterday? Do you also recall the crazy DOTA and CS late night gaming sessions with your buddies? Somewhere during the phase of my life called “growing up,” I was told to study hard so I can eventually be “somebody.” According to the, the definition of … [Read more...]

A Simple Sales Process [2/6]

Weeks back I was creating Emails video where I would attach a link in it to a landing page displaying the video. The Email was highly personal and the video would highlight the problems and offer solutions to resolve it. Subsequently, I would follow up with an Email, SMS, Facebook msg and calls. It worked out well (I only managed to sent 5), I spoke to the party and they knew who I was – bare … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 6)


You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 5). So basically all the 3 products are completed by the manufacturers. 1. Product 1 (5 cartons). Well, the goods have reached Cincinnati, Ohio (US) and went beyond that… headed for Texas. I did not choose the 5 days air express option to save cost. So it would probably reach Texas near the end of the first week of Jan 2017. 2. … [Read more...]

5 Life Lessons Learnt From 5 Years of Business

5 years ago, I quit my job to head-dive into the world of business.  The director of my company discouraged me and told me that if he knew how hard business was, he would have never done it.  Upon hearing that, I got even more excited. “BRING IT.” That was the only thought in my mind. Few years later, I remembered those words.  And boy was I struggling.  But hear me out, there’s a light … [Read more...]

What Is Drop Shipping / eCommence Arbitrage? [5/6]


I came across drop shipping a few months back when I was seeking for an alternative way to monetise my niche site. I also wanted to diversify my Adsense’s earning and possibly increase the overall income. However, after spending hours consuming every pieces of content I could get my hands on. I decided not to work on it, will get to the reason later on. Drop shipping has been hot these days. … [Read more...]

2016 Annual Letter To Readers Of BigFatPurse

The tradition of the annual letter started just last year. This year I would like to share more about what we have accomplished in 2016 and also provide some updates on our plans for 2017. I will section the letter into 4 main parts – Investment Performance, Investor Education, Acquisition and Reflections. Investment Performance The CNAV Portfolio continued to perform well despite an overall … [Read more...]

Setting Up Halal, Shariah Compliant Business In Singapore: FREE Seminars, Details Inside….

I just came back from Indonesia for holidays. And had a good chat with a fellow Singaporean entrepreneur who recently set up his food business there. We had a good chat on shariah compliant franchise business model. …………………………………………………. ……………………………… ……………………. Many of you might have known me, as the financial consultant that helps Muslim families plan their finance in a shariah compliant … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 1.3 — Genting SP

Was quite eventful for Genting SP the past 2 months.  Firstly, on 11th Nov 2016, Genting SP announced the divestment of its stake in the Jeju IR in South Korea (refer here).  Then on 15th Dec 2016, Japan Government finally legalized casino after the idea was first debated in 2013. The divestment of Jeju IR was quite a shocked to me given that next year the IR will commence operation and to … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 5)


You can read my previous post on recent updates here and Part 4 here. Ok, just a quick update. For Product 1, all the physical products are completed. I have fully paid the manufacturer. I have 5 cartons with the manufacturer now. See below. Currently, I have 5 cartons with the manufacturer now. See below. I consider this one of the key milestones. Each item in the carton has their own … [Read more...]

Financial Independence In Progress


I intend to publish this post only after Christmas but a fellow blogger couldn't contain his excitement and drew curious stares – which is a good thing. It started a few months ago during a casual conversation with my blogger friends. Wouldn't it be nice to have something in common to wear during our gatherings and better still easily identify one another on the street? That is where the idea … [Read more...]

Why you should create an online business

In my previous life, I was confined in a cubicle working 9-to-5. I was unsatisfied and unhappy. So, I decided to take a leap of faith by starting my own business! Yes, I fought tooth and nail to quit my cushy corporate job. I resisted all well-heeded advice from my friends on the “terrible mistake” that I’m making. I was labeled weird, contrarian, stubborn, crazy, and many fun … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #4 : Derek Sivers

I used to shut myself down when I read about Derek Sivers because I hear about him all the time from Internet Marketers. Fortunately, thanks to Tools for Titans,  I was able to acquaint myself with this person properly. Derek Sivers started a CDBaby, a business selling music CDs online and made $22 million from the sale. I think Tim Ferriss is more excited about this section than I am. But … [Read more...]

Plagiarism or Co-incident? Coin sorting wallet designers clash on Kickstarter.

Ever since Kickstarter allows Singaporean creators to launch their projects in September, there has been a rush of projects being listed. Many did not manage to survive the harsh world of crowdfunding and a few will stand and gain media recognition. One of the project that succeeded in doing so is the KIN wallet. Designed by a team of students in the NUS School of Industry Design, the project … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 4)


Ok, I know I haven’t been writing for quite some time. Truth be told – I have been really busy at work and whatever spare time I had was used for researching on the FBA Private Label experiment or amending the listings I done in my Seller Central Account. Yup the Podcasts on Amazon selling is super addictive. Check out Part 3 here. I still can’t ship inventories to USA Amazon Fulfillment … [Read more...]

Does having a day job mean giving up all your dreams?


So the end of the year is just around the corner again. This is the time of the year where people start wondering, what have I done with my life this year? Why haven’t I worked on the dream / magnum opus yet? Everyone thinks there are only two choices in life : 1) Slog through your day job and give up on your dreams, grit your teeth and join the daily grind 2) Quit your day job, hopefully … [Read more...]