Will SPH acquire The Finance SG?

When SPH announced its plan to cull staff for the next couple of years, it was a sign of times for the media giant. Faced with falling revenues and declining daily newspaper circulation, SPH is grappling with the disruptions of the media industry. Nonetheless, it is important to note that over the past decades, SPH had made numerous acquisitions of online media platforms. Thus, will SPH acquire … [Read more...]

How Can Factoring Help Singaporean Entrepreneurs?

Factoring is a way for entrepreneurs to ensure steady cash flow. While it may not be necessary to use it, all Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) owners in Singapore should at least understand it. There may come a time when a late paying customer impedes cashflow, and getting your money back means the difference between a stellar performance and a missed opportunity (or an expensive loan): What … [Read more...]

Parable of The Monkey Guru

OK, ok I made up this one, so enjoy ... One of the villager read Parable of The Monkey Business posted by Yaruzi and realized that the whole things were rigged, and that monkey market manipulation occurred all the time. Based on this fresh revelation, he tried hard to sniff every movement of the monkey boss syndicate. He bought when he sensed hidden buying by the syndicate and sold when they … [Read more...]

Parable of The Monkey Business

The story below was not written by me, and some of you may have come across it. Nevertheless, there is useful lesson in it. Here it goes.   Once upon a time... in a village, a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10 each.   The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them.   The man bought … [Read more...]

Eatigo: Model Business Idea For the Future


Have you heard of eatigo? If you haven't, I really think that you should check it out. It's idea is simple, but ingenious. Some restaurants are empty at certain time of the days. Or some restaurants are emptier than usual because of some situational event. With fixed overheads like rental, staff costs, utilities and also inventory of food to clear, an empty table represents revenue being … [Read more...]

Singapore telco sector loses shine with new entrant likely

Singapore’s telco sector is seing a shakeup with three contenders throwing their hat into the ring to be the republic’s fourth player. This has led Daiwa Capital Markets to downgrade the sector from “neutral” to “negative”. M1 has also been downgraded to “hold” with StarHub and Singtel held at “underperform” and “hold” respectively. The possibility of a new player in the telecom market is … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 2)


Ok, this will be a short post and will be continuation of my previous post. So yes I got my new logo and brand name from fiverr. There was a slight hiccup as yesterday morning the designer messaged me and told me that he would like to cancel the order as he had too many orders. However, I declined and he offered to do it if I gave him one more day, which I did. So yes I got may logo / … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 1)


Ok, this will be a short post and will be continuation of my previous post. So what is my progress as to the FBA experiment since my post on 25 Sept 2016? See below: Yes, I managed to create a Seller Account with Amazon. I think I would like to try a Private Label route (read here on how one does wonder with by selling via Private Label), instead of Retail arbitrage method which is buying … [Read more...]

The Future of Singapore Transport 2016


I just read this piece of news from Today. Amazing. $5 to get to anywhere! That's what SWAT has proposed. So, what's the catch? Advance booking (30mins in advance, or by 10pm the night before) Share ride with others Designated pick up locations (within 300m) The additional limitations because it is in it's initial phase are that location and timings are limited, but of course, as … [Read more...]

We Need Angel Investors In Singapore


I have a mechanical engineering degree but I have never done an engineering job. I have never thought that I would be an entrepreneur but I became one. BigFatPurse is almost 3 years old and I must say it has been a good and lucky ride thus far. Being an entrepreneur has taught me to count my blessings more readily. Just as I thought that I would never touch engineering again, BigFatPurse … [Read more...]

Relevant FinTech startups for us

I'm a fan of the FinTech Revolution and I believe that FinTech startups will improve the quality of financial services provided to consumers. Before I go into any detail on specific ones that I find interesting and relevant, I should highlight that this is not a sponsored post. In fact, none of my posts so far are sponsored. I have mentioned before that there are no plans thus far to monetise … [Read more...]

Samsung’s loss is Apple’s gain

After my 2 posts on property outlook, I was heartened to see Singapore Business Review post some "expert" opinions over the past week that backed my opinion up. Anyway, today's topic is a much more light-hearted one involving 2 companies that have been hogging the headlines in recent week - Samsung and Apple. Samsung and Apple are among the biggest companies in the world with market caps of … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Changes Which Singaporean Creators Need to Watch Out For


At long last, Kickstarter is to be launched in Asia on 1st September, with Singapore and Hong Kong being the first two countries to benefit. Singapore Kickstarter creators need not go through the complicated process of looking for a overseas helper, or deal with complex offshore tax issues anymore. However, there are some fine points for Singaporean creators which will be different from creators … [Read more...]

How to be Rich without being a millionaire?

I had a look at the top 50 richest Singaporeans who have made it to the Forbes 2016 list. These are the richest of the rich in Singapore with more than few hundreds millions of US dollars on net worth. Once again, top of the list are names of property and banking magnates. What struck me (but it is a trend anyway) are those who are in the list because of their new media businesses and these rich … [Read more...]

Understanding the Secret behind the Success of Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is the first major success in a new kind of mobile game, known as “augmented reality.” It has since surpassed Facebook and Twitter in the number of app downloads (within the shortest period too) and engagement per day (33 minutes for Pokemon Go users vs. 22 minutes on Facebook every day). Did the creators at Niantic / Nintendo get lucky with this one-hit wonder? What exactly led Pokemon … [Read more...]

Side-Hustle: My Pokemon GO Community Forum [part-1]

A month ago I began the idea of starting a forum to leverage on the Pokemon GO craze prior to its release in Singapore. I thought the craze would encourage traffic to the site without much effort, and there were many hypothesis that I wanted to put it to test. So I teamed up with a friend. When the site went live on the second day, I posted a Google form in large Singapore Pokemon GO Facebook … [Read more...]

OCBC’s multi-billion dollars stake in Great Eastern Holding

In a month when DBS and SMRT hog the limelight, OCBC Bank quietly increased its multi-billion dollars stake in Great Eastern Holding. On 1st July 2016, OCBC made a filing in SGX to declare that it bought 611,800 shares of Great Eastern at $20.59 per share, effectively increasing its share in the insurer to 87.73% from 87.60%. OCBC’s multi-billion dollar stake in Great Eastern is actually one of … [Read more...]

This could have made this stock a multi-bagger even faster

The Michelin Singapore awards have been given out and I am glad that I have not been wrong on the Hong Kong Chicken rice in Chinatown whose stall was awarded a one-star Michelin. I meant I have tried it before and was so fascinated at the taste that I have been recommending others to try it. Hence the award by Michelin to this humble Chicken rice stall is all the more deserving! I have just one … [Read more...]

Start up Bootcamp FinTech Demo Day: Key Take-aways


As you can see from our financial events calendar, we were invited to the StartupBootcamp FinTech Demo Day on 14 July. This event was held at Gardens By the Bay in the Flower Dome, Flowerfield Hall. It was definitely a fancy affair with good ambience, innovative solutions and great crowd. The event started with an introduction of how StartupBootcamp has came along with its first expansion into … [Read more...]