What Heartland Boy Learnt From Working In Jakarta

Despite being only 1 hour and 20 mins away by plane, most Singaporeans would never visit Jakarta unless they absolutely have to. For Heartland Boy, that “absolutely have to” moment came in January 2016 when he was posted to Jakarta for a 2-year work assignment. It’s absolutely unbelievable how fast one year had already transpired. Since he is halfway into his overseas secondment, it is an apt time … [Read more...]


We are into the first two weeks of Year 2017. How is your working life so far? I asked as I believe most of us are employees and hence we spend a lot of time at work. I asked as most of us have one main source of income for which we spend most of our working hours at. I always believe since we deploy so much of our time to earn our salaries, we have to perform our best. It is not simply about … [Read more...]

Why lazy people "want" to continue working?

(I salute Tan Hock and Wilson Poh.) An exchange with another blogger. Blogger: Just thought I'd share this since many investment bloggers (whose plans, like mine and yours) are to live off investments; Not sure if it's because a significant number do not understand the trade-offs involved nor the aspirations of passive investors, but it is a poorly conceived notion that living off … [Read more...]

Book review: So good they can’t ignore you


I picked up this work on the 2 Jan this year and finished it yesterday, 10 Jan. On Amazon, this book is listed at 267 pages. I is the (non-affiliated) link from Amazon: here. Without further ado, let's quickly skim the main points of the book. So good they can't ignore you: why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love The author segments the book into 4 rules and allocates a … [Read more...]

New Year, New Lobang for You!

I'm a bit late to the game of reviewing 2016 goals and posting about my 2017 goals, but I've got a lobang which I thought I should share! Udemy is an online course learning platform and you can pretty much learn anything you want there, and the price is very reasonable since it is e-learning (note: DIRT CHEAP). Even the gov recognises this, which is why quite a number of online courses on Udemy … [Read more...]

Too Expensive?

It's the new year, and my company has a number of new hires. I notice a trend in the recent new hires. Locals generally make up the fresh graduate hires. For experienced executives hires, they are generally headhunted from overseas (and they get relocated to Singapore under local terms). On the bright side, it's great that the company is willing to hire and train locals. But for the … [Read more...]

When Reality does not Meet Expectations

Read a US news article which argued how dining expenses will increase if President Trump's policy were set in place. You can read it here. What got pique my interest was this particular paragraph: "A stark example of the need for immigrant labor was apparent in 2011, when the North Carolina Growers Association had 6,500 farm jobs available, all of them in or next to counties with … [Read more...]

Priorities, Systems and Goals for 201

Priority No. 1: Mental and spiritual health: - meditate daily - practise yoga daily - read up and practise stoicism Priority No. 2: Physical health: - get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a day) - eat as much healthy food as I want - be active everyday - go for a suitable full-body health screening (any recommendations?) Priority No. 3: Relationships with loved ones - … [Read more...]

Can You Help, Please?


In an alternate universe, I could easily be working as an employee in a tuition centre like “Learning Champs”, drawing a salary and receiving employee benefits. And imagine if such a scenario played out on me: Learning Champs is running into financial difficulties and Mind Lab is taking over the tuition centre I have worked at for the past three years. Mind Lab: Hi 15HWW, since you … [Read more...]

Will there be sperm in the air in 2017 ?

In the final 2016 issue of the Economist, Vienna was declared the city of the century for its intellectual and cultural accomplishments. Vienna was the city which won the accolade because it could employ the diversity of its population to create new ideas and philosophies so much so that writer Stefan Zweig commented that "There was sperm in the air. " Singapore can potentially become an … [Read more...]

A Review Of My Choices In 2016


Since it’s still the school holidays, I was able to squeeze all my weekend lessons on weekdays instead. So yes, I am enjoying my last peaceful weekend before 2017 kicks off. Besides using today to read up on other financial bloggers’ reflections of the year (here, here, here and here), I have also decided to review my choices for 2016. Super kickass, probably the best blockbuster of the year … [Read more...]

I have been retrenched …

In the recent months, there have been more news about corporate laying off staffs due to the worsening of the global economy. Most of us won't feel it unless it happens to you or someone you know. Few weeks ago, I received a phone call from 2 ex-colleagues, and both of them had been retrenched as the unit closed it's Singapore operation. However, they should be able to tide over this difficult … [Read more...]

Being Employed Is a Fulfilment? [My Personal View]


A heavy topic for the festive season but it is actually quite mind stimulating. I belong to the camp that advocates employment. My reasons are it gives me the opportunity to meet different people of different cultures, participate in office debates, discipline to drag myself out of the bed and the list can go one and on. I still want my financial independence but I will still want to work after … [Read more...]

Earn More and Save More; BUT ….

Uncle8888 is in the camp of earn more; BUT ..... Sometime, we are NOT in control of our body even our mind is very focus and determined to succeed by enhancing our human asset to earn more. BUT; the sad truth is bad thing happened. It may happen earlier than expected to throw out our dream of becoming who we wanted to be. That is Life! A timeline picture tells his lifetime story of his human … [Read more...]

Salary increase

On 12 December 2016, National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) announced that cleaners will receive yearly salary increases from 2017 to 2019 for a total of S$200. Various government agencies like Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency and Workforce Singapore said the salary increase will benefit more than 40,000 resident cleaners employed by 1,200 cleaning businesses. For an industry … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Work Performance 2016

FY 2016 is another challenging year. Investment can be in Equity but it can be in Work too. The later rewards are more sustaining and bulk of most people income. And the achievement is mentally fulfilling. After surviving the last retrenchment exercise, I have to bring over another team into my fold who just lose their manager. There are few things in my mind. Prevent attrition (knowledge … [Read more...]


December is a year of reflections. And if readers could recall, I have shared glimpses of reflections of my investments for year 2016 earlier. You can read the post here if you have not read it. In this post, I would reflect of my job this year.Why should I reflect my job? Well, our job is where I and (I believe) many of us spend many of our waking and best and most alert hours of our lives at. We … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #3 : Conan the Barbarian !


It is interesting that the section on Arnold Schwarzenegger  is parked under the wealth section and not the health section, but this is the best section so far. Here are the key learnings : a) Arnold was already a millionaire before his first movie break Arnold was already a millionaire prior to his breakthrough in the movie business. He already had a great business selling seminars, courses … [Read more...]

Why I left my previous job

I don't think I have ever wrote about why I left my previous job. I mean, I had a post about changing jobs and why I was moving to a job in a bank. But I never went into the triggers at my previous workplace (an accounting firm) that made me decide to search for a new role in the first place. There were personal as well as professional reasons but they interacted with each other to ultimately … [Read more...]

Personal update and what to look out for in this blog.

Ok, here's a quick personal update. a) Finances There is supposed a 100% probability that the Fed will raise interest rates before the close of the year. I think it's already built into the REIT prices so even if it happens, a rally for REITs should be around the corner. More worrying is Singapore's new found status as a sick man of the East. My position is that the downturn is built into … [Read more...]