On scarcity, $10,000-a-month internships and capping graduates to 30% of the Singapore population.

Given that I turned down five-figure a month job to carry on with my $500 a month internship, I thought I should share my perspective on $10,000 a month internships article that recently appeared in the Business Times. Statistically speaking, $10,000 internships are special with the average salaries for permanent workers being around the region of $4,000 a month. It's easy to fall into the trap … [Read more...]

I work best when my boss is not around

Why? I can work at my 'own time, own pace' at researching, planning and implementing new projects, rather than having to keep fine-tuning things that are already in place. I get motivated by stories and visions. Less so by money and in-between kind of power. Anyway since I am not doing sales, technically speaking, I have less 'rights' to ask for higher pay / monetary rewards. Boss likes … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Understanding myself better @ work

I am back at work for 2 weeks. Beside the first 2 days, the usual hectic and crazy schedule is back. 4-5 to do things, bosses calling you in the last minute, staff looking to you to problem-solve, when I myself has plenty to troubleshoot I am however, coping much better. Of course the long break help. But I have been down with flu, but my motivation has not been affected, I think I have … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #6 : LLBs


Interactions with LLBs are the fundamental difference between SMU and NUS's approach towards legal education for mid-career professionals. SMU prefers that mid-career professionals interact with themselves first with limited exposure to LLBs to come later. NUS would thrown their JD-equivalent to swim with the sharks from day one. JDs will generally begin to have encounters with LLBs when they … [Read more...]

Top 3 International Schools In Singapore & How Much They Cost


One of the many things that keep parents up at night is the education of their children. Parents who are relocating to a foreign country may find the search for a good school to be a daunting affair. Fortunately, the dilemma in Singapore is a good one to have, as there are many international schools that offer the academic syllabi of various countries as well as differing education … [Read more...]

Reflection of my income streams and investment portfolio

I have a big roadmap of where my different income streams will be. For the past 8 years, I have been developing them. It is with this belief that will support my end goal of living a life that is contractually free, a 10 years plan in place. This post shall be a brief of where I am now and where I wish to be. By sharing, I hope to inspire everyone around me. My Day Job I have been … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #5 : On Foreign Students

And I am not done ! Today I will do an article on foreign students and tomorrow I will talk about LLBs. My JD experience would not have been such a positive experience without foreign students. Older candidates tend to be minority and tends to get sidelined due to the generation gap. This makes them excellent partners with foreign students who can also be marginalised but for different … [Read more...]

Personal Update – Turned down monthly 5-figure job to pursue my legal ambitions.


If you google the word "decision" and you will know that the roots came from an old Latin word which literally means "to cut off". This is the central theme of my personal update today. a) Just crossed the Rubicon - a legal career it is ! Two days after my final exams, a headhunter contacted me to look at some fairly attractive IT roles in a large MNC. I was willing to look into it because I … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #4 : Generation Y Lower Division ( 20-something year olds )

A lot of what I'm going to say about 20-something year olds might be coloured because of the ridiculous generation gap between myself and them. And this often leads to hilarious interactions when I work with them in a team : In one instance, when a classmate's boyfriend showed up to pick her up, I told her that her "BAE" is here. She told me to stop using that term because it's very mushy … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #3 : Generation Y – Upper Division ( 30-somethings )

My post for today is about who the JD course should really be intended for - 30-something folks who have a wealth of experience who want some legal training either to supplement their professional careers or wish to bring their professional expertise into the legal industry. This is a very wide demographic so my comments are going to be fairly general. The good candidates are highly sought … [Read more...]

Do you like your day job?


Five years ago, I was rather unhappy with my day job. Social psychologists would have diagnosed me as being disengaged. My growing disengagement resulted in me quitting. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. Quitting and retiring from my corporate duties at that stage in my life was actually one of the better decisions I made so far. But recently I came across this sobering chart: This … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #2 : Folks you will meet at the course – Generation X.

By the time I can write this, I feel a lot better. My grades are finalised and I managed to just squeeze north of the equivalent of an honours classification. This closes another chapter of my life. To discuss the folks who you will get to meet in Law School, perhaps it is better to break it down into three separate articles. First before I start my fairly candid write-up, I'd just like … [Read more...]



Recently, Minister Mr Chan Chun Sing suggested in a public engagement session that employees should do justice to their jobs, instead of wishing to find the perfect job. What I believe Mr Chan’s message is, is simply about doing one’s Best in one’s job. When one does his Best in his job, he would be able to create more value to the employers. And with that, recognition in the form of promotion, … [Read more...]

Government paid child benefits for self-employed

It's always hard to find stuff for self employed individuals like me, so since I've already done my research, I might as well share it with others who are in a similar situation as me. I just had a baby boy and he's doing mightily fine. As a self employed, I have no company benefits as a father. Since almost all the benefits given by the company as a employee is co-shared by the government … [Read more...]

My JD aftermath #1 : Was it worth it ?

Ok, I've got sometime to blog before I head to Bangkok over the weekend for some serious shopping and eating. A couple of days after my last paper, some headhunters have started talking to me and I had a serious chance to ask myself what would be my desired price tag to postpone my legal ambitions. I have since calculated a number and have gotten back to them and they still seem … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Job Replacement


Recently one of my staff move on. I am happy for her. Truly. What interesting is after. I need to request for replacement. What surprise me is that my business HR want me to justify why I need replacement which to me suppose to be routine re-fill of position. Mind you, the company is doing well. So in my head is why are we spending time doing this needless exercise. We have hundreds/thousands … [Read more...]

Insights from interviewing candidates

Being the sai kang Ops Manager, my new add-on duty currently is to hire for a HR generalist position for the SME I am working at (before I get a new add-on duty of HR manager too). Here are some interesting takeaways from the interviews I have conducted. 1) Those who don't know how to give 'model answers' for the standard questions asked, I know they have little or no experience in interviewing … [Read more...]

The Seller Internship


I bought a sold- out event ticket at double its retail price on Carousell, and was trying (hard) to sell it at what I buy at. It was tough. It's still on sale. After being a corporate warrior for nine years, there is a skill that is totally lacking in me --- selling. You see, my corporate job mainly requires me to share technical know-how. My selling point is my technical know- how, which my … [Read more...]

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (3)

Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2) They say for something you cannot control e.g. stock market your investing Goals are useless. If you are going to retire in the next few years then it is foolish to set retirement as your investing Goal! But if you are decades away from retirement you can set SMART investing Goals with Rule of 72; you will still have some … [Read more...]