Singapore faces a shortfall of digital marketing professionals

The rapid evolution of digital marketing has created a “digital disconnect” in which the jobs market in technology, and more specifically digital marketing technology, is hungry for skilled workers in Singapore. According to recruiting experts Hays in Singapore, the evolution of digital marketing is set to continue over the next decade and this will have a huge impact on the skills employers … [Read more...]

2 Hacks To Help You Become a Top Performer

I was at this seminar last week. This middle-aged guy comes up to the microphone and begins to speak. He’s the only dude on stage dressed in a shirt and slacks – everyone else is in jeans. He grasps the microphone with two hands. He asks if there’s anyone in the audience from the insurance industry, but no one raises their hands because we’re Singaporean and we hate raising our hands. He tells us … [Read more...]

Compare Your Annual Income 2013

This is our latest 2013 version of the most popular income benchmarking tool on It uses the latest data from IRAS, fresh from their just-released Annual Report 2012/2013. To benchmark / compare your annual income – including all commissions, bonuses, part-time salaries – simply enter your IRAS assessable income below and see how well you stack up against all resident taxpayers in … [Read more...]

Singaporeans no longer hungry

According to data compiled by Bloomberg. Singapore’s annual jobs growth  may halve in the coming years from a 2007 peak as the island widens a  clampdown on foreign workers, Bank of America Corp. estimates. According to the Bloomberg article, the shortage of labour is set to worsen as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pursues a four-year campaign to reduce the reliance on foreign workers, whose  … [Read more...]

Question: What is the difference between financial planner and financial adviser?

Question: Why does MAS regulate certain aspects of financial planning and not the full range of financial planning activities? What is the distinction between a Financial Adviser and a Financial Planner? Answer: The types of services provided by financial planners vary widely. Some planners assess every aspect of their clients' financial profile, including savings, investments, insurance, tax, … [Read more...]

Making money from blogging

July 2013 has been a fantastic month for me so far. Both my career and blog reached new milestones during this month. Firstly, I have been promoted. This is the first promotion in my job journey and I am so happy that my hard work for the previous years had paid off. Thinking back, those extra duties and late nights at office were worth the efforts. With the promotion increments, my financial … [Read more...]

Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (4)

Just for Thinking - Investing Read? Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (3) Read? Earning More Than Your Boss?   Mid-Life Crisis @ 40s   By 40s, we should be honest with ourselves are we still the Red Man who is climbing the Corporate Ladder to reach the annual million dollars pay package. If we can't then how?     Then you may have little … [Read more...]

Civil Service Mid-year Payments

Its that time of the year to collect mid-year bonus for civil servant again! It is heartening to note that the government accepted NWC's recommendation to raise the wages of low-wage workers by at least $60. Not much though, but definitely a step in the right direction to help the low income group who struggle with rising living expenses. As the economy matures, there should be more schemes in … [Read more...]

Civil Service Bonus Mid-2013

The Public Service Division has just announced that the civil service mid-year bonus payments will be 0.4 month. This mid-year annual variable component (AVC) will be paid out in July. Besides this, Division III and IV officers will receive wage increments of $40 and $70 per month respectively. The mid-year bonus for 2012 was 0.3 month and the corresponding increments for Div III and IV … [Read more...]

Fixed Fee for Professional Service

Some lawyers have started to cap their legal fees by agreeing to a pre-negotiated fixed fee. Usually, legal fees are billable by the hour. The introduction of negotiated fixed fee is good for clients because the cost of legal service is known upfront. However, such pre-negotiated fee is only applicable when the exact scope of work is known right from the beginning.  Will this be applicable in the … [Read more...]

Government confirmed that Singaporeans are discriminated in the financial industry

Last week, I read a Straits Times article on "Government to boost pool of local finance experts". Apparently, PM Lee was the guest-of-honour at the official opening of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC). Incidentally, I was at MBFC last month to meet up with Zane Lim from BullionStar Singapore. The office was indeed impressive and I thought that to be able to rent such expensive facility in … [Read more...]

M9A Insurance Regulatory Exam Blog Post No 1

I understand that some of my colleagues, in the finance industry find it challenging to pass the regulatory exam, M9A. Thus, I will like to make a small contribution here. I will be writing a few blog posts, to help explain in a simple, easy to understand manner, concepts that you need to know, when you undertake the M9A exams.  If you find it helpful, do share my blog post around! … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Insights Series: 10 Entrepreneur Comments That Kill Investor Deals

By Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals MusingsLack of confidence in your self, your product, and your startup is a surefire recipe for disaster. At the other extreme, too much confidence or arrogance can kill you just as fast. It’s always painful when a startup fails, but as a mentor to founders, I would hope that you can learn from these failings and not stumble on the same issues. … [Read more...]

Achieved Certified Financial Planner Certification

Following from the previous post Achieved Associate Wealth Planner Certification, I have now successfully completed all 6 modules of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Program and now eligible for the CFP mark. The last paper was fully written 3 hours+ paper which tested all the concepts of financial planning. So what does the CFP mark mean? Taken from the FPAS website below: Consumers are … [Read more...]

Losing your job in Singapore

Recently, Lucasfilm announced that it is laying off games staff in Singapore. I suppose as business cycles become shorter and shorter, retrenchments is becoming more frequent in our society nowadays. Of course you can also be fired by your boss due to poor performances or for other personal reasons. Whatever the reason, losing your job can be a traumatic experience, especially in Singapore where … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow : Job Stability is Good but it does not mean you are Prepared.

Job Stability is important. For me, I would rephrase it as “Job Stability is good till you are 45 years old or maybe 50 if you are lucky.” To people with no other survival skill sets or assets to generate cash flow for them, not having a stable job will be a great concern to them. They need to cling on to their job dearly and they need to work till a later age. In fact, the need for a job creates … [Read more...]

Graduate Employment Survey 2012 (Published 2013)

Fresh lawyers are at the top of the salary ranking table yet again, but this time SMU holds the top two spots, beating NUS by a hair’s breadth. (See our GES ranking for last year.) Those with medical-related degrees are the next best earners, followed quite closely by those with business-related degrees. Computing-related degrees fare quite well too. At the bottom of the table are: Music, Art … [Read more...]

Do you like your working environment?

Employees are an important assets to the company. It is their overall productivity that determines the bottom line of the company. One way to increase productivity is to give them a happy environment at work. I am not talking in terms of monetary terms about increaseing their bonuses but instead the power of environment. Ever wonder why your office always look so squarish? Does good looking … [Read more...]

Pointy-Haired Boss Gives Career Advice

Loved yesterday’s Dilbert strip which gives some excellent career advice: If you want your company to value you, start by being valuable first. I know way too many people who whine constantly about their jobs: The boss sucks, the pay sucks, the location sucks, they aren’t given enough responsibility, etc. But the truth is, nobody owes you anything. You need to figure out how to grow … [Read more...]