How Much Do Insurance Agent and Property Agent Earn?

It has always been a misconception that insurance agents and property agents earn hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions every year by pushing sales to the customers. After all, the media likes to feature the top performers. Just last week, Sunday Times interviewed a 23 years old part time insurance agent who earned $200,000 in his first year in the business. Maybe MAS is thinking … [Read more...]

Oversupply of Financial Practitioners And Its Effects

Singapore has a population of about 5 million. The number of practitioners in the financial advisory industry can be estimated to be about 20,000 to 30,000. This includes tied insurance agents, Financial Adviser firm representatives and banks’ financial services personnel. It is a considerably large number for our population size. How so? Let’s look at how we compare to other … [Read more...]

Higher Starting Salaries for Fresh Graduates

A recent survey released by Hay Group last week revealed that fresh graduates are drawing higher starting salaries compared to 2011. Those without Honors drew S$2, 678 while those with second upper Honors and higher drew S$2, 766 and S$2, 882 respectively. It also revealed that those working in the engineering sector drew the highest average salaries of $2,777 without honors. Jobs in research … [Read more...]

Top 100 Jobs In Singapore (2012)

This is the 2012 edition of our ever-popular list of 100 best-paying jobs in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower has just released Report on Wages in Singapore 2011 (released 29 June 2012). We use the wage data in this report to generate our Top 100 Jobs ranking table. The MOM wage data exclude bonuses and profit sharing. You may also wish to note that “(t)he wages for certain occupations, … [Read more...]