Being Employed Is a Fulfilment? [My Personal View]


A heavy topic for the festive season but it is actually quite mind stimulating. I belong to the camp that advocates employment. My reasons are it gives me the opportunity to meet different people of different cultures, participate in office debates, discipline to drag myself out of the bed and the list can go one and on. I still want my financial independence but I will still want to work after … [Read more...]

Earn More and Save More; BUT ….

Uncle8888 is in the camp of earn more; BUT ..... Sometime, we are NOT in control of our body even our mind is very focus and determined to succeed by enhancing our human asset to earn more. BUT; the sad truth is bad thing happened. It may happen earlier than expected to throw out our dream of becoming who we wanted to be. That is Life! A timeline picture tells his lifetime story of his human … [Read more...]

Salary increase

On 12 December 2016, National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) announced that cleaners will receive yearly salary increases from 2017 to 2019 for a total of S$200. Various government agencies like Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency and Workforce Singapore said the salary increase will benefit more than 40,000 resident cleaners employed by 1,200 cleaning businesses. For an industry … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Work Performance 2016

FY 2016 is another challenging year. Investment can be in Equity but it can be in Work too. The later rewards are more sustaining and bulk of most people income. And the achievement is mentally fulfilling. After surviving the last retrenchment exercise, I have to bring over another team into my fold who just lose their manager. There are few things in my mind. Prevent attrition (knowledge … [Read more...]


December is a year of reflections. And if readers could recall, I have shared glimpses of reflections of my investments for year 2016 earlier. You can read the post here if you have not read it. In this post, I would reflect of my job this year.Why should I reflect my job? Well, our job is where I and (I believe) many of us spend many of our waking and best and most alert hours of our lives at. We … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #3 : Conan the Barbarian !


It is interesting that the section on Arnold Schwarzenegger  is parked under the wealth section and not the health section, but this is the best section so far. Here are the key learnings : a) Arnold was already a millionaire before his first movie break Arnold was already a millionaire prior to his breakthrough in the movie business. He already had a great business selling seminars, courses … [Read more...]

Why I left my previous job

I don't think I have ever wrote about why I left my previous job. I mean, I had a post about changing jobs and why I was moving to a job in a bank. But I never went into the triggers at my previous workplace (an accounting firm) that made me decide to search for a new role in the first place. There were personal as well as professional reasons but they interacted with each other to ultimately … [Read more...]

Personal update and what to look out for in this blog.

Ok, here's a quick personal update. a) Finances There is supposed a 100% probability that the Fed will raise interest rates before the close of the year. I think it's already built into the REIT prices so even if it happens, a rally for REITs should be around the corner. More worrying is Singapore's new found status as a sick man of the East. My position is that the downturn is built into … [Read more...]

Example on how to Review your Job and Relevance within your industry.

Just thought I would provide an example on how to review your current job and predict the degree of disruption which you will face over the next ten years. The example I will use is the task of a litigator and if you actually know some litigators, you will understand these are supremely confidant guys who will never believe that their work will ever be replaced by an AI. So to review the work … [Read more...]

Can your job be replaced ?

I've just started on my unpaid internship with a start-up that deals with smart contracts. The power of an unpaid internship is that it is very easy to fall into the trap of doing the bare minimum and I was very careful not to let it happen to me. My start-up has a a number of objectives which I can work towards which I intend to meet, otherwise I am spending my December trying to pick up two key … [Read more...]

November updates

So what has Unintelligent Nerd been up to? I'm pretty much occupied with my new job and school. School work is tough. Considering my background, I think I got more than I bargained for by signing up for the 1-year programme in engineering school. For the first couple of weeks, the terms used by the lecturer flew past my head. My understanding has gotten a bit better since then, but there is still … [Read more...]


Ok, my exams are finally over and I am moving into my final semester beginning next year. Starting tomorrow, I begin a short unpaid internship stint with a startup. I hope I would be able to learn something significant this year end holidays with some programming high on my list of priorities. It has been a largely relaxed semester so there's no need for any break this time round so off I … [Read more...]

79 days of retirement


I left my last official work on 12/9/2016. As of today, I have spent 79 days retired from paid work. This means that I have been unproductive for more than 2 months. Out of the 79 days, I had spent 29 days in USA, 13 days in Korea and 37 days in Singapore. The USA trip was a means for me to adjust my daily habits formed from years of working life. The Korea trip was impromptu but it was a … [Read more...]

It’s not just about PSLE. It’s about our society’s attitude on Grades

As I trawl through the comments, people were sharing their PSLE scores along with how and what they're doing now. Some are doing well, and some are still finding their way out in life. Now here's my story. I grew up in a vicious environment. A vicious environment perpetuated by bitchy relatives who compare my results EVERY SINGLE TIME. I hated them for their endless comparison and in turn … [Read more...]

Civil Servants’ Bonus: my research

The Public Services Division announced yesterday that the year-end bonus for civil servants would be 0.5 month. This bonus, together with the mid-year bonus of 0.45 month would bring the total bonus (over and above the 13th month salary) to 0.95 month for a civil servant. I am not a civil servant but every year I would look forward to the announcement of the civil service’s bonus as a guide to how … [Read more...]



现如今,越来越少的人选择在新加坡从事工程师职业, 原因如下: 较低的薪水 较低的社会威望 高等院校工程类专业的生源质量(跟其他专业相比)最差。工程类专业成为中学生们的被迫选择 拿高薪的诸多因素看似都跟工程师毫无干系。 社交能力,营销技巧,演说技巧,西装革履等等 一旦出现问题,工程师最先受到谴责。例如软件漏洞, 系统故障,这些都归咎于工程师的失误。而那些做产品销售,市场营销的工作,出现问题之后,大多还是要工程师来承担责任 ... … [Read more...]

A New Era With A New US President – How Will The Future Change?

As we all have heard, Donald Trump's winning the US presidential election was quite a shock to most people. It was a shock because people are afraid he will do drastic changes to policies affecting trade around the world which causes instability. Just last week, President Obama backs off Pacific trade deal vote effort, which is known to us as the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. This is an … [Read more...]

Do I have Enough Work For 2017? Fret Or Fret Not?


I am just out of a mini-funk. Not the downright depression kind but the kind where you feel you are viewing the world through grey-tinted lenses. When you go from this: To this: Yeah, for those full-time employees out there who think my life should be all rainbows and unicorns now that I am self-employed, let me tell you that I have my fair share of unhappiness and worries about work … [Read more...]

Does having a day job mean giving up all your dreams?


So the end of the year is just around the corner again. This is the time of the year where people start wondering, what have I done with my life this year? Why haven’t I worked on the dream / magnum opus yet? Everyone thinks there are only two choices in life : 1) Slog through your day job and give up on your dreams, grit your teeth and join the daily grind 2) Quit your day job, hopefully … [Read more...]

Singapore rejected calls for unemployment insurance

During this year’s May Day rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon rejected growing calls for unemployment insurance. Instead, he reiterated that the government of Singapore has something even better for Singaporeans – schemes to enable Singapore workers to find jobs. Amid the massive number of retrenchments announced by foreign banks and oil and gas companies, such a move is inexplicable to … [Read more...]