Reviewing Workers’ Party Retrenchment Insurance Proposal


A few days ago, Workers’ Party released a consultation paper regarding a Redundancy Insurance scheme and I read it with huge interest. With calls for more social safety nets in Singapore in recent years, sacred cows have been slaughtered and we actually have minimum wages for specific sectors like cleaners and security guards now. This shift is apparent since even PAP MPs like Patrick Tay from … [Read more...]

Will Insurance Deny a Claim If Death Is Due to Suicide?

Depressed Young Man Contemplating Suicide On Bridge Over River

La Papillion a fellow friend and blogger wrote about "Financial competition" and my impression is that one's purpose in life is not to chase after wealth and that parents should play a part. However the comments soon digress into talking about suicide. Suicide is a taboo topic especially in our society. I have to admit I do not usually give much thought to this insurance clause and I believe … [Read more...]

Getting Insurance Advice Without An Insurance Agent with Selfcheck

Have you heard that technological advancement will disrupt the financial advisory industry? We can now buy property without a property agent through an app. How about getting a Selfcheck on your insurance needs online? Now it is possible with a new digital “adviser” on DIYInsurance. Insurance is a tricky maze where most people are confused on what they actually need. Who can we trust to give us … [Read more...]

How do you find out if you have adequate insurance protection?


This is the question that is on many people’s minds. You will get this question more, lingering at the back of your mind, if you realize how long its been, since your insurance adviser called you up to have a cup of coffee. Or when you realize your friends have insured much more than yourself. Are you under-insured? Your family or yourself may face repercussion when your overall protection … [Read more...]

Financial Steps Upon Death Of Spouse


A few months before their marriage, Heartland Girl had this question for Heartland Boy, “Dear, you must tell me what financial steps to take if you pass away.” That question caught Heartland Boy by surprise and he had no answers then. However, he realized that death of partner is not something frivolous that can be dismissed easily. (Just for clarification, Heartland Girl never says anything … [Read more...]

Medishield Life – What Is Your After Subsidy Premiums In 2017?


If you have not already known, our revamped Compulsory National Healthcare Scheme, Medishield Life is heading towards its second year from Nov 2016 onward. During this transition period, Government is dishing out a couple of subsidies to ensure that impact of the premium increase is mitigated (even though the full Medishield Life premiums can be paid via your Medisave account, as long as there is … [Read more...]

Early Critical Illness Pondering

Among the level of my grandparents and my parents, aunts and uncles (2 and 1 levels above me in my family tree), 40% of them have got cancer and not all of them are over 65 yet.   Basically, based on my horrible genetics, I think that there is a very high chance that I would likely be afflicted with cancer in the future. Of course, health is wealth and I will definitely try to mitigate this … [Read more...]

Why I Cancelled My ILP (Investment-Linked Policy)


How should I read the numbers on my Investment-Linked Policy (ILP)? I lost more than 2 months worth of salary to learn this important lesson: when insurance and investments are bundled together into a single product, the consumer is often left worse off. A few years ago, when I was a naive fresh graduate in my first job, I met a friend of mine to understand more about financial planning and … [Read more...]

Disability Income Insurance – A Comprehensive Look at an Important Protection for You

About 7 years ago, my good friend told me about what happen to his boss. Then, my friend was working in a bank doing product control and his boss manages a team of six. One fine day, his boss got into an accident while on the road. His life was not in danger. However, he damaged his lower part of his body and they have to do a few operations to repair the hips. Then, the boss have to rehabilitate … [Read more...]

Lifetime 50% NCD Guarantee – FWD Insurance Pushes the Singapore Insurance Market


If you are a proven safe driver who has earned a 50% NCD, wouldn’t you like to keep it for a lifetime and not be penalized if an accident unfortunately happens? If you are shopping for travel insurance, wouldn’t you like to get a plan that meets your needs, with a fast and simple claims process, at a competitive price? If you are looking for DPI Insurance, wouldn’t you like to be able to purchase … [Read more...]

Lack of understanding on Medishield Life among Singaporeans

I came across the article by fellow blogger, Andrew Loh, on his recent medical bill. Andrew is a blogger whom I respected a lot because of his various quality articles in Yahoo Singapore website. Arising from his recent medical ordeal, I realized that there is a lack of understanding on Medishield Life among Singaporeans. In his article, Andrew was very clear on the mechanism of Medishield … [Read more...]

GMGH Insurance Review 2016


This post is partly inspired by the latest post by AK about a jobless guy stuck with $30k of annual insurance premiums, as a follow up to my first post in 2015 that was inspired by Derek, and also something related to what reader SH has emailed me about. In September 2015, my spreadsheet was sort of organized, but in a kind of haphazard sort of way. The information is there, but I thought I … [Read more...]

Jobless and still paying $30,000 a year for insurance.

Hi AK, I happen to come across your post and decide to email you for some advice. I am 41 and currently jobless as was retrenched. The only jobs available if I am willing to do is probably Security guard, Taxi driver etc. I am jobless for more than a year! Good news is I have about 200k my CPF OA and and 203k in my SA. If based on your compound theory and I leave the money till I reach 65 … [Read more...]

Meet Singapore’s newest digital insurer (car owners can now keep their 50% NCD for life!)


Singapore’s new digital insurer. I’ve never seen an insurance website like this before.   A new insurer has landed in town, and there are a few benefits they’re providing which I think are a real game-changer. Beyond the new digital buying experience, you might also want to take note that FWD Insurance is now offering car owners in Singapore protection of your 50% No Claims Discount … [Read more...]

Transactions for Sept ’16 + accidental lifehack


Continued my DCA into the STI index. Another 100 shares for the month. Using the transactions capture from SGXcafe. :) Incidentally, i chanced upon an accidental life hack from for a small amount of free cash flow. So i signed up for an insurance policy using the OCBC Cashflo card which breaks any purchases into monthly installments. And then because another policy came up which i … [Read more...]

Reader upset with insurance agent who is always too busy.

Hi AK I like to share my experience with NTUC Income recently. Some years ago I bought a Term Policy from them and it expired last month. I had been unemployed for some time, I decided that I should not take up a new policy to supersede the expire one. However I encountered some difficulty. They sent me repeated demand for payment. The way they put it is payment is due for my policy as if … [Read more...]

Interesting News: The Failure of Obamacare


Don't look at me, look at Bloomberg. The ACA is one of the worst government policies in the history of government policies. No one can say that they didn't see this coming. It was already doomed to fail from the very beginning. Truly affordable and quality healthcare in Singapore is really one of the things that I really enjoy about living in Singapore. In a few days time, my new … [Read more...]