Choosing a primary school for your child.

Reader: i need your self talk about my situation. My only child, a girl, will be P3 next year, likely she will have a chance to attend the good primary school like RGPS or NYPS...after GEP selection by the end next year. However she feels dizzy whenever sitting inside a public bus or school bus... from my home BTO to these schools takes 1 hour by bus and i don't wish to own a car due to not … [Read more...]

Lollapalooza Tendency – Mother Of All Psychology Tendencies/Biases


As per my earlier post, I am currently reading the book entitled Charlie Munger : The Complete Investor, by Tren Griffin (click here to see more). While I am still half way through the book but there is one psychology bias or tendency that caught my eye, and it's called : Lollapalooza Tendency. The reason it caught my eye is because the word seems exotic and odd sounding! :-) And when I googled … [Read more...]

Reflection of my income streams and investment portfolio

I have a big roadmap of where my different income streams will be. For the past 8 years, I have been developing them. It is with this belief that will support my end goal of living a life that is contractually free, a 10 years plan in place. This post shall be a brief of where I am now and where I wish to be. By sharing, I hope to inspire everyone around me. My Day Job I have been … [Read more...]

The evolution of needs and wants

My baby is slightly more than 3 months old now, and I learnt a lot from the experience of being a first time father. One of the first things I get to observe is how the needs and wants of the child develops as he gets older. When my son is less than 1 month old, the term 'needs' and 'wants' are interchangeable. You can even say that the needs and wants are indistinguishable from one another. … [Read more...]

Free money from the government is good.

Reader: I don't know if this is the correct avenue to ask you a question. I'm hoping that you can give your insights if you're faced with this situation. I bought a HDB flat and took a bank loan plus used a bit of my OA to pay for it. I have about $240k of bank loan left and now I 'owe' my OA $85k. Since the market is kinda 'overvalued' now, so nothing to invest in. What would you do if … [Read more...]

The Big Three: Food, Housing & Transport Costs

We have averaged about $50,000 worth of annual expenditure for the past few years. Even though I have set a budget of $42,000 early this year for 2017, the likelihood of us achieving it is really quite low. With plenty of luxuries like travel, dining out and buying new clothes, a $50,000 budget was always much more realistic and reasonable. But that said, if our incomes were to drop off a cliff … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning: What You Need to Know About CPF Top Up


CPF Life is crucial to every Singaporean’s retirement planning. There are people who protested and demanded the government to “Return Our CPF”, but there are also many people who have good faith in our national pension system and want to top up more into CPF for their own retirement planning. What are the benefits of topping up CPF, how much more can you top up? This article will give you the … [Read more...]

Borrow $100,000 to buy a car in Singapore?

Hi AK,  When I get back to Sg next year, i'm planning on getting a car (depreciating asset boohoo!) Now, on my previous car purchase, I felt i made a mistake of buying too early and had to take a full car loan. It ate up a lot of my monthly pay. So this time round, I wanted to do my sums right before diving in.  I do have enough to pay upfront for a car (eg 100k). But could you talk to … [Read more...]

Should You Pay Off Your Residential Housing Loan ASAP????

Read? More Articles Many different views if you ask around and get confused with often conflicting views:Good debt or Bad debt? Housing loan is the cheapest loan in town and you don't know how to leverage on it. You are dumb! Right? So you ask Uncle8888 how? Uncle8888 always thinks that his residential home is consumption item and never was an investment instrument. All consumption … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #5 : On Foreign Students

And I am not done ! Today I will do an article on foreign students and tomorrow I will talk about LLBs. My JD experience would not have been such a positive experience without foreign students. Older candidates tend to be minority and tends to get sidelined due to the generation gap. This makes them excellent partners with foreign students who can also be marginalised but for different … [Read more...]

Finally, a less wordy post about our biases

Thank you, dear readers, for reading my blog-posts and for letting me know what you like and dislike about them (for example, too long, too wordy). I hear you; thus, this post is succinct in answering: Why we save so little? Why evolution is to blame for our stock losses? Why we should think more about our limitations? In fact, let me delegate to chirpy Laurie Santos to answer those … [Read more...]

Smart move on your Income Tax


8 months ago I shared about the power of Supplementary Retirement Scheme account and was recently been asked….. how good it really is. It reduces your chargeable income tax while allowing you to invest that supposedly “payable tax amount” REITS, FIXED DEPOSIT, BONDS, SHARES, SINGLE PREMIUM INSURANCE, UNIT TRUSTS Investments returns in the SRS a/c are all tax free till the date of … [Read more...]

The ultimate price review on diapers in Singapore


After the price comparison for milk powder, I have to look at the other big expense for a baby, which is the diapers. Most parents would have close encounters with poop or urine within the first year. If you have not been through an explosive diarrhea episode, you are lucky! For families who use cloth nappy and wash them, I salute you! You totally deserve the savings because I would rather … [Read more...]

The Goal Is To Have No Goals, But To Have…


Today's post was inspired by one chapter in Rod Judkins's book, The Art Of Creative Thinking. So, it's kind of unconventional, many people might find it illogical, which is understandable because you can't have too much logical thinking in creativity. Anyway, the point of this particular chapter of the book is discussing why people tends to over-rate the "goal setting" and its "side-effects". … [Read more...]

Baby Delivery Costs at Private Hospitals from 2011 to 2017 (TMC vs Mt Alvernia) – How Much Cash Outlay You Need?


Last month was an extremely joyful day for our family as we have our new addition baby boy. So I decided to compile the monetary cost of bringing him to this world. Refer to my earlier post in Dec 2014 when we had our last child. Actual costs from prenatal to delivery Below is a table comparing our 3 of our kids. Variations in costs Ward Type / Days Stay * TMC room rates – click … [Read more...]

Maximize Or Optimizing Your Wealth In Your Younger Years???

Read? Hey! Are You Married With Kids? Same as the CPF Talk. Initially; the topic suggested was Maximizing CPF For Your Retirement when he was first approached to participate in the talk. If it is aboutMaximizing; then don't find him. LOL! So do you want to maximize or optimize your wealth in younger years by monetizing all your available free time? Any time lost in your younger years can … [Read more...]

Eight Months After Retiring From Full-time Employee. What Has Really Changed???

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! Saving money vs. Saving time Unlce8888 has initially planned for Taiwan Round 4 in March 2017; but it was cancelled due to his Hernia operations in March so he postponed to August to visit Cairns and avoiding Taiwan due to Typhoon season beginning in August. Flight fare to Cairns Australia is more costly as compared … [Read more...]

Personal Update – Turned down monthly 5-figure job to pursue my legal ambitions.


If you google the word "decision" and you will know that the roots came from an old Latin word which literally means "to cut off". This is the central theme of my personal update today. a) Just crossed the Rubicon - a legal career it is ! Two days after my final exams, a headhunter contacted me to look at some fairly attractive IT roles in a large MNC. I was willing to look into it because I … [Read more...]

The Complete Personal Budgeting Guide

There are 2 ways to look at budgeting. The first way is that you should focus on earning more. The more money you earn, the less you have to worry about the nitty gritty aspect of money. Earn so much more, such that you do not have to worry if you spend $500 on food or $1000 on food. The second way is that building wealth starts from being aware of the small things. If you cannot manage a small … [Read more...]

What If You Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow?

This blog has always been in a constant state of change. When I first started it, it was intended for myself to keep track of all the index investing resources I encountered and understood, as well as to make sense of it all.Figured I’ll keep everything on a blog since many people would be looking for the exact information like myself. Index investing was far newer and rarer a few years back. … [Read more...]