Random thoughts: The sense of urgency as a student

Time flies, as much as I enjoy my semi-retirement life as a student, (Stressfree at full pay, how cool is that?)it is almost at half way point. It is quite a hectic schedule, but stress-free, makes hell a lot of difference.   I felt an urgency to really read as much as possible, talk to people as much as possible and prepare as much as possible before I go back to school, because I am aware, … [Read more...]

My notes on Tools of Titans


I just finished the big tome of a book, titled "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss. If you're into self help books, you cannot avoid reading his books. This book is a series of summary from all his 200+ podcasts (each 2 hrs+ long) condensed into one big compendium, divided into 3 broad sections of health, wealth and wise. As a financial blogger, you might think I'll dive straight into the wealth … [Read more...]

What I learnt from 14 years of tutoring

I was filling up some forms for baby bonus and all the other paper work, when I realised that I had worked as a tutor for 14 years! That represents so much of my life, so I think I should reflect and think about some of the things I've seen and learnt from my students and their relationships with their parents and school in general. It'll be a good thing to do less of the wrong stuff and do more … [Read more...]

Sadly there might be four more less happy people in Singapore soon


Most of us think that if we win the first prize in a lottery we’ll be happy forever. A few days ago four fellow inhabitants of Singapore won the TOTO Hongbao draw bagging about S$3 Million each.  Soon they will find out first hand whether our forecast is true or not. The research on happiness after striking it big in the lottery suggests that not only is it not true, but if anything, lottery … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: My biggest takeaway as a student

My mental model. Not the slogan shouting type of positive attitude etc. it's my understanding and analysis lens. I now see issues in 2 ways: the pendulum and the ice-berge. Pendulum It's easier to see the faults or weaknesses of current situation. But we sometime forget the trade-off when we swing the other side. Anything extreme is not good. But it is important to know where we … [Read more...]

Her motherhood journey – Part 2

This is the second part of our pregnancy journey. The first part is from my perspective as a father to be, titled aptly My fatherhood journey. This is wholly the work of my wife, who had taken time in between rest and her care duties to our son, to write out her reflections to chronicle this milestone event. After reading for the first time in order to post this, I feel that I need to provide a … [Read more...]

My financial goals to make the most out of 2017


It’s a new year again. How has 2016 been for you? As we begin the new year, it is time to reflect on my goals for 2016. Here are some goals I set for 2016: Advancing in my career  In 2016, I wanted to advance in my career after being in the same job for the past 6 years. I figured that if I continued to stay on, there wouldn’t be much progression. I also wanted to go into another industry … [Read more...]

What I Learnt From 4 Weeks Of Personal Training


I’ll let you in on an embarrassing secret. Last year, I really wanted to build some muscle and “get fit”. I was too cheap to pay for a personal trainer, so I got hold of a copy of the Bikini Body Guide (BBG). As you can tell from the name, it’s a self-run fitness program. For ladies. I tried the first session and almost died. Somehow, I managed to stumble through 6 weeks of hell training, … [Read more...]

Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone For Better Financial Health

Humans are strange creatures, many of us have different personalities and interests but one thing we all like is this thing called comfort zone. This sets the baseline for our life. The thing about comfort zone is everyone's zone is different. This is what makes it so interesting and how we can make use of this knowledge to have a better financial health. We often hear the phrase "you need to … [Read more...]

My fatherhood journey – Part 1


2017 is such a significant year for me. There are different stages in one’s life and this year is going to be one of the biggest milestone in my life because I’m a father now! My baby was born on the 31st of Jan 2017, same as B's baby. I thought it’ll be interesting to hear about the birth of the baby from the father’s perspective, so I’ll share it here. I will talk about the financial cost of the … [Read more...]

The benefits of being a wee bit sceptical in believing others


I am convinced that my brain does a poor job of separating truth from fiction.  This leads to many false beliefs.  Therefore, I want to make at least a minimal effort to understand my brain better and be on guard against its deceptive ways. Part of that minimal effort is to read stuff on and about that approximately 1.4-kilogram lump of electrophysiological goo that I am a proud owner of (most … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: meeting friends not seen almost over 2 decades

My college friends, to be precise.   We meet up during the CNY holidays but did not have enough. One of them is based in China, so we had a Friday lunch together. 5 hours just fly by.   I have wanted to write a post on my student's life. It is like my FI dream come true. But decided against publishing it. I wouldn't be able to meet them for lunch if I am not a student. A student life is … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Visual metaphor for self-awareness

During my course, there is this module on coaching. And my trainer causally remarked that when she was the principal, she actually ask the teachers to think of a metaphor for their school vision. I did the same for myself and realized a few things. 1) The first image that come to your mind reflect the state of current affairs. U have to be honest and not analyze too much. Just think of … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year as Life Audit.


Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year and I would to talk about family visits between relatives. Exchanging notes with my younger classmates, the culture of probing relatives who ask about school performance and marital status is currently alive and well in Chinese New Year and it has created a considerable amount of angst amongst Singaporean Chinese, particularly unmarried women. The … [Read more...]

2017 Theme – Storytelling


A month has already gone by in 2017. We are left with 11 months to achieve what we have set out to achieve for the year. How many of us are still keeping to our new year’s resolutions?  What’s your theme for the year? Mine isn’t about losing weight or having a 5.0 GPA in school, but it’s about expanding my comfort zone. If I do this year after year, how big will my comfort zone be in 20 … [Read more...]

What is the Post-Secondary Education Account?

After Foolish Chameleon's comment at my last post, it made me realize that public awareness of the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is abysmal. In fact, I did not know about the PSEA until around 2 years ago. Back then, I was searching for short academic programmes to take and PSEA was one out of many payment options I could use to fund my education. So what exactly is PSEA? Where did … [Read more...]

Channel 8 Rant : Why be a Good man when you can be a Great man !


A Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog. I've been silent this new year prior to writing this article because I don't really have any mind-blowing content today having initially wanted to talk about elitism, hubris and exclusivity of law schools but that's only useful for a small segment of my readership and not really consistent with the festive mood this week. And then, a couple … [Read more...]

Marginal utility of Time vs Money

I'm always fascinated by my earlier 'miserly' behaviour, like how I used rusty shavers to save some money or how I worked like crazy to save my first 50k until I get so burnt out. I framed it as a growth mindset, where I grew bigger than my problems, hence it's not that my problems became smaller and therefore manageable, but rather I grew bigger, so the problems no longer affect me that … [Read more...]

Mere-exposure effect

The time has come again. It’s that time of the year when families gather for reunion dinners, when extended families from far-flung corners of Singapore meet in one central place for the annual “oh-how-have-you-been – when-are-you-getting-married – have-you-gained-some-weight – conversations”. Those events usually never pass without the obligatory gather-everyone-in-one-shot photo taking … [Read more...]

Developing your growth mindset

In response to my previous article “Surbana terminated 50 staff”, one reader blasted me for writing a disguised advertorial promoting my partner’s See How I Tradelearning program. I was a bit disappointed because my intention of writing that article was actually to encourage readers to develop a growth mindset. If you are interested in developing your potential, please do read on. The term … [Read more...]