Tool for Titans #43 :The problem with plans.

Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur, author and investor. a) The problem with plans. Right off the bat, Scott talks about the limitations levied when you plan your life too well. Scott's idea is that if he plans for everything, his life will not exceed his expectations because he loses one source of creativity as he gets jammed less often. We can't really falsify this statement but … [Read more...]

My la la land clarified!


From my part 1 and looking at the comments, initially I was indignant. Why are you guys not supporting me? However, on a closer look, I am happy that you cared, no sarcasm whatsoever. It would have been worse if nobody have commented. You guys gave me good and sound advice and cautioning me against throwing everything into the wind. Thank you for caring and sharing! Anyway, I realised I … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #42 : Inspiration is for amateurs.

Justin Boreta is the founding member of Glitch Mob. I have no fricking idea who this guy is. If you are a fan of his music, please share with me his better songs. Initially, I had half a mind to skip this section because it is not coherent enough to be in this book and the editor should be shot for allowing this to be included. The only statement I will discuss today is the statement that … [Read more...]

“What’s your biggest weakness?” [3/6]

My biggest weakness is: I’m a very competitive person which means I tend to be very good at my job but often at the expense of my personal life. – Or – I’m a very hard working person and often times I work so hard and so late that I neglect my family/personal time. – Or – I’m a strong team player and I care so much about my colleague and bosses that sometime I don’t even mind if it undermines … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #40 : Reject the norms of your time.

This segment is about Neil Strauss. He is the author of the pick-up book The Game. If I were to read The Game in my 20s, Neil might have turned out to be my favourite author. Unfortunately, I learnt of his works through mutual friends who experimented with "negging" women with low self-esteem at pickup bars. ( I don't neg women with low self-esteem. My wife, however, is very good at negging men … [Read more...]

Another set [2/6]

I have done two sets of 6 alternate days of 100 words writing goal. Now coming to the third set and will continue to do so afterward. I’m starting to feel a bit of the habit kicking in which was what I wanted in preparation for producing long form contents, and I’m working on one now. I hope it would not take too long to complete as in the past I often got myself spending too much too time … [Read more...]

It is all about the ATTITUDE – yours actually


Yeah, you are so right, I am stating the obvious here and why should you waste your time reading about the obvious. But apparently, it is not as obvious as it should be.  Not to everyone. Just an example. Yesterday morning I had a minor argument with my son (this time my oldest son and not the curious career minded one from my previous post). Me: “Don’t always give up so easily. How well … [Read more...]

Big Event and Year 2017 Update

Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I have update this blog, mainly due to preparation of my big day (my wedding) which leads to insufficient free time to update my blog. 2016 has been a fruitful year for me because there are several happy event took place. First is my wedding and ROM, it was a wonderful event with my wife as we prepare really hard for this (day and night preparing all the … [Read more...]

Setting S.M.A.R.T goals for year 2017… and achieving them


Time flies…. January 2017 is almost over and now February is approaching fast!!!. Have you set your new year resolutions? It has been over 10 years since I’ve worked as a financial consultant. Helping thousands of Muslim families plan their finance, the shariah compliant way in Singapore. Fulfiling. Satisfying. And fun meeting people from all walks of life. (Picture of me, when I … [Read more...]

A simple persuasion checklist [1/6]

Aristotle was the first person to study the art of persuasion. In his work on the Rhetoric, he broke down persuasion into three key elements. I thought that follow up well with my 2017 post where I said “just because what you say is real doesn’t mean people will believe in you.” According to Aristotle, for a message to be persuasive, it must satisfy all three modes of persuasion, lacking of one … [Read more...]

Tool for Titans #37 : Put the Big Stones into the Jar First

This section is on the father of Progressive House Music DJ Kaskade who was nominated for the Grammys five times. After reading this short section twice, I have no idea why this is in the wealth section. Anyway, I'm just going to talk about that famous metaphor where the professor asks the university students to put rocks of different sizes into a jar. If you put the smallest rocks into the jar … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #38 : The value of "I Don’t Understand"

Luis Von Ahn is a computer science professor and the CEO of Duolingo, one of the more efficient ways to pick up a new language. His section has two key ideas : a) The value of "I don't understand" Luis had a Phd advisor who kept insisting that he did not understand what Luis was trying to say when he was developing the CAPTCHA system. Eventually, it was revealed that his advisor was … [Read more...]

小胖’s Resolutions for 2017


First post of 2017! This post might have come late, but I felt that it is timely after much considerations and determination. The things that 小胖 wants to achieve in 2017 are: Quarter-life career switch Okay, not exactly quarter-life, but that's besides the point... Considering that the market is slow and uncertain, at least for the year ahead, making a switch now is risky and the path … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #36 : Some Quick Tips.

[ I am wrapping my work for today to go to the venue where I will be giving the talk later. Fortunately, today's article is very short. ] Noah Kagan is the thirtieth employee of Facebook and the fourth employee of He is quite short on life philosophy but quite extensive on life hacks. Just three ideas from him : a) Increase your productivity One instant way is to increase the … [Read more...]

Living Till Age 100?


The Mrs celebrated her 31st birthday just last week. I actually told her that I would be really grateful if I get to celebrate her birthday for at least 50 more times.  Like most people, I actually don’t really believe I would live past 90, let alone 100. However, I came across this blogpost written by Labour MP Zainal Sapari which talks about how we all must start preparing to live a life till … [Read more...]

Mt Alvernia – Mother&Child Guidebook review


I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to review on this guidebook (Click to read) because I have only started the #Familytalk series this year. I truly enjoyed my stay in Mt Alvernia but that is not why I agreed to do this review. The chief motivating factor is because this guide has been painstakingly compiled yet given free of charge to everyone. I can see it benefiting not just pregnant … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #34 : Build something which have no value in other copying them

Chris Young is an inventor and tinkerer who is co-author of this mind-melting book called Modernist Cuisine. The one single idea in this section which is worth thinking about is a question of what we would build if we have $100 million that would have no value to others in copying. This question encapsulates several more important questions we need to ask ourselves before we get into the … [Read more...]

Tool for Titan #35 : What makes a successful salesperson ?

Daymond John is the CEO and founder of FUBU. He has won many business awards. As this section is rather incoherent, rather than focus on what was said in the writeup, I would just take the opportunity to deconstruct a common trope in Singapore which is the successful salesperson. I grew up in a retail environment so I had a lot of exposure to the folks my dad hung out with. One person you … [Read more...]

Health and Wellness: A Secular Trend

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017! As a semi follow-up to the previous post, let's expand on the health and wellness theme that was discussed. There are two key factors to health and wellness: diet and sports. Ideas for diet would be about nutrition. Stocks could be Nestle, GNC (the supplement company) or maybe Danone. But in this post we focus on the second factor: sports. Or more specifically, … [Read more...]

Reading goal and book review

After reading this post by LP and how he set a reading goal of 1 book a week, I was inspired. I don't think I can read that much as I have work on weekdays and sometimes on weekends as well, but I have a Kindle and I will read as much as possible when I am commuting to and fro places. How do you set a goal that will keep you motivated throughout a long period of time, such as a year? I guess … [Read more...]