Goals for 2011

It is coming to the end of 2010 and it is time for review as well as setting new goals for 2011. I will cover the review in a later post and now, I just want to focus on sharing how I set my 2011 goals. How I set my goals for 2011 Step 1: Specify minimally 50 measurable goals and phrase them as if I have already achieved them. I aimed for volume first because I want to make sure every area of my … [Read more...]

High income and integrity

A young graduate is torn between the attraction of becoming a financial adviser, with the promise by the agency manager of 3 to 4 times of the typical earnings, and the knowledge that she might be causing harm to her friends and relatives. The agency manager had advised her to approach the people she knows and get them to switch to the investment-linked policy that is actively sold by their … [Read more...]

Give more and not less to be Rich

Yesterday we had a gathering with Dennis. He always share relentlessly as he believes that is how he can help most people – teaching us how to fish, instead of giving us the fish. He shared a life lesson and showed us that many of the common sayings converge to one principle, one of the law of successes. The law was mentioned by Napoleon Hill, who received the wisdom after interviewing successful … [Read more...]

Thoughts after my Batam trip

** "BIAS" is a special feature in my blog where I get to say whatever I want with scant regards for your feelings. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me." I just went to Batam and returned today. Making the trip made me realise how fortunate we are in Singapore. You know, as a typical Singaporean, I have my own share of complaining and whining. … [Read more...]

Talk by Dr. Jacques Attali (13 January 2011)

One reader of my blog decided to attend the talk by Dr. Jacques Attali (more details here). He sent this message to me. Dear Mr. Tan I'm educated in the field of technology and economy, politics and finance are all very foreign subject to me, Singapore had been my "sky" till I started to travel due to job requirement. A few things Singapore need to improve: 1) Political system need … [Read more...]

Interview with LP part II

This is continued from the Part I posted earlier. The interview comes because a fellow blogger wanted to publish a book detailing the real life examples of people who had combined their passions and hobbies and live a life that is both fun and rewarding financially. Not so sure why I'm in though. ------------------------------------------- Share with me some of the feelings you have while … [Read more...]

Time is Money. Money is Time.

Read? Money = happiness? Time is Money Most people make most of their money by "selling" their time. Some are able to "sell" their time at "obscene" super high price while sold theirs at dirty-cheap price. Their price difference can be amazing XXX times the lowest paid person in the same company. Unless you have Bank of PaPa or Bank of MaMa behind you, the greatest financial asset … [Read more...]

Models of thinking Part II

In my last post, I shared about the different models of thinking that transcends the content of the discipline that we're studying. It is this way of perceiving the world, this different lens that gave you a different view of the world that stays with you long after the content had fled. In this post, I'm going to share with you how mathematics and science form the dominant way in which I perceive … [Read more...]

Models of thinking Part I

I think it's a good thing to be multi-disciplinary. Besides adding flavour to your life, you can actually engage in meaningful discussions with many diverse people. I think the dabbling in a bit of this and that can expose you to different models of thinking. Models of thinking is the way you perceive things when doing certain disciplines, like psychology, science, maths, accountings etc. A lot of … [Read more...]

Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (4)

Read? Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (3) More ideas from the book: "What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement." Three Levels Of Retirement Happiness Pleasure - Level 1 Engagement - Level 2 Meaning - Level 3 Engagement - Level 2 This level introduces a new element: challenge. But why would you want challenge in your retirement? Here 's what Csikszentmihalyi's … [Read more...]

Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (3)

Read? Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (2) More ideas from the book: "What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement." Three Levels Of Retirement Happiness Pleasure - Level 1 Engagement - Level 2 Meaning - Level 3 Level 1 - Pleasure It's usually based on your interests in the world outside of work. It's the same kind of stuff that you pursue whenever you have free time: … [Read more...]

Lessons to learn from Warcraft III

Recently I started re-playing war craft III. I had played that game since I was in university, so it had been around for quite a long time already. For those who had been living underground for the past 10 years, war craft III is a real time strategy game (RTS for short), meaning that you get your minions to gather resources, while building up a force to deal with the mission objectives. There are … [Read more...]