How to Stretch Your Dollar on Groceries with Your Credit Card


Being a parent of a 1-year-old baby is tough financially and it has made me more eager to stretch every dollar. Here I am going to compare some credit cards to see which will give me the most rewards or rebates. As a family, my main expenses are usually spent on these things: 1) Groceries – Household items, wet wipes, snacks, fresh ingredients to cook at home. 2) Online shopping for groceries – … [Read more...]

Get your wisdom tooth extracted at govt hospitals

I previously complained about my wisdom teeth. Some people are lucky - they either dont have wisdom tooth, or their wisdom tooth grew well vertically. Since young, I don't have much luck with my teeth. I had braces done for very vain reason because my front tooth was protruding outwards. Other than that, the rest of my teeth are generally fine. I recalled paying $3500 back in 2005-2007. Oh … [Read more...]

Do All The Little Things Add Up? (2017)


As per usual, I made my annual pilgrimage down to the Singapore Mint to change my coins into something more useful. looks exactly the same as the last time I went As I've explained before, one of the best life hacks that I've adopted that really has simplified my life is not caring about coins at all. I keep a coin box at my work desk, and another on my desk at home. Once I return from the … [Read more...]

How I managed to save $100k before hitting my 28th birthday


Now this calls for a celebration. After scrimping and saving and working hard saving everything I could afford, I have finally achieved my target of $100k before the age of 30, with 2 more years left to spare. I shall make full use of these 2 extra years to continue to build my savings and wachest to the next target, which is to achieve $200k in savings and investments before my 32nd … [Read more...]

The stress of wedding planning

No no, please don't congratulate me. I've not settled on a wedding date yet, though I hope to soon. But even before the planning starts, I'm already feeling the stress. Budget is one thing, but for me the worst is the support or lack of. I'm a person with few friends. I've shared this in my previous entry. I texted a friend about my thoughts of getting married next year, but I didn't get a … [Read more...]

Who Even Takes Taxi Anymore?!?!

I stumbled on this Yahoo Fin article which had the original Value Penguin post about this. Take note that the values above are supposedly BEFORE PROMOTIONS. That means coupled with promo codes + credit card tie-ups, you could be getting even bigger savings with Uber / Grab. Another thing to note is that their calculations is based on the airport surcharge being $5, which is only true for Fri … [Read more...]

Choosing a primary school for your child.

Reader: i need your self talk about my situation. My only child, a girl, will be P3 next year, likely she will have a chance to attend the good primary school like RGPS or NYPS...after GEP selection by the end next year. However she feels dizzy whenever sitting inside a public bus or school bus... from my home BTO to these schools takes 1 hour by bus and i don't wish to own a car due to not … [Read more...]

The Big Three: Food, Housing & Transport Costs

We have averaged about $50,000 worth of annual expenditure for the past few years. Even though I have set a budget of $42,000 early this year for 2017, the likelihood of us achieving it is really quite low. With plenty of luxuries like travel, dining out and buying new clothes, a $50,000 budget was always much more realistic and reasonable. But that said, if our incomes were to drop off a cliff … [Read more...]

Borrow $100,000 to buy a car in Singapore?

Hi AK,  When I get back to Sg next year, i'm planning on getting a car (depreciating asset boohoo!) Now, on my previous car purchase, I felt i made a mistake of buying too early and had to take a full car loan. It ate up a lot of my monthly pay. So this time round, I wanted to do my sums right before diving in.  I do have enough to pay upfront for a car (eg 100k). But could you talk to … [Read more...]

The ultimate price review on diapers in Singapore


After the price comparison for milk powder, I have to look at the other big expense for a baby, which is the diapers. Most parents would have close encounters with poop or urine within the first year. If you have not been through an explosive diarrhea episode, you are lucky! For families who use cloth nappy and wash them, I salute you! You totally deserve the savings because I would rather … [Read more...]

Baby Delivery Costs at Private Hospitals from 2011 to 2017 (TMC vs Mt Alvernia) – How Much Cash Outlay You Need?


Last month was an extremely joyful day for our family as we have our new addition baby boy. So I decided to compile the monetary cost of bringing him to this world. Refer to my earlier post in Dec 2014 when we had our last child. Actual costs from prenatal to delivery Below is a table comparing our 3 of our kids. Variations in costs Ward Type / Days Stay * TMC room rates – click … [Read more...]

1.28% Savings Account?


Wa, 1.28% is not bad. Actual link is here. Let's look at the details: Initial deposit of $1,000- $5,000 Monthly GIRO of $200 - $10,000 Interest rate for first $200,000 balance No restriction for withdrawal Questions that need to be answered, but with no information: What is the minimum bank balance? Is there a fall-below fee? How is the GIRO set up? Authorization to SIF to … [Read more...]

Comparison of Kids’ Savings Accounts


Most of us have a POSB bank account when we were young as it was the only bank for children those days. Nowadays, seems like all the banks have kids' savings accounts and they come up with many different ways to attract the kids' angbao money. After the comparison on the bank accounts for adults, I intend to compare the banks accounts for kids too. I think having a kid's account is a good way … [Read more...]

5 Money Saving Tips For DIY Travellers

Travelling indeed is included in everyone's life goals. Well, who would resist experiencing the charm of new places - of actually stepping on those same fascinating destinations you only see on photos and of interacting with the locals? Whether it's that great dimsum matched perfectly with the spring season in Hong Kong or the artistic side of Barcelona that unleashes its best as September hits … [Read more...]

How Much Is The Real Cost To Hire a Maid in Singapore?


Hiring domestic help in Singapore is a fairly common practice.  In many dual-income families where both parents work long hours, domestic help is often employed to cope with household chores and with taking care of the kids and old folks. If your life circumstances have changed and you’re considering hiring a domestic helper for your home, one of the first concerns you may have is the financial … [Read more...]

CardUp – A Service Perfect for Renters?


First off, this isn't a sponsored post. I just stumbled upon their services and I thought that it is a pretty good service. All right, so what is this CardUp thing I'm talking about? Blah blah blah. What does it do? Instead of making monthly bank transfer to your landlord, you through them. They will transfer the money to your landlord, take a processing fee, and charge the whole amount … [Read more...]

Random musings about Bangkok.

This is not a lifestyle blog but I spent the last 3 days in Bangkok in a fairly intense but fun trip. Here are some random thoughts from my trip. a) Singapore is losing on many fronts to Bangkok in retail and entertainment The retail situation in Bangkok is really so much larger in terms of scale and variety. The first thing you notice is that there is no "Capital Mall" effect and each … [Read more...]

Better Alternatives to get Miles (vs the KrisFlyer UOB Account)

In my last post, I wrote about how I was misled by the influencers who worked on the #KrisFlyerUOB campaign to believe it was a good account, when it really wasn't. Now that we've seen how lifestyle influencers are capable of royally screwing up reviews related to financial products, how about brands start giving the sponsored posts to the financial bloggers instead? A few folks have asked … [Read more...]

How much are Airline Miles Worth?


I got into this topic by reading MileLion's latest poke post on the KF UOB account, how bad it actually it and finally reading his post of how he value miles. I think you guys would know this by now, but I find earning miles kind of lame. Flying to me is just transportation. I get into my seat, I fall asleep, I wake up for the food, resume sleep, and I de-plane. I get on the cheapest and … [Read more...]

Krisflyer UOB Influencers’ Campaign Reeks of Dishonesty?

If I were to believe what all the influencers on the #KrisFlyerUOB campaign said, I'd think the account and debit card is a wonderful deal. Except that it is not. Now, here's where it gets interesting. I personally thought it was a terrible product, but apparently all these (realllllllly popular) influencers don't seem to share my views. In fact, they had nothing but praises for it! I'll … [Read more...]