Random thoughts: Buy New, buy used or just renew COE?

I had the weirdest experience. My friend recently Trade in his previous Toyota Altis for 30K (about same age as mine) and bought a new one. I thought: Wow, it's still worth so much. Assume Mine is worth 20K, it might be worth it to consider getting a new attrage (the cheapest Japanese saloon in market) I called the Mitsubishi showroom and ask for a quotation. I was quoted 8K for my Vios … [Read more...]

The joys of being temporarily Malaysian.

With the ringgit at an all-time low, I went into Malaysia for a few hours with my mum during my mid-term exams. We did not venture far into Malaysia, we just hung out at City Square very possibly the most expensive part of the entire country because it is the closest mall to Singapore. Shopping in Malaysia is a liberating experience for me. I am always counting my expenses in Singapore. In … [Read more...]

How Heartland Boy Earned $1058 Cashback In 2016

2017 was the first year that Heartland Boy officially stopped receiving angbaos. This meant that he can no longer rely on red packets to grow his annual savings. However, Heartland Boy received greetings and well-wishes from the recipients in exchange. To be able to see the smiles on the children’s faces reminded him that he has now matured into a full-fledged adult with more responsibilities. Now … [Read more...]

Saving : Monitoring your Expenses or Behavioral

Personal Cash Flow Management I have seen many blogs written about monitoring the expenses and some some blogger's recommendation of apps which could monitor our expenses in detail . Frankly, I didn’t monitor my expenses in such manner and I “ agak-agak”  know how much I spent monthly on those fix items and some major items yearly such as holidays & staycations , insurance , home … [Read more...]

First big spending in 2017

If you had read about 穷小子's style, you would have known that he does not like to have huge spending. Furthermore, he paid them on the spot this time without any much delay. So what did he had bought exactly? A trip to Turkey, with Air Tickets, Hotels and taxes all in, excluding the tipping and optional. That's right. 穷小子 loves to travel. When was the last time when he spent thousands? Hmm. … [Read more...]

GMGH’s Top 12 LEGIT Korea Travelling Tips


I don't know about you, but I searched the internet for travel tips for Korea and I got really stupid tips. As someone who just came back from a 14 day trip to Korea and can actually speak (some) Korean, I'd like to share with you my LEGIT tips about Korea! You don't NEED to buy any special train ticket to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul Just like Narita-Tokyo which has the Skyliner … [Read more...]

Expense Report: January 2017

I’m starting afresh to diligently report my expenses after taking a break for a year. I wish I have the perseverance of Mr 15HWW to keep doing this year on year but I’m going to try my best! Transportation: $145 Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) went much higher this year due to the Chinese New Year as we took cab rides when visiting our relatives. Food: $378.70 Food … [Read more...]

Travelling is Cheap if you are


What would you do if you won the $12 million TOTO jackpot? "Oh, I would have a big party, buy 2 nice condos, live in 1 and rent out the other, then I will go and travel the world!" That's nice. But why can't you travel now? "Travelling is EXPENSIVE. I can't afford to travel!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you … [Read more...]

Comprehensive financial cost from pregnancy to birth – Part 3

Finally received the final bill from NUH, so that I can properly blog about the cost of the entire pregnancy and delivery. To be honest, NUH billing is so complex and it's not immediate intuitive to know what the costs are. I received a total of 3 billings, one while in the hospital, one after I've discharged and the last one about 2-3 weeks after we discharged. Why so many bills? I've no idea. … [Read more...]

Thank You, My Mrs


As I logged into Facebook this morning, I was prompted to send a Valentine’s Day card. And then as I started counting, I realised that this will be the 10th V Day since I got together with Mrs 15HWW. Ironically, we have never ever celebrated the occasion on the actual day. Even on our first V Day, I communicated clearly my lack of enthusiasm for crowds and overpriced dinners and flowers, … [Read more...]

my BIG annual budget


I thought I was rather frugal. I do not drive, live simply and had set myself a annual spending budget of 30k for 2017, which I thought was rather modest in expensive Singapore. I had aimed to keep basic monthly expenses to <$1000. That is $12k for the entire year for food and bills. The other 18k of the budget goes to indulgences like holidays and insurances. But after reading a few … [Read more...]

Almost Impossible For An Average Joe To Earn One Million Miles In A Year

In December 2016, The Business Times had a sensational article on a Singapore family – a married couple with two kids – who is about to take a trip around the world in style i.e. Business Class, for “free”. Since then, mainstream publications has picked up on it (I mean, who doesn’t want to read about such extreme indulgence?!) and you can check out the links below. The skeptic in me went into … [Read more...]

A Suitable Valentine’s Day Gift

When it comes to a suitable Valentine’s Day gift, Heartland Girl has certain OB markers. A HDB BTO surprise application on Valentine’s Day is a uniquely Singapore phenomenon. However, she would certainly disapprove of any guy who bids for a HDB BTO without first proposing to the girl. This simply drains all the romance out of the relationship. Therefore, any guy harbouring such thoughts for the … [Read more...]

UOB ONE Card cash rebate and the things we do.

I was chatting with a friend and ASSI guest blogger this evening about credit cards. He told me he had to spend $1,000 each month on a credit card recently in order to get a $100 rebate at the end of the quarter. OK, I think most of you would have guessed which credit card this is. Yes, it is the UOB ONE card. Anyway, I have the same card but I make sure I spend only a bit more than $500 a … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Overpaying by 400% for years.

Car servicing and repair, is what I am talking about.   I have always gone to the authorized dealer for servicing and repair. I wanted a peace of mind. The fact that one of my friends had a bad experience with cheaper workshop also created my bias.   Yesterday, my car's air-con was spoilt. I drive it back to Buneo Motors. I was told it was most probably a coil problem. I was quoted $2300 … [Read more...]

SCB e$aver Bonus Interest (1 Feb to 31 Mar 2017)


For those unaware, there's bonus interest to be gotten from SCB from 1 Feb to 31 Mar 2017. For more information, see here. Though it is for a short period only, I've made the transfer to net me slightly higher interest than the CIMB FastSaver's 1%. I used to wonder why other financial bloggers would bother transferring funds from one saving account to another to net additional interest … [Read more...]

Brief Take Away Of My Recent Eastern Europe Trip


I am back and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone! Time flies, just back from my 10 days trip to Eastern Europe, covering 5 countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria) and brief stop over at Slovakia for lunch. So, theoretically should be covering 6 countries. :-) It is winter at Europe and our first time experiencing the brain-freezing, limbs numbing sub-zero temperature … [Read more...]

Monthly Expenses and POSB Invest Saver update (January 2017)

Hello readers! Firstly, a belated happy new year to you all! I am hopeful that 2017 would be a great year for myself and all of you too. I have been budgeting my monthly allowance since I started university in 2015. From this month onward, I decided to try tracking my expenses to find out how much I am spending in each category. Here are my expenses for January 2017: … [Read more...]

Hospital Delivery Charges

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting in recent weeks as I was busy attending to my wife's baby delivery at the hospital for the past few days. I am going to document this post for my future reference and for anyone who wishes to know about the charges involved. This is not meant to be used for comparison or competition purposes so I have to make that as disclaimer stand. For the … [Read more...]

Owning a Car in Singapore can make sense

Fellow Blogger, Bullythebear, covered an interesting concept he read from 'Tools of Titans" by Timothy Ferris. It talks about weighing the utility of the extra time gained from spending an extra dollar to get it. This concept reminds me of constant conversations about how a car is a tool of convenience through saving time. So, I will be using a mathematical approach to show when owning a car in … [Read more...]