Post natal massage – Is it necessary?


It's common nowadays to hire a massage lady to soothe your physical pain after labour. For natural birth, the massage starts 2 or 3 days after and for caesarian, 1 to 2 weeks after labour. The massage lady is usually a Malay, doing freelance work and travels to your house. For those tied to the massage agency, you will need to pay for their taxi fares too. Cost is typically $50 to $75 per … [Read more...]

Change mobile network = Save money


yea you probably have heard before But why haven’t you change since its the most “monetary wise” decision to do so. Fear of changing number?? Registration fee?? Poor reception?? 1) Free porting – means you can hold on your current handphone number with the change of Telecom! 2) Current registration fee is $10 on top of your plan but I got you. USE “KSDYT” for $20 off. … [Read more...]

Bye EZ Link, Bye NETS Flash Pay, Hello MasterCard?

A while back ago, there was a news piece that quietly slipped past the radars of most people, but I read it with quite some keen interest. It was an article about how it was going to be possible to pay for public transport directly with your contactless credit card and charged through the credit card network instead of going through a stored value wallet. I recently saw a Facebook campaign by … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: February 2017

This update is at least a week late as I was simply too busy with the earlier posts. I honestly thought that there was a good chance we could spend less than $3,000 this month. Firstly, this is a short month with only 28 days and secondly, we managed to keep to within $500 for the eating out category, which is easily 50% lower than the norm. But some big purchases and gifts meant that wasn’t … [Read more...]

Capitastar and Frasers Rewards

As a KPO, apart from being thrifty, I tries to make sure that the money spent is fully utilized. For instance, I avoid paying cash/NETS as much as possible and prefer using credit card because there is rebates/miles/reward points. If you spend in either Capitaland Malls or Frasers Centrepoint Malls, you should participate in their loyalty/rewards programme. Simply register and download both … [Read more...]

Changes to Travel Smart Rewards

I received an email notification from Travel Smart Rewards today. For existing Travel Smart users, do take note of the following: Travel Smart Rewards will be transformed soon! In 1 April 2017, a new Travel Smart Rewards will be launched on a refreshed portal with new features and games. As an existing user, you will be automatically transferred to the new system. All you need to do is to update … [Read more...]

Get Up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with POSB or DBS Credit Cards


I received the following mailer from DBS. It says that from now till 31st May 2017, you can receive up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with a minimum spend of S$2,800 each calendar month on your DBS or POSB credit card. I am not sure if the promotion is exclusive only to me or everyone. However, I doubt I will be eligible for the promotion as unlikely I will spend S$2,800 a month. Thus, I … [Read more...]

DIY Your Pre-Wedding Shoot (for all budgets!)


Should couples spend on the pre-wedding shoot? Or is this an unwarranted expense? In the Western world, most brides wouldn't dream of letting their groom see them in their wedding dress before the big day. On the other hand, pre-wedding shoots are hugely popular in Asia, with some couples shelling out a bomb for these photos. Before we went for ours, I deliberated going to Korea to shoot ours … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 vs UOB One, Stan Chart Bonus saver, POSB Cashback, BOC Smart Saver


The longest title of a blog post I have ever had. As per Kevin's request to do an updated comparison table due to the many changes in the interest rates recently, the most recent one is OCBC 360 and last year it was BOC Smartsaver. The highlighted boxes give you the top interest rates in each categories For most of you, the recent changes in OCBC 360 have made you angry and … [Read more...]

Say VES and make $35,000 selling my car?

There was the CEVS and, now, we have the VES. Lucky for my readers, ASSI is always just ASSI. Anyway, the CEVS stands for Carbon Emission-Based Vehicle Scheme. Basically, cars with lower carbon emission were given rebates and I benefitted from this scheme when I bought a diesel car about a year ago. It reduced the price tag of my car by more than 10% which was a big deal. In January this … [Read more...]

Gili Lankanfushi : A Sneak Preview


Gili Lankanfushi is quite unlike what my wife and I are used to. Being frequent resort dwellers is one thing, but Gili Lankanfushi has certainly taken this experience up to another stratospheric level. One that I’m afraid it would be insanely difficult to match, let alone surpass. Picking a resort in Maldives is a tough task. Just how does one start to choose? My wife and I have fairly similar … [Read more...]

Unlimited 1.5% Cashback With This New Credit Card

I love good deals so when I heard of this new credit card by Standard chartered, it seems too good to be true. Standard chartered bank always try to come up with good deals to attract consumers. From a consumer point of view, this is definitely good news. For example, many years back they had this savings account which gives 2% cashback on any spending if we use the debit card. I used it to pay … [Read more...]

SCB’s Unlimited 1.5% Cashback Credit Card


Okay, here's the quick rundown. SCB has just launched a new cashback card: 1.5% cashback NO MINIMUM SPEND NO CASHBACK CAP $30,000 annual income requirement Personally, I think it looks great so far. Let's look at current its REAL competitors: AMEX True Cashback: 1.5%, no minimum spend, no cap, BUT ITS AMEX CIMB Visa Infinite: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual … [Read more...]

Food inflation in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are always saying how things are cheaper across the Causeway and I do it too. I have said it often enough to get rebuked by some of my Malaysian friends. "You Singaporeans only find it cheap because of the strong S$. Life is actually very difficult for common Malaysians, you know. And you people come here and drive prices up. You think the people in Johor like higher prices?" I grew up … [Read more...]

Monthly Expenses and POSB Invest Saver update (February 2017)

Hello readers! February had been hectic for me as I was preparing for my preliminary exams. There were days where I had forgotten to track my expenses. I have used estimates for days I missed out on tracking, so the figures for this month may not be as accurate. Previously in January, I was using the app Expense Manager to track my expenses, but it was a hassle since there was no overview of … [Read more...]

A Week At The Best Hotel In The World

At the time of this post, I’m probably somewhere over the Indian Ocean, high up in the clouds. Where am I heading to? Well, how about the best hotel in the world! For one week 🙂 A short while back, I wrote a 3-part blog posts on how to get a good deal for a Maldives getaway, which was compiled from years of experience from travelling, plus employment in the hospitality industry, and I was … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 interests changes again (Apr 2016)


Previously, I posted about the OCBC360 account and its interest revision in May 2015 Currently, the account has the following interest components: If we ignore the "invest" component, most account holders can still earn an interest of 2.2% on the first 60k in the OCBC 360 savings account. In addition to this, you also earn an interest of … [Read more...]

My first business class


I have recently applied and gotten a new credit card. I am unsure if the approval is legit cos I am currently unemployed and should not be eligible? But still I was glad to get the card and the accompanying benefits (4 free rides to the airport, hurray!). I guess the credit card market must be really competitive. The Filipino sounding lady on the phone asked if I had any existing card with the … [Read more...]

Buy a car with 4D winnings or win again?

Reader: I want to thank you... A friend shared your 4d pick at a gathering... I am a gambler and I bought the most... I have never won so much money gambling before...  He told me to top up my CPF but I have been thinking of buying a car... (The above is not the full email.) Remember this? Lucky! AK: Welcome to my blog. I will not tell you not to buy a car if you are one of the … [Read more...]

My savings accounts, recent money flow and investments.

I have a few savings accounts but my most used accounts are the following three: 1. POSB Despite the low interest rate for my savings, I am holding on to my POSB account mainly because I have had it since I was a boy and I feel comfortable with it. I have many arrangements tied to this account and it would be a bother to terminate it.The most important function of this account for some time … [Read more...]