So, $350,000 gets peanuts? Upsize the peanuts!

This is what Privilege Banking customers at UOB get: Apologies for the bad quality. These are some seriously small peanuts. Money in our emergency funds (less than $350,000) if left in a savings account like this will get only 0.1% in interest payment per year! Imagine that. Better leave the funds in fixed deposits. We will still be paid peanuts but these peanuts are at … [Read more...]

KepCorp: Short Term Bearish

KepCorp rejected at the support turned resistance (uptrend line started from Dec 2011 & horizontal line at about 61.8% FR level) with a bearish closing Marubozu candle after Bearish Engulfing candles. KepCorp may be forming a Head and Shoulder pattern and reverse to a bearish trend. Critical Support at $10.94 (50% FR & previous resistance turned support). Critical Resistance at about … [Read more...]

How to get the most returns from your monies?

I updated my bank book this morning and looked at the amount of bank interest I earned for the year 2013. I was really quite surprised when I looked at the interest sum earned on my deposits. The interest was really very low and I really think that the interest rate has headed south by a fair bit. I mean, I do not expect to see a good amount of bank interest earned as we are in an economy of low … [Read more...]

Review: Standard Chartered Bonus$aver

In the spirit of good personal finance, I decided to do regular reviews of financial products that I come across and find to be interesting. What caught my eye today was this advertisement on Bonus$aver by Standard Chartered plastered everywhere in shopping malls that screamed “1.88% p.a. on your savings!”. That is indeed an eye catching message considering how local banks give only about 0.05% … [Read more...]

Recent Action – CDL Hospitality Trusts

Hospitality sectors have been under huge pressure from the markets in recent months and it is easy to see that from the graphs. On YTD, the shares for CDL Hospitality Trusts have fallen from a 52 week high of $2.12 to today's 52 week low of $1.50. I managed to load them today at $1.505.     I think the selling in recent months has been quite overdone. We understand that fwd earnings … [Read more...]

Gold Start to Rally?

Gold Start to Rally? Yes. At least for the short term base on technical analysis because Gold has just broken the previous support turned resistance. Looking at the GLD (SPDR Gold Shares ETF), GLD has broken the $130 critical resistance level and also moving above 20D / 50D SMA. Base on the past few months chart pattern, 20D SMA is a reliable support and resistance moving average line. The price … [Read more...]

Inflation: What to do?

Know anyone who stayed 100% in cash? "For the individual, staying in cash has proven to be painful even if he is spared market volatility. Thanks to inflation, $1 million in 2008 would have shrunk to $854,000 in 2013." Patrick Brenner, Schroder. Staying 100% in cash today is still a bad idea. Inflation is not going to let up and this is something I blog about quite a bit. See: Inflation is … [Read more...]

The history of 9.5% Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) interest rates and the effects of inflation

The current interest rate is so low in Singapore. Currently, most banks pay 0.05% on bank deposit accounts. You've heard it! Its a tiny 0.05%. That means if you save $100000 in the bank, the interest you receive at the end of the year is only $50!! What can $50 buy you in Singapore? The most a decent family meal and that's it. Why is the interest rate so low now? I've found out a very … [Read more...]

Singapore Exchange (SGX): on Down Trend Channel

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is currently trading within a down trend channel after breaking out from Head and Shoulder pattern. Current SGX has reached the breakout price target and also trading near the down trend support level & 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement Level. SGX may rebound from here after forming an inverted hammer candlestick pattern. Immediate resistance is at about $6.70 which is the … [Read more...]

My views on Ascendas Hospitality Trust

I am no stock analyst but yesterday one of my readers emailed and asked about my views on the Ascendas Hospitality Trust impending IPO. First of all, investors need to know that Ascendas Hospitality Trust is a business trust and not a typical real estate investment trust (Reit). In this case, about 80 percent of the assets will be in the business trust and 20 percent in the Reit. To be honest, I … [Read more...]

Best Interest Rate Deal

By now, many would have seen the advertisement of standard chartered bank BonusSaver splashed across the newspapers and internet. They are giving 1.88%p.a. interest, when $500 is spent through mastercard each month. Well, doing some calculation on my own and comparison, it wasn't a deal that was very attractive to me as I could achieve the about the same returns through other banks, without … [Read more...]

The Best Interest Rate This Xmas

Walked past a HSBC roadshow recently, and they were offering 0.9% p.a. interest on a SGD 3 month time deposit. That is way higher than most banks for such a short duration fixed deposit (FD). In addition, they are giving a limited edition HSBC NETS CashCard pre-loaded with up to $500. Just a side track question, what in this world is not "limited edition"? Once something stops production, it is … [Read more...]

For sharing: SDIC In the event a DI Scheme member fails, all insured deposits placed with that member, except for deposits under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Minimum Sum Scheme, are aggregated and insured up to S$50,000. If you are a sole proprietor, your personal eligible accounts will be aggregated with the eligible accounts of your sole proprietorship(s). … [Read more...]

young working singaporeans not saving enough

in a recent survey by hsbc's the future of retirement programme, an independent study of global retirement trends, the key findings were: a. 48% of over 1,000 respondents aged 30 to 39 say they have no short-term savings b. only 30% of those who were married or living together aged 40 to 49 are protecting their assets c. 34% of those who are aged 50 to 59 do not have retirement plans d. … [Read more...]

Applying Benford’s First-digit Law to stocks

I have found the Benford’s First-digit law interesting. The law states that in a list of data, the leading digit is distributed in a non-asymmetric way. Basically, he found that there are more “1s” than the other numbers (2 to 9) for the leading digit. This discovery applies to stock prices as well. I have tabulated some of the figures for the STI components. I did one data set for end-2007 … [Read more...]

Capitaland: Average buy price of $2.81.

Readers might remember that I said I was waiting for a chance to reduce exposure to this counter. It means waiting for a rebound to reduce at resistance. I do not like selling as prices are on their way down. Of course, as I have mentioned before, this is also a flaw in my methods. If there should be no rebound, then, it is more stocks for the freezer. However, if we believe that downtrends are … [Read more...]

CapitaMalls Asia: A reversal signal.

When price touched a high of $2.05 per share on 9 Feb 2011 and declined to a low of $1.57 on 15 Mar 2011, the OBV declined rather sharply as well, suggesting heavy distribution. However, as price declined from a high of $1.92 on 11 April 2011 to touch a low of $1.66 in the last session on 6 May 2011, the OBV declined much lesser and, in fact, the OBV is much higher compared to where it was on 9 … [Read more...]

Kingsmen Creatives – Analysis of Purchase Part 1

I purchased shares in Kingsmen Creative on January 25 and 26, 2010, and the following few postings will elucidate the thought process and analysis which went into the rationale for the purchase decision. Note that some of the factors which led to this decision are qualitative by nature, and are also known as “intangibles”, but are nevertheless important in assessing if a company is suitable for … [Read more...]

San Teh revisited

1.5 years ago, I made a posting on San Teh: Now I feel its time to sit up and take notice of this sleepy stock again. For the last 6 months, it has been trading at $0.25 to $0.35 with low daily volume. San Teh is currently in a sweet spot to ride on China's construction and infrastructure boom. The catalysts for its share … [Read more...]

What are the charts saying about SGX and UOB….in this correction

UOB is the preferred banking stock of our banking analyst Lynn but I like OCBC better mainly because of the absolute lower price. The other stock that is also not in my stock pick list but which has benefitted from the recent rally is SGX. I have below some technicals on both stocks which are seeing a nice correction to their over-bought position. Buying momentum has also turned down. I would … [Read more...]