Malaysia Bursa Stocks Now Available!


As I was working on the final phase of the HK integration, I realized that it might be better if I also had Malaysia stocks information because news agency and blogs that I wanted to index tend to have news/articles on both markets. Hence, last weekend, I switched gears and started integrating Malaysia stocks into StocksCafe as well. I am happy to share that you can look up information of … [Read more...]

Screen for HK Stocks in StocksCafe Now!


This is a short article to quickly share what I did for StocksCafe this past weekend: Screen for HK stocks I have updated the Screener so that you can now also screen for Hong Kong stocks! New Facebook Page As I have recently migrated the website from SGXcafe to StocksCafe, I wanted to change name on the facebook page from SGXcafe to StocksCafe, but was repeatedly rejected by Facebook. … [Read more...]

Why You Should Sign Up For Equinet Academy SEO Course


It has been over a year since Heartland Boy launched his blog and started writing about topics such as personal finance and lifestyle.  As the chief digital marketing strategist of, Heartland Girl has done a rather decent job in designing the website to optimise user experience. However, the website is still not getting enough traffic and Heartland Girl attributed this to … [Read more...]

Quick Personal Update : Leisure Phail !

I don't really have anything substantial to share today and some readers from SMU Law School may be eagerly awaiting for my "kiss and tell" article on this blog. Right now, I am not in the right frame of mind to complete that article because our professors are slowly releasing the results of the final semester, as I am teetering on the brink of losing a decent degree classification, my state of … [Read more...]

I am an April fool?


This is going to be a short blog post of my April adventures. I sold half my stock portfolio.  There had not been any stock sale from me in the last few years. But in the last few weeks, I sold out significantly. I do not advocate market timing but I am doing this sale for a purpose. I will write a post on this in due time. I went to Melbourne to visit a friend. It was a great trip and … [Read more...]

Faster Than Before!


Slow Loading Due to my lack of experience with infrastructure configuration, for the most part of last week, the experience of using StocksCafe has been unpleasantly slow. I apologize for that and am thankful for your patience. Truth be told, it was rather stressful for me. I personally hate to use slow websites so I was waking up at ungodly hours (read: 4am) to configure the servers so as … [Read more...]

Personal update – Done with my JD programme ( Hopefully ! )


And just like that, I completed my final exam in SMU and I guess I would have met all the requirements to graduate with a Juris Doctor qualification. While I would have preferred to end my SMU stint in a high, my last paper was brutal and I found myself lacking the time to craft a coherent response to the exam questions. Nevertheless I should be able to move onto the next stage where I start … [Read more...]

We are now StocksCafe!


Over the weekend, I have successfully migrated everything to the new domain,, with upgraded software and hardware. However, the migration over the weekend did not proceed as smooth as I had hoped. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. On hindsight, I should not have tried to upgrade everything at the same time. There were numerous bugs and errors that I had to fix throughout … [Read more...]

The Great Migration to StocksCafe


The migration of SGXcafe to StocksCafe will happen this weekend! This is more than simply the changing of domain names. When I first started SGXcafe, it was meant for myself hence I simply dumped everything onto a single server. That was easy and convenient, but certainly not robust nor scalable. I have spent the last few days designing and configuring a brand new multi-server infrastructure … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Information Now Available!


After many hours of coding, I am happy to share that Phase 1 (of 3) of the expansion to Hong Kong is now complete! Information about Hong Kong stocks is now available in SGXcafe (e.g. CK Hutchison). At the moment, it hasn't been incorporated into the search yet, but you can find the full list of active stocks in Hong Kong Stock Exchange here. In Phase 2, I will focus on features revolving … [Read more...]


I have not been blogging here on SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING for really quite sometime. My last published post here on this blog was dated 21 March 2017 and hence I have really “disappeared” from financial blogosphere for more than a week. So what has happened to Tom K during this period? Well, health problems have stopped me from blogging. For the past week, I was really very not well so much … [Read more...]

My interview with Myself and Investopenly


If you are keen to find out more about my financial background and details, click here to read the interview at Investopenly. I am grateful to Richard for publishing my invite even though I am not a financial but a lifestyle blogger. Anyway, for the more personal stuff, here is an interview I imagined for myself: Oh, this is me, not my baby :) 1) Who are you? I … [Read more...]

SGXcafe to Expand to APAC!


After a round of voting and discussion with Friends of SGXcafe, I am happy to share that we have decided to support APAC markets in the upcoming expansion! I have already started work to include Hong Kong exchange data. You should start to see changes within this week. Supporting a brand new market is not easy and would take time to iron out all the details, especially since I developed … [Read more...]

Understated gains from Saizen REIT.

For a while, I have suspected that ASSI has stalkers but the following can only happen because this stalker happens to be a friend. If he were just any other reader, I would freak out. Reader: I believe you made in mistake calculating your gains from Saizen.  Just letting you know. You see if you want to amend. "How much space is enough?" AK: I checked the numbers again. You are … [Read more...]

History of Cash Calls for REITs (Updated as at 19 March 2017)

Wow. Time flies. It has been 7 months since I posted a list detailing the history of cash calls for REITs. I have just done an update to the list: 1). Added in new cash calls that happened within this period 2). Rearranged the list by alphabetical order 3). Added in past private placements which I have missed out 4). Created a page/tab to contain the information *points above* (or click … [Read more...]

SGXcafe Turns 2!


The first article of SGXcafe appeared on 15 March 2015, hence I set this date to be the birthday of SGXcafe. On this day, let's review the good and bad that happened in the past year. The Good SGXcafe has grown significantly in the past year; it currently has more than half a million pageviews every month coming from 30,000 unique visitors. More importantly, it has received support from 177 … [Read more...]

Stock of The Day


One of the most highly voted feature now in Friends of SGXcafe is "Stock of The Day". The idea is to feature a stock every trading day based on some criteria. At the moment, I have come up with five criteria to select the stock of the day. 1) Significant Increase in Visitors - The number of visitors viewing a stock's page significantly increased in the last three days compared to the previous … [Read more...]

Useful Links for SGXcafe Users


As the amount of content in SGXcafe continues to grow, it is increasing hard for users to easily keep track of everything that is happening. SGXcafe wall is the first effort to make it easier for users to catch up with the latest happenings, especially on the go (via mobile view). Although the wall is customizable to your liking, only 42 users actually tailor it. Hence I would like to … [Read more...]

Quick Features’ Update: Who owns what, 52-weeks high-low, disabling cash balance and more


It have been two weeks since the last article, and I thought I should just give a quick update of the improvements made to SGXcafe over the last two weeks in case you think that SGXcafe is becoming inactive :) In fact, on the contrary, I have been actively adding new features! I will just highlight a few features that might be of interest: Who owns this stock? At the point of writing, … [Read more...]

GMGH is Back! 2017, here we go!


Actually... I've been back for almost a week now, haha! I've just been really really busy (still) catching up with work and also belatedly catching up with friends because of the tail end of CNY. I was gone for 2 weeks, and I MIA-ed for another week. I haven't posted in 3 weeks! I feel kind of horrible for being away for so long! While I was away, I tried to keep up with the Joneses and read … [Read more...]