My interview with Myself and Investopenly


If you are keen to find out more about my financial background and details, click here to read the interview at Investopenly. I am grateful to Richard for publishing my invite even though I am not a financial but a lifestyle blogger. Anyway, for the more personal stuff, here is an interview I imagined for myself: Oh, this is me, not my baby :) 1) Who are you? I … [Read more...]

SGXcafe to Expand to APAC!


After a round of voting and discussion with Friends of SGXcafe, I am happy to share that we have decided to support APAC markets in the upcoming expansion! I have already started work to include Hong Kong exchange data. You should start to see changes within this week. Supporting a brand new market is not easy and would take time to iron out all the details, especially since I developed … [Read more...]

Understated gains from Saizen REIT.

For a while, I have suspected that ASSI has stalkers but the following can only happen because this stalker happens to be a friend. If he were just any other reader, I would freak out. Reader: I believe you made in mistake calculating your gains from Saizen.  Just letting you know. You see if you want to amend. "How much space is enough?" AK: I checked the numbers again. You are … [Read more...]

History of Cash Calls for REITs (Updated as at 19 March 2017)

Wow. Time flies. It has been 7 months since I posted a list detailing the history of cash calls for REITs. I have just done an update to the list: 1). Added in new cash calls that happened within this period 2). Rearranged the list by alphabetical order 3). Added in past private placements which I have missed out 4). Created a page/tab to contain the information *points above* (or click … [Read more...]

SGXcafe Turns 2!


The first article of SGXcafe appeared on 15 March 2015, hence I set this date to be the birthday of SGXcafe. On this day, let's review the good and bad that happened in the past year. The Good SGXcafe has grown significantly in the past year; it currently has more than half a million pageviews every month coming from 30,000 unique visitors. More importantly, it has received support from 177 … [Read more...]

Stock of The Day


One of the most highly voted feature now in Friends of SGXcafe is "Stock of The Day". The idea is to feature a stock every trading day based on some criteria. At the moment, I have come up with five criteria to select the stock of the day. 1) Significant Increase in Visitors - The number of visitors viewing a stock's page significantly increased in the last three days compared to the previous … [Read more...]

Useful Links for SGXcafe Users


As the amount of content in SGXcafe continues to grow, it is increasing hard for users to easily keep track of everything that is happening. SGXcafe wall is the first effort to make it easier for users to catch up with the latest happenings, especially on the go (via mobile view). Although the wall is customizable to your liking, only 42 users actually tailor it. Hence I would like to … [Read more...]

Quick Features’ Update: Who owns what, 52-weeks high-low, disabling cash balance and more


It have been two weeks since the last article, and I thought I should just give a quick update of the improvements made to SGXcafe over the last two weeks in case you think that SGXcafe is becoming inactive :) In fact, on the contrary, I have been actively adding new features! I will just highlight a few features that might be of interest: Who owns this stock? At the point of writing, … [Read more...]

GMGH is Back! 2017, here we go!


Actually... I've been back for almost a week now, haha! I've just been really really busy (still) catching up with work and also belatedly catching up with friends because of the tail end of CNY. I was gone for 2 weeks, and I MIA-ed for another week. I haven't posted in 3 weeks! I feel kind of horrible for being away for so long! While I was away, I tried to keep up with the Joneses and read … [Read more...]

Ready, get set, ggooo… 2017

Time flies when you are having fun eh… almost 2 months since the last post, and we are already midway into the second month of 2107… this year’s CNY seems to be extra busy….  “chap goh mey” has just past too.. the market has been running up pretty good, and took the chance to offload some counters  late Jan/early OCBC, valuetronics, hock lian seng… quite happy, with the few Ks of gains… … [Read more...]

What we want to achieve with Finance Smiths

NEW SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS BLOG, DOMAIN AND DIRECTION If you haven’t noticed, this blog has been moved from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress platform. After about a year of writing and wanting to continue with this personal interest & hobby of mine, I decided to spend some money on it. Have my own domain name and improve the design of the blog. I went with HostGator as my web host, Genesis … [Read more...]

Two Clicks to Any Page!


  First of all, Gong Xi Fa Cai! As I am currently in Japan, I've got nowhere to go "bai nian". In combination with my wife not feeling so well, I've got on my hands an entire weekend to work on SGXcafe. One thing that is starting to irritate me is that as SGXcafe continues to add more features, I would have to make numerous clicks just to access a particular feature. This problem is … [Read more...]


Dear readers, A very Happy Chinese New Year to All of You! May the Year of the Rooster be filled with abundance for You and Families! May You and Families be filled with Happiness, Health and Prosperity! To the retail investor of You, may You be like the Rooster who is alert first thing in the morning and discover in advance great investing opportunities! May Your investments hatch Golden … [Read more...]

Content anxiety

When I first launched this blog, I didn’t know anything but I was determined to get it right so my attitude was a “screw it, let’s do it.” Then my second site was a “how can we turn the table around and surpass others” at the time where we were very far behind and facing new competitors every day. But I still managed to beat them and got it into Singapore top 600 site by Alexa ranking during … [Read more...]

Circular for Bullythebear shareholders

CIRCULAR TO SHAREHOLDERS (“CIRCULAR”) in relation to THE PROPOSED CONTINUATION AND FUNDING OF PREMIUM CBOX (Thereafter, “THE PROPOSAL” ) ------------------------------------------------- DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Circular, the following definitions apply throughout unless the context otherwise requires or unless otherwise stated. “BullyTheBear” : The award winning website … [Read more...]

Introducing the New Wall


  As mentioned in the first article of 2017, one of SGXcafe's focus is to improve mobile engagement. So here we are, with our first baby step. I was never a fan of how SGXcafe's home page was as it did not allow users to easily catch up on the latest happenings since their last visit, and the format was not mobile-friendly. Hence we are introducing a Wall that is inspired by … [Read more...]

Escaping CNY 2017, Bye Bye!

Following the precedence that I have set last year, I have once again decide that I am going to escape CNY! I seriously dislike the whole CNY period. The ONLY thing that I like is that I get to hear that song, but that's about it. Anyway, I'll be gone for the next 2 weeks. I've been seriously looking forward for this holiday for almost 2 years now! A lot of planning and preparation has gone … [Read more...]

Quick Features’ Update: Multiple Portfolio in Emails, New Portfolio Profile Page, and more


  I had some time this weekend and managed to finish up a few user requests, and would like to share them: 1) Individual Portfolio in Daily Market Update Emails Now you can opt to view the performance of each portfolio you own by simply going to this page and checking the "Individual Portfolio - Information about each portfolio you own" box. You will see the performance of your … [Read more...]

New blog domain

I have decided to give a self-hosted Wordpress blog another shot. This will be my blog address going forward: Spent some time moving all the content across and I'm finally ready to start posting new content there. Looking forward to it! … [Read more...]

Bullythebear’s reflection post of the decade

The first post of Bullythebear is dated at 4th Dec 2006. Today is 8th Jan 2017, which means that 10 years 1 month and 4 days had passed since my very first posting here. I thought it's a good time to think and reflect about the long journey of me writing this blog and all the readers reading it.So here's the blog post that summarises my journey in Bullythebear so far. Statistics 1. I made a … [Read more...]