Why Technical Analysis Won’t Work For You – You’re Doing It Wrong


So you think you can make money just by drawing some lines, recognising chart patterns and memorising candlestick patterns? Or you may think that Fundamental Analysis is too difficult. Reading and evaluating financial statements are too mind-boggling. Reading price charts would be much easier, so it should be easier to make money. You are in for a rude shock. I first got interested in technical … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index attempting a breakout


  Straits Times Index attempting a breakout Straits Times Index continued to its bullish streak while US Federal Reserve announced its first interest rate hike for this year. The week was first greeted with cautiousness as many chose to stay sidelines ahead of the announcement of the interest rate hike last Wednesday. Some traders anticipate the possibility of bearishness ahead of the … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index boosted by property cooling measures


  Straits Times Index boosted by property cooling measures Straits Times Index managed to end another week bullishly and continued to head towards its strong resistance at 3160 level. Volatility was seen during the week; moving like a headless creature. The highest that STI had attempted to reach is at 3150 level which was clocked on Wednesday. However, this gain was quickly given back on … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index hovering at 3100 level for now


Straits Times Index hovering at 3100 level for now Straits Times Index attempted to reach for a higher level this week but it faced profit taking pressure during the week. The week started off weak with brought over selling pressure from the previous week. This allowed STI to test its support at 3100 level again. This support level broke briefly on Tuesday but support at 20ma weekly line was … [Read more...]

Comfort delgo : Goodbye or good buy?

This is a guest post from Investingnote. It's regarding Comfort delgro and it's mainly about touch and go FA and other industry news. I had already bought it some days ago and my views can be summarised in two pictures: Comfortdelgro weekly: bullish weekly divergence   Comfortdelgo daily: break out of down trend line and retracing back to … [Read more...]

Bearish start after Chinese New Year Break


Bearish start after Chinese New Year Break First week after Chinese New Year turned out to be a week of bearishness. Straits Times Index halted it’s ascend and decided to take the bearish que. Controversies of US President Trump’s policy on immigration rocked the market during the week which triggers fears of kick starting economic instability in US. During the week, there were attempts to … [Read more...]

Straits Times Index paving its way for the start of 2017


Straits Times Index paving its way for the start of 2017 Year 2016 is starting to come to the end as the whole celebrated Christmas last week. The expected Santa Rally failed to materialise as the market chose to go south instead. Concerns were focused on the uncertainty of the upcoming newly elected US president Donald Trump’s administration. During the week, there were several rebound … [Read more...]

Introducing Technical Charts to SGXcafe


I have been interested in learning and integrating various approaches, namely fundamental analysis, technical analysis, portfolio management and machine learning to help myself make better investments/trades. This is the one of the reasons why SGXcafe exists. Recently, I started learning more about technical analysis through a book titled, Come into my Trading Room. I am thankful to Azrael for … [Read more...]

Thai Beverage Breaks Down from Descending Triangle


Thai Beverage has always been in my stock watch list (Most people drink beer in good times and bad times right?). I have always wanted to own a beer company in my stock portfolio and it is about buying at the right price. Previously, I have wrote about Thai Beverage forming a descending triangle. This is a bearish pattern. On 16th November, the chart confirmed that Thai Beverage has broken down … [Read more...]

Ascendas Reit: A weird share price pattern?


I am writing here because I felt there might be some "pattern" in Ascendas Price movement. Granted, all industrial reits are facing some weakness with fear of interest rate hike and spike in industrial vacancy. But lets start with this picture. If only this is the chart for its share price. You can see from here, with the exception of GFC, A-reit has an unblemished track records for … [Read more...]

When to Buy Stocks In Singapore


Earlier, Heartland Boy wrote about the tiring process of finding the real prince from the pool of frogs. Readers may be disheartened to learn that that is only Step 1 in Adam Khoo’s proven investment strategy. The fundamental analysis merely tell you WHAT stocks to buy on SGX. Therefore, the next logical question to ask is WHEN to buy stocks in Singapore. Indeed, to make consistent profits from … [Read more...]

Thai Beverage Forming Descending Triangle


It has been a long time since I tried technical analysis. To be honest, I am not really very good at it. Was watching Thai Beverage in my watch list and decided to check out whether it is worth jumping into. The stock price has appreciated quick a fair bit since I looked at it when it is at $0.72. Based on the bearish pattern, a descending triangle is forming based on 1st August 2016 to current … [Read more...]

My Lazy Method of Valuating Stocks for Entries using Fundamental Analysis


Source: Investopedia There's many methods of valuation out there as well as many methods of modeling. These usually help us to determine if it is expensive or cheap, in other words, buy or not to buy, and even buy or sell. My method of valuation for entries (I'm still struggling with exits, other than if the stock fundamentals has changed beyond my original expections, cutting losses … [Read more...]

Patterns , Patterns , Patterns !

Yes ! these are some of the chart patterns develop and use by the“Technical Analysis “ to predict the future movement of stock market or price. Over the years, technical analysts have developed hundreds of technical indicators and detected dozens of chart patterns that they contend help them forecast future price changes. While we cannot describe or even list all of them, we can categorize them … [Read more...]

Using Investingnote’s charting platform

I wanted to help those who are newer to Investingnote, my preferred charting software, hence I'm writing this post. I think the people over at Investingnote are really doing a fine job with a free charting software. It's actually quite powerful and I especially like the real time (okay, it lags by at most 2 minutes) update of the charts. Yahoo finance maybe lags by 10 to 15 mins? I've not seen a … [Read more...]

End Jul 2016: ‘Where the Global Market is heading?’ | From a 22 years old FX TA Trader

How have you guys been! Been like 6 months? Time has past by so quick that I’m now left with less than two weeks to serve my conscription NS. It has been an unregrettable and absurdly packed journey where I learned a lot into making decisions in tense scenarios and in effective working with all kinds of people (yes including the odd ones.. I know you know what I’m talking about). But instead … [Read more...]

Bullish / Bearish divergence

I thought I'll never write another article on technical analysis again. But here I go again. I trade on divergence, so it's a counter trend trading, if you want to classify which school of TA I'm into. Divergence means that there is a pair of things moving in opposite direction. One of the pair is invariably the price of the counter. The other pair could be any indicator, but the one I'm using is … [Read more...]

Sapphire’s chart strengthens (5 May 16)

Despite the STI’s 16.6% rally from 12 Feb 2016 through 21 Apr 2016 closing levels, Sapphire has been a laggard and registered a 13.3% drop. However, over the past two weeks, there seems to be a change in Sapphire’s price movement. Sapphire registered a 9.8% gain vis-à-vis a 6.5% drop in the STI, on the back of the strongest weekly volume (25 – 29 Apr 2016) for the past two months. Based on Chart … [Read more...]

STI Expanding Triangle ?


With FTSE STI 2,800 level broken today, this has invalidated the Elliott Wave 3 previously described (What's Next For STI ?).  However, the uptrend since the rebounding at 2,540 still yet to be invalidated.  As such, technically, STI still on the uptrend.  With wave 3 invalidated, current STI will have to reconsider as wave 2.  These wave 2 is not the typical 3-pattern (A,B,C) type but on a … [Read more...]

Trendline drawing is fun!

Decided to do some trendline drawing practice out of boredom. Just a few stocks I was watching. Pictures paint a thousand words? (Hack care about macd, stoch, rsi and what not... just kidding) Keppel Can't seem to break out of its downtrend channel. Secondary uptrend occurred since my previous update but uptrend broken once ex-dividend. :(  Lippomall Going sideway soon?  Noble After … [Read more...]