MM Lee on Singapore Economy

By: Derek Lim Below is an extract on Channel NewsAsia report on MM Lee speech during a gala dinner on Monday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). On the economic outlook, Mr Lee said the Singapore economy should do well. He said he expected developments like the integrated resorts and the Formula One Grand Prix later this year to lift the … [Read more...]

Old Chang Kee IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 14 January 2008 Commencement of trading: 16 January 2008 Established in the 1986, Old Chang Kee is engaged in the maufacture and sale of affordable food products under their "Old Chang Kee" brand name. Beginning with just their signature product curry puff, they have now introduced more than 40 other food products sold through their takeaway retail … [Read more...]

Buy and hold forever?

By: La Papillion HH passed me an excellent article on buying and hold fallacy which I linked it here. The idea of buying and holding is what long term investors would like to do. Before anyone just go to the stock market and buy anything stocks, and proceed to hold it forever, I think here's a few pointers to take note: 1. Buy and hold works good for companies which are fundamentally … [Read more...]

Review on “The Dividend rich investor – Building wealth with high-quality, dividend paying stocks”

By: La Papillion I finished reading the dividend book...managed to complete reading it in a day. I never knew I could squeeze so much time if I had to, though it is quite tiring. These are the few things I thought it's important: 1. Instead of calculating % yield (formula: dividend for whole yr/current market price of stock), we can calculate the % yield relative to cost price (formula: … [Read more...]

Medisave, Medishield… Medi-crisis?

By: Patrick Lim This article appeared in today's front page of today: By: Stanley Jeremiah The writer is a lawyer and chartered insurer who is immediate past president and council member of the Singapore Insurance Institute. Patrick's Comments: I agree with the crux of the issues raised. one of the critical points highlighted … [Read more...]

To Cut or Not To Cut

By: Jay In Value Investing, you NEVER cut losses. If you have analysed the company and have determined that it is a good buy, and you bought it. If it goes down, you should be buying MORE of the stock. Since it is cheaper now. Well, that's provided everything is still the same since the time you did your analysis. But for most novice investors, including this blogger, our analysis is usually … [Read more...]

2008 Commentary

By: Wilfred Ling The Year 2008 has started. For every start of the year marks new beginnings. Those who had done well in Year 2007 (i.e. achieving whatever what they wanted to achieve) ought to congratulate themselves but it is also important to set out to new goals. On the other hand, those who did not do well in Year 2007 should not be discouraged. The Year 2008 has been given to you to try … [Read more...]

So what should we be trading in 2008?

By: Brendan Short equity indices Slowing economy accompanied with high inflation resulted in an economic situation call Stagflation. In this environment, many companies will suffer. This is because revenue and profit growth will slow down, while costs are rising at the same time, many stocks will suffer. We will be recommending customers to short Dow Jones Futures or other stock indices in … [Read more...]

2008 stock market strategy

By: Alen I would like to examine the key issues in coming year and try to formulate the strategy for 2008. Key issues Sub prime problem. It is expected that more sub prime borrowers would default. The housing slump would continue and credit crunch would persist. Credit crunch because those financial institutions who might have potential more write down would be reluctant to lend money. … [Read more...]

DanielXX (An Overview of 2007)

By: DanielXX If this overview is written at the end of 2008, it would be much clearer whether 2007marked the decisive turn of the 4-year global bull market or whether the now infamous subprime issue was another wall of worry that the bull market eventually scaled gingerly. As it is, the bull market that reached near-hysteric proportions by July 07 was cut dead in its tracks by the sub-prime … [Read more...]

Kleer – 2007 Portfolio Review.

By: Kleer Back in December 2006, my portfolio value stood at $355,688, and comprised of: Pan Utd Chuan Hup Tat Hong HMI Corp AEI Corp HTL International Sarin Tech China Lifestyle Fung Choi China Precision Yongnam Tai Sin Sinotech Fibre SPC Eastern The monthly portfolio performance was as follows: January: 37.7% rise. February: -3.2% fall. March: 3.6% … [Read more...]

Derek (2007 Portfolio Overview and 2008 Action Plan)

By: Derek Lim My 2nd year into stocks and it has been a pretty messy year. I applied for almost half the IPOs this year thinking that I can make a quick buck, tried contra, applied for rights, use my CPF to buy stocks and buying on broker's recommendation all with mixed results. I'm fortunate that I did not suffer too much a loss because 2007 has been a relatively strong year but I'm determined … [Read more...]

My New Year Wishes For The Insurance Industry

By: Patrick Lim Besides the usual resolutions made at this time of the passage of the old year, I have several wishes that I sincerely hope all insurance companies will give due and worthy consideration for implementation in the new year: A. Standardisation of all application forms B. Have a central pool of underwriters to underwrite applications C. Expand the list of coverage of critical … [Read more...]

Musicwhiz (End-December 2007 and FY 2007 Portfolio Summary and Review)

By: musicwhiz The final half month till the end of FY 2007 was also slow, as trading volumes on the SGX dwindled because of fund managers and retail investors going on vacation. The slew of public holidays and “half” trading days also did nothing to boost liquidity in our stock market. SGX had changed the bid system on December 24, 2007 to enable the bid-ask spreads to be reduced and to … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

By: Derek Lim It's been a little more than 2 months since I started this site and readership has been increasing steadily. I would like to thank my fellow bloggers who has kindly allowed me to post their articles in my blog, to my readers who has provided me with useful feedback and comments and to my friend who has help in the design of this site. Going forward in the year 2008, I plan to … [Read more...]

Cash management 101

By: PanzerGrenadier You are interested in your finances to read my blog. You want to know about investments, personal finance and money management. Ultimately, you want to be financially free. Why cash management? One of the building blocks for growing your net-worth and maximising the returns from your savings is to manage your cash well. Today's high inflation rates of 4-5% in … [Read more...]

TPD payout structure of earlier generation policies

Patrick's comments on the recent TPD ruling. By: Patrick Lim High Court draws distinction with policy-holders who are totally, permanently disabled By K.C. Vijayan ( TPD or not TPD - that was the question before a High Court judge. TPD is 'Total and Permanent Disability', and a standard clause in life insurance policies here. But how it is understood and applied … [Read more...]

Short-selling Part 3

By: DanielXX The second main instrument used for short-selling individual stocks is the CFD, short for Contract For Difference. The name is not very illuminating, but suffice to say that it acts like a form of stock futures where the gain or loss is the difference between the opening price and closing price of the underlying stock multiplied by number of shares specified. Like futures, it is a … [Read more...]

Swiber – EGM Held on December 28, 2007

By: musicwhiz I attended the EGM today at Swiber's new office location at Cyberhub @ IBP. It was actually quite an adventure for me to locate the company as I had to take an MRT train to Jurong East, then hop on one of those IBP feeder buses (at S$0.20) in order to drop off at Bus Stop 5. Cyberhub @ IBP was one of the buildings beside M1 and Hi-P (both listed entities on SGX), and Swiber … [Read more...]

Taxi fares in Singapore

By: Tan Kin Lian Fares and surcharges Applicable to CityCab, Comfort, Yellow-Top Cab, SMRT Taxis. Different fares apply to other operators Flagdown fare: S$2.80 (≤ 1 km) Meter fare S$0.20 (every 385 m thereafter or less > 1 km and ≤ 10 km) S$0.20 (every 330 m thereafter or less > 10 km) Waiting: S$0.20 (every 45 seconds or less) Booking S$3.50 (0730 - 0930 and 1700 - 2300 hours … [Read more...]