How much is one billion?

By: DanielXX Not a lot if it is in Zimbabwean dollars (maybe could buy a loaf of bread), but really, are we getting numbed by billions being thrown around, being lost here, being written off there? Is this *gulp* an inflation phenomenon? I guess it is a matter of context. For example, for a bank to write off $1B in the midst of the bull market last year would have been one hell of a shocker, … [Read more...]

Temasek reduces Merrill Lynch stake – True or False

Though it has been confirmed to be incorrect now, Level13 shares his view on how one should always double check on the reports and not follow blindly. By: Level13 Before you come to the conclusion that Temasek has made a lousy investment decision which has resulted in losses, it seems like nobody can verify on the accuracy of this news. According to the Mutual Fund Facts website, they have … [Read more...]

The resurgence of Singapore retail

By: DanielXX The subprime crisis and the many malicious tentacles extending from it (the chief one being inflation) have dominated (negative) global attention over the past year but I feel several themes have receded into the background as a result though they still remain compelling stories in their own right. One of them is the remaking of Singapore. Make no mistake, this is one big story … [Read more...]

Mind Share

By: Jay This concept should be familiar to followers of the guru and value investing as well. Essentially, we should invest in companies that have a market share of our minds. The bigger the better. Well, basically, we are talking about branding, but Mind Share sounds so cool right! So let's just use this term indiscriminately in this post. For the uninitiated, let's try to define what's … [Read more...]

New news

By: La Papillion Hmm, I realised it's been such a long while since I commented on the market or the announcement which I read daily from sgx website. I haven't commented on such things since I stopped blogging daily. Hoho, to think that I once used to blog daily...where got time now? :) Today, several news caught my eyes as I was roaming through the announcement website. 1. Singtel … [Read more...]

What investment returns can you expect?

By: Adrian Khiat One of my client asked me recently what type of returns should he expect if he is to invest in Equities and Bonds over long term. I told him it will depends on what type of equities and bonds he is investing? Global, Country Specific, Emerging Markets, etc all comes with different risk and potential yields. Of course, he don't seems convinced because he have still have no … [Read more...]

Boustead – FY 2008 Financials Review and Discussion Part 3

By: musicwhiz This final section discusses the prospects of Boustead’s business units and also the plans put in place by Management to grow each division. A little of the macro-environment will be discussed as well as FF Wong’s view of how the company, as a whole, will explore new opportunities to further enhance shareholder value. This section was compiled from Boustead’s recent audiocast, FF … [Read more...]

Liar’s Poker and Confessions of a Wall street analyst

By: La Papillion A few weeks ago, I was browsing books in the library as usual when two books caught my eyes – Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis and Confessions of a Wall street analyst by Dan Reingold. I thought it was good fortune that had me borrow both books at the same time, because reading these books one after another brought me to a level of insight that reading them individually would not … [Read more...]

ST Engineering: Might not be as cheap as you think

By: Drizzt Readers from SGFunds would have notice that in one of the topics i did my usual rant on things that gets me frustrated. I am vested in ST Engineering and not in the usual way since I have company units in there. And pretty much this would explain a huge portion of why i am so pissed off with the recent share price fall. Units are link to share price and its a bit like DCA into … [Read more...]

What is the most influential book in personal finance?

One of my fellow authors posted a contest on the most influential book you have read on personal finance. The $10 voucher may not seem a lot but still a added incentive to encourage feedback from the readers. What is the most influential book in personal finance? By: PanzerGrenadier How do you get new ideas about personal finance in your life? Is it through speaking with friends, … [Read more...]

Protecting your income against Disability

By: Adrian Khiat What is a Disability Income Insurance Plan? * A disability Income insurance plan is meant to cover loss of income in the event of any illness or accident when the insured is unable to perform his/her material duties for a continuous period defined by the insurer.(Generally 60, 90 or 180 days) * The insured will receive a monthly payout if he/she becomes totally disabled … [Read more...]

Boustead – FY 2008 Financials Review and Discussion Part 2

By: musicwhiz Segmental and Divisional Review and Analysis The table below shows the breakdown of revenues by business segment, for FY 2008 versus FY 2007. Engineering services formed the bulk of revenues, contributing 83.6% of total revenues. This was not much different from FY 2007 where it took up 81.2% of total revenues. However, the Engineering division saw growth of 31.2% in total … [Read more...]

Tan Kin Lian VS NTUC Round 2?

Complaint to the regulator By: Tan Kin Lian A friend asked me for the reason why I decided to set aside the Collective Protest. He said that there was a rumour that I was threatened by Mr. Lim Boon Heng and Mr. Matthias Yao. I replied that the main reason for my action was the assurance that I have received from Mr. Lim and Mr. Yao on fair treatment of policyholders. This was subsequently … [Read more...]

Mid-July 2008 Portfolio Summary and Review

By: musicwhiz The first half of July 2008 was relatively exciting, as there were several key business announcements and updates from the companies which I own, culminating into a busy half-month in terms of tracking and following my companies’ progress. Fortunately, most of the news reported has been positive (not always the case, when you consider that a fire broke out at Kreuz Shipyard just … [Read more...]

The 4 Insurance Schemes using your CPF monies

By: Adrian Khiat CPF is a very good scheme for Singaporeans towards savings for their retirement. Some monitor their CPF monies actively, some don't. Some don't even know what are the accounts in their CPF. Today, I just like to highlight the insurance schemes that are embedded in our personal CPF account. a) Medishield / Private Medical Insurance Scheme b) Dependent Protection … [Read more...]

Choosing Numbers, Beauty Contests and Stock Markets

By: Jay I once attended a class where the professor asked us to play a game. It was a pretty simple game on the surface. Everyone was asked to choose a number from 1 to 100. The person who chose a number that is closest to 2/3 of the average number that everybody chose will win the game. Now how should one choose such that it would maximize one's chances of winning? Well, first you must … [Read more...]

Boustead – FY 2008 Financials Review and Discussion Part 1

By: musicwhiz I guess this was long overdue, but a review and analysis of Boustead should not be done in a hurry anyway. The company is slowly and steadily growing its business and its order book, and the CEO has expressed optimism recently that a turnaround can be expected in the water and wastewater division. I will be analysing the P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement as well as … [Read more...]

Orient Century undervalued?

By: Drizzt I haven’t check out some companies that i analyzed in the past, possibly due to work and not giving a damn about finding companies for a couple of months. Thats when i really felt in the mood to look for something to buy should the market snap back. I notice Orient Century again. Back some time ago, I analyzed the full year earnings of Orient Century, and i state that it has a … [Read more...]

Why Market Downturns Are Not All Bad

By: DanielXX Yes yes, we are in a market downturn and it's depressing to see Mr Market's valuations of your stock portfolio (and your own valuation of your stockpicking abilities) going down and seemingly bad news all round with seemingly no hope of recovery in the next five years, but things are not all bad. No, this is not an article encouraging short-selling (think you'll be an idiot to … [Read more...]

RTO = Ready to offload

By: Level13 In the Business Times on Thursday: Backdoor listing is the flavour of the season as companies are taking the reverse takeover (RTO) route to the stock exchange instead of initial public offerings (IPOs). In the first half of this year, the value of announced reverse takeovers (RTOs) on the Singapore Exchange surged to US$969 million - an all-time high that even exceeded the … [Read more...]