Swiber – EGM Held on December 28, 2007

By: musicwhiz I attended the EGM today at Swiber's new office location at Cyberhub @ IBP. It was actually quite an adventure for me to locate the company as I had to take an MRT train to Jurong East, then hop on one of those IBP feeder buses (at S$0.20) in order to drop off at Bus Stop 5. Cyberhub @ IBP was one of the buildings beside M1 and Hi-P (both listed entities on SGX), and Swiber … [Read more...]

Taxi fares in Singapore

By: Tan Kin Lian Fares and surcharges Applicable to CityCab, Comfort, Yellow-Top Cab, SMRT Taxis. Different fares apply to other operators Flagdown fare: S$2.80 (≤ 1 km) Meter fare S$0.20 (every 385 m thereafter or less > 1 km and ≤ 10 km) S$0.20 (every 330 m thereafter or less > 10 km) Waiting: S$0.20 (every 45 seconds or less) Booking S$3.50 (0730 - 0930 and 1700 - 2300 hours … [Read more...]

Enjoying windfalls from punting

By: PanzerGrenadier The picture you see above is the site of the future Integrated Resort (also known as: the Casino@Sentosa) near the northern shores of Sentosa formerly known as Pulau Blakan Mati. The thin line between investing and speculating in stocks and shares The stock market is a place where money can be made and lost and both at the same time as every transaction is a match at the … [Read more...]

What is the best risk-free rate in Singapore?

By: Wilfred Ling During a Christmas gathering with friends, someone asked me for a question: What is the best risk-free instrument in Singapore? It was an easy question. My answer to that was: There is no risk-free instrument in Singapore. Traditional risk-free instrument is associated either with a bank deposit (preferably linked wiith the Singapore goverment) or the Singapore Government … [Read more...]

Insurers Not Protected From Risk

Patrick's comments on Dr Money's Article - Insurers Not Protected From Risk. By: Patrick Lim With regard to financial institutions like full banks and finance companies in the unlikely event of going bust, I heartily applaud the MAS's move to have implemented the deposit insurance scheme on April 01, 2006. Here's some nuggets of info on the deposit insurance scheme: From 1 April 2006, … [Read more...]

Of estimates and consensus thinking

By: Jay I attended an investment session where the instructor asked the class (of around 20 pple) to estimate the size of Thailand vs Singapore. Was it 50x bigger? Or 100x bigger? Or 500x or what? He wanted to prove a point. The true answer will lie in the range of everybody's estimate. Bcos someone was bound to get it right. Well his point was quite valid, in the end, the answer did lie … [Read more...]

The haunted town

By: Alen The most talked about and wondered share this week got to be China New Town. Somehow it is coming down, regardless of market sentiment. It finished the week with all time low, even though, other china shares rebounded. Does market know something that we don't know? Yes or no. From my experience, sometime market does know. Sometime, it is just speculation or false alarm. Does big … [Read more...]

Chronology of the economic cycle

By: DanielXX I saw this in a journal and thought it provided a good overview of how inflation relates to the economy as well as the wealth effect of the stock market. If you refer to the picture, inflation has an effect on both interest rates and individuals' wages which in turn determine spending power (via borrowing and disposable income respectively). Spending power is also dependent on … [Read more...]

SGX: New Bid Size on Monday 24.12.07

By: La Papillion Just a reminder that on Monday, the new bid size system will come in place. I'm still wondering what kind of impact it will do to traders here. Ccloh from cna forum had analyzed it very nicely, so I'd like to share it here: Advantages ------------- 1. for less than $3 stocks, the bid size is as usual but good thing is now you can queue 10-bid lower or higher to buy or … [Read more...]

Is there any reason for the fall in high yielding dividend counters?

By: Drizzt I know alot of folks are fans of high yielding stocks and are heavily vested in it. If you have notice recently, alot of these high yielders are falling like flies. What happens in such a situation? the yield gets more attractive. some good examples are MIIF, Allco REIT, Cambridge REIT, Babcock & Brown. So do they make a good buy now? I’m still investigating the … [Read more...]

Big writeoffs for sub-prime losses

By: Tan Kin Lian Mr Tan, Why are there so much writeoff for bad loans by the big American banks and brokers? I thought that they package the products to sell to other investors. It seems that they are stuck with a lot of these products in their own funds. Surely, they know the risk and the defaults with the sub-prime mortgages? REPLY In a large institution, there are many layers of … [Read more...]

Gold VS Silver

By: Derek Lim After reading Brendan's post on Stagflation, it rekindled my interest in Gold again. I'm looking for a investment that have very low co-relation to stocks and Gold/Silver is one of my consideration. Since Brendan is more bullish on Silver, I decided to read up more if Silver is indeed a better choice. Silver or Gold? This topic has been widely discussed and there are both Gold … [Read more...]

Stagflation is here

By: Brendan Lee When I was studying economics during my university days, I learned that the worst economics scenario is not recession, but its stagflation. In a normal recession situation, inflation falls and unemployment rate rises. In a stagflation situation, inflation rises, unemployment also rises. When the economy is facing recession, the government can implement expansionary monetary … [Read more...]

To be or not to be (in debt): that is the question

By: PanzerGrenadier Different people see debt differently The issue of debt raises many points of views among different people. Debt is an issue all of us have to deal with in one way or another because there are some things in life that we are unable to finance it fully in cash at the point of purchase. Your home for instance. As long as you have aspirations to own your own little abode, … [Read more...]

New SGX Securities Market Min Bids & Holiday Season Trading Hours

By: Derek Lim For your useful notice: there will be a change to the minimum bid sizes for SGX market with the effect from Monday 24.12.07 (kindly refer to the notice extract below & the attachment). Generally, the change for securities : Below $1.00 --- $0.005 $1.00 to $9.99 --- $0.01 $10.00 and Above --- $0.02 (The old schedule, for your reference, was: Below $1.00 --- … [Read more...]

Short-selling Part 2

By: DanielXX Continue from Short-selling Part 1 We start with the SBL account, an abbreviation for Shares Borrowing and Lending. This is the traditional method for short-selling, whereby one borrows from a pool of ready-for-lending securities in order to sell short. This enables the trader to hold longer than if he were doing "naked" short-selling, where he basically just sells the stock … [Read more...]

Bid and Offer prices of Unit Trust

By: Tan Kin Lian Hi Mr Tan, Not really about specific financial product, but I'm keen to know the difference between Bid-offer spread to Single pricing Unit Trusts. Is there a better model or do they work out the same? REPLY Most unit trusts indicate the Offer price and Bid price separately. You buy at the Offer price and you sell at the Bid price. The difference is called the Spread. … [Read more...]

Short-selling Part 1

By: DanielXX Long-time readers of my blog would know that I have so far been quite resistant to trying to profit from short-selling. But not for moral reasons, for really there is nothing immoral about taking the view that markets will go down and hence backing up that view by selling first before buying up (covering) later. What is immoral is the additional measures the unscrupulous … [Read more...]

Short-selling Part 1

By: DanielXX Long-time readers of my blog would know that I have so far been quite resistant to trying to profit from short-selling. But not for moral reasons, for really there is nothing immoral about taking the view that markets will go down and hence backing up that view by selling first before buying up (covering) later. What is immoral is the additional measures the unscrupulous … [Read more...]

“Investing” Competitions – Blessing or Bane?

By: musicwhiz Interestingly, the topic of trading and investing competitions first came up on another investor's blog. He was commenting on the salient aspects of such competitions and how they did not create a very real-life scenario for people to learn investing. For myself, I have always felt that the term "investing" was too loosely used in such education "seminars" and "competitions". The … [Read more...]