Lian Beng Chairman and Director Sold 10m Shares

By: Derek Lim The Chairman and Managing Director of Lian Beng, Ong Pang Aik sold 10000000 shares to Kim Eng Securities Pte. Ltd. Read the full details here. The folks in CNA forum is debating if this is a good sign - seems to me that there are more negative sentiments. I am not vested in Lian Beng but DanielXX wrote about it in his blog in October. It may be a bit old but still a good … [Read more...]

United Overseas Australia IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 17 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 19 December 2007 Established in the 1987, United Overseas Australia (UOA) is a Malaysian-based, Australian-listed property developer that focuses on the middle to high end residential and commercial property development and investment projects in Kuala Lumpur. They are seeking a secondary listing in … [Read more...]

JES Holdings IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 17 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 19 December 2007 Established in the 1970's, JES is a major PRC shipbuilding group with production facilities capable of producing different types of vessels: Bulk carriers - for transportation of bulk cargo items such as ore, food staples, or similar cargo Containerships - for transportation of all kinds … [Read more...]

The Efficient Market Revisited

By: Jay There has been a lot of debate since the 1950s whether markets are efficient or not. Btw, if you are asking what the heck is an Efficient Market, you can read this posts first. Label: Modern Portfolio Theory Ok Efficient Market. Essentially, some academics came out with this theory that nobody can earn a superior return than the market return (ie average investment return) over … [Read more...]

Act in the interest of consumers

By: Tan Kin Lian Dear Mr. Tan, You spent three decades promoting insurance. Why are you now posting anti-insurance articles in your blog. Why? REPLY I do not wish to be anti-anything or anti-anybody. My purpose is to educate the public, so that they can make the right choice for their future. In recent years, the right choice is: 1. Buy Term insurance to provide the … [Read more...]

KTL Global IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 12 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 14 December 2007 Established in the 1960's, KTL Global is a supplier of rigging equipment and related services. Their customers are mainly in the offshore Oil & Gas and marine industries, and also in the engineering and construction industries. Their sales and marketing team covers mainly Singapore, SE … [Read more...]

Mercator Lines IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 10 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 14 December 2007 Established in the 1983, Mercator Lines is a leading Indian-owned international dry bulk shipping company, focusing on the transport of coal into India, and iron ore from India to countries such as PRC, Japan, and South Korea. Their customers are large players in the thermal-based power and … [Read more...]

Soon Lian Holdings IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 11 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 13 December 2007 Established in the 1980's, Soon Lian is a specialist supplier of over 1,200 different aluminium alloy products, mainly sold to the marine and precision engineering industries. They also sell their products to other aluminium stockists and traders, as well as customers in other … [Read more...]

Mental accounting

By: Wilfred Ling A client of mine was paid in US dollar. He asked me whether should he maintain a US dollar saving account and accumulate his saving there as he receives the US salary. The rationale is because of the declining US, he hopes it will “recover” in the future. If he converts all the money into SGD now, there is no “hope” of recovering. Read more... … [Read more...]

The Buy and Hold Fallacy

By: musicwhiz I notice one very distinctive trait of many investors, which is the flawed view of the “buy and hold” strategy. Many investors believe that as long as the fundamentals of a company are sound and that the company is making profits, they can simply hold on o their shares forever until they are “above water” again (meaning they can break even or make a small profit). A lot of traders … [Read more...]

First Resources IPO.

By: Kleer Closing date of application: 06 December 2007 Commencement of trading: 10 December 2007 Established in 1992, First Resources is one of the largest private sector producers of crude palm oil in Indonesia. All their operations and assets, consisting of 13 oil palm plantations and 6 palm oil mills, are located in Riau province, Sumatra, Indonesia. As of July 2007, they own a total … [Read more...]

Derek – November ’07 Portfolio

By: Derek Lim It has been an eye opener reading the portfolios of my fellow bloggers. I believe that no matter the size of your investments, it is still good to review it regularly. It is also a good opportunity to align your investing strategy and to check on your budgeting. It has been a busy month for me and my current portfolio is a mess. I will keep it short here and have stop any … [Read more...]

Adding Alternatives to your allocation

By: Drizzt Readers here would have noticed that I do have much info here dedicated to commodities, gold or energy in my weblog. This is because going forward, these alternatives have a huge potential to provide that alpha growth for your portfolio. Alternatives as an asset class Critics of commodities would point to the 20 barren years where they go nowhere and give negative returns … [Read more...]

Musicwhiz (End-November 2007 Portfolio Review)

By: musicwhiz The half month from mid-Novembe 2007 to end-November 2007 was equally turbulent, with the resurgence of the sub-prime credit crisis sparking panic and fear in global markets. Many mortgage companies in the USA such as Wells Fargo have had to make large write-downs to reflect the losses for sub-prime debt. It did not help that Sears, a popular retailer in USA, also reported a 99% … [Read more...]

Redirected to MalwareAlarm

I have receive several replies from CNA Forum that there is a 'virus' in my blog. After investigating, I realize that my site will occasionally be redirected to a MalwareAlarm website as shown below. (Please do not visit this site) I did a check on MalwareAlarm and apparently I'm not the only one with such a problem. There are a few sites like Dynamoo and Spyware Sucks who has already … [Read more...]

STI up another 1.24%

By: La Papillion Dow was still up last night and the party goes on. STI went up another 43 pts (1.24%) to close at 3521 with a volume of almost 2 billion. All the biggies moved up - SGX, DBS, Cosco...could it be that funds are buying up now to window dress their portfolio for the next year? Possibility is there. A lot of funny stuff happened towards market close. Sudden whack up and whack … [Read more...]


By: Larry Haverkamp (Dr Money) What you can do about ... OH no! Inflation is coming. And lots of it. Check out the trend: Inflation in 2005 was 0.5 per cent. It doubled to 1 per cent in 2006. This year, it will be about 2 per cent. Last month, the Government forecast 2008 inflation to be 2 to 3 per cent. Now, the official forecast is 3.5 to 4.5 per cent. What is going on? We haven't … [Read more...]

Preservation of Capital – A Central Tenet of Value Investing

By: musicwhiz With Mr. Market currently being so manic-depressive and seeing only bad days ahead, it is important to remember that he is there to serve you, not to instruct you. The pervasiveness of his mood swings has the ability to affect all but those who inherently understand the true value of a business. Market watchers and pundits who are paid to say something about the market everyday … [Read more...]