Review of Quarter Results (Vicom, Riverstone, ISOTeam, Colex, Sarine Technologies & Golden Agri Resources)


Actually, I am quite an impatient person. Perhaps it is because of my job, or me living in fast pace Singapore where everything is about efficiency, or it is just my character…. However, I feel that I might have mellowed down over the years. When it comes to investing, I think I have definitely ‘mellowed down’… I seldom trade, I read more and basically just wait most of the time. Investing in a … [Read more...]

Top 7 Things To Know About SembCorp Industries Limited Before Investing

Sembcorp Industries Limited (SGX:U96) (U96 3.22 +0.03 +0.94%) is a Singapore-listed conglomerate with a market capitalization of S$5.4 Billion (May 2017). The company that is also one of the thirty companies that make up the Straits Times Index (STI).SembCorp Industries (SCI) has seen some rough times in the past few years. This was mainly due to the decline in its offshore and marine business as … [Read more...]

Charity to Tzu Chi (慈济) with REITs & Business Trusts Investing Strategies for Passive Income


Dr Tee, Ein55 Mentor & Graduates have together organised 4 charity investment courses (REITs/Business Trusts in Nov 2015 and May 2017, High Dividend stocks in Mar 2016, and Discounted NAV stocks in Sep 2016) in the past 2 years, donating net income of around $70,000 to Tzu Chi 慈济 (Singapore). We hope to inspire more Ein55 Graduates to reach out the society, helping others who are in need.  … [Read more...]

IREIT Global


On 23 May 2017, purchased 10,000 shares of IREIT Global at $0.755 per share. IREIT Global is a pure focused Europe office reit listed in SGX which comprises of 5 freehold office buildings in Germany. Distribution per unit is  SGD 0.0633 for FY 2016 , however the distribution policy for FY 2017 is 90% of the income instead of 100% of the income. That will translate to DPU of SGD … [Read more...]

10 Tips for "Adulting" for Graduates of 2017


Hello graduates of 2017! Congratulations and welcome to real life, where you now have responsibilities and can no longer hide behind the excuse of "but I'm a student!" anymore. There ton's of things you need to do to "adult" properly, like have a proper resume, cleaning up your social media, etc, but I'll just go through the finance aspect of it all. I am a financial blogger after all. Even … [Read more...]



Yesterday, Noble Group stock slumped another 28.2% to reach a low of $0.42 per share. This was against the backdrop of downgrade by analyst as well as report of the decision of SinoChem not to invest in the company. In my earlier post, I have shared quite a lengthy post about my experience in Noble Group stock. You can read the article here once again. I had been profitable in Noble Group … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: May 2017


I am just back in Singapore after a week long vacation and it’s nice to find out that it’s another “slow and steady” month on the portfolio front. The 15HWW portfolio increased by $6,000 to reach $406,000. The bulk of the increase comes from savings and the organic portion from the growth of the portfolio accounts for less than $2,000.But I am not really complaining since the market has run up a … [Read more...]

Equity Management #13 : How to think about leverage.

We are at Chapter 27 of the book even though this is the 13th installation of the series. For the reader's sanity (and mine), I have skipped over the mathematical components of the book to try to generalise some of the ideas on this blog. Leverage is something I intend to try out over the next few weeks. During my last talk, Maybank was kind enough to sponsor a room for BigScribe which would … [Read more...]

Get your wisdom tooth extracted at govt hospitals

I previously complained about my wisdom teeth. Some people are lucky - they either dont have wisdom tooth, or their wisdom tooth grew well vertically. Since young, I don't have much luck with my teeth. I had braces done for very vain reason because my front tooth was protruding outwards. Other than that, the rest of my teeth are generally fine. I recalled paying $3500 back in 2005-2007. Oh … [Read more...]

How to Stretch Your Dollar on Groceries with Your Credit Card


Being a parent of a 1-year-old baby is tough financially and it has made me more eager to stretch every dollar. Here I am going to compare some credit cards to see which will give me the most rewards or rebates. As a family, my main expenses are usually spent on these things: 1) Groceries – Household items, wet wipes, snacks, fresh ingredients to cook at home. 2) Online shopping for groceries – … [Read more...]

When the lease on my HDB flat ends.

What happens to our CPF money used to buy a HDB flat when the lease ends? Reader: can I assume that whatever has been used to pay for the flat will be forfeited and we still need to pay back the accrued interest? I have friends who are paranoid over the lease issue cuz they keep on reading the anti hdb and anti CPF articles. End up frightening themselves. AK: Tell your friends it is the … [Read more...]

Hatten Land – extremely oversold RSI 15; Analyst TP: $0.435 vs closing price $0.183 (23 May 17)

Hatten Land has dropped 39% from an intraday high of $0.300 on 28 Feb 2017 to close $0.183 on 23 May 2017. What has caused the sharp decline? Where is the bottom?   Possible reasons for the decline Personally, I believe the recent decline may be attributed in part to the following: a) Hatten reported losses for its 3QFY17 results due mainly to the RM87.8m expenses incurred in relation to the … [Read more...]

STI Developers (HK Land, CapitaLand, GLP, CDL, UOL) average 23% YTD Gain


The STI’s five Real Estate Developer & Operator stocks are Hongkong Land Holdings, CapitaLand, Global Logistic Properties, City Developments and UOL Group. Together the five stocks have averaged a 23% total return in the 2017 YTD. The majority of these returns occurred earlier in the year, amidst the global rotation from Emerging Markets to Developing Markets, and the Singapore Government … [Read more...]

#04 – New Zealand Dollar


Spotted a selling opportunity on NZD/USD Monthly Chart shows clear sign of rejection on the bullish candlestick pull back by breaking its low (Previous month C.S). Overall market channel has been broken off in 2014 and has since been trending bearishly with confirmation in 2015. Spotted trend continuation pattern on the Weekly Chart, as candlestick broke of key price while making progressive … [Read more...]

Why is Forex a market of the Future (Guest Post)


What forex shortage stands for? For Foreign Exchange, you may know this type of trading also under following names: Forex Trading, Currency Trading, Foreign Exchange Market, or shortly FX. This market is just about buying one currency and selling another currency. So the general task is to buy cheap and sell expensive. FX market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week - only weekends are off. Main … [Read more...]



These are the ten stocks recommended by UOB in a report dated 17 Apr 2017 and the drivers behind the recommendations. 1) OCBC: target price $11.70 - improvement in non-performing loan and growth in fee income 2) Capitaland: target price $4.30 –exceed estimates due to recognition of gains from the sale of forty-five Nassim units 3) Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust: target price … [Read more...]

7 things you need to know about LPI Capital before you invest

Perhaps, if you’re reading this, you’ve already bought several insurance policies. Individually, these policies include a medical card and multiple life insurance products. If you have a car, you would’ve bought motor insurance. If you are a property owner, you would’ve purchased multiple insurance products to insure damages against fire, theft and natural disasters. Hopefully, we won’t need to … [Read more...]

7 Things To Know About Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited Before Investing

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited (OCBC) (SGX: O39) (O39 10.37 +0.07 +0.68%)is one of three locally listed banks in Singapore. It is the second largest bank by market capitalization in Southeast Asia, at about S$43.2 billion as at 22nd May 2017.Listed on the Singapore Exchange, OCBC Bank’s key markets are Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Greater China. It has more than 610 branches and … [Read more...]

Prospect Business the Proper Way with Investment Quadrant 2.0

My choice of wealth machine is mainly through individual stock prospecting. I don’t call it value investing, growth investing. I am a pugilist learning the art of what generates sustainable positive expected return. What I learn that works is proper portfolio management, risk assessment, business prospecting, valuation, momentum investing. My style is somewhat like this, and it is hard … [Read more...]

The Rise of Robo-Advisors

Financial technology, or fintech, is revolutionising the financial world in terms of processes and services, and one of the products of fintech is the robo-advisory. On the investment front, robo-advisories, or robo-advisors, would help you craft your investment portfolio according to your needs, preferences, and risk profiles. The robo-advisor would then, if you want, automatically maintain your … [Read more...]