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Real Estate Plays Feature in November’s Volume Leaders


The month of November saw six different sectors represented among the 10 most actively traded stocks with the biggest volume increases.  Almost half of the 10 most actively traded stocks were real estate plays. They comprised two REITs – AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT and Manulife US REIT, one Real Estate Developer  – GSH Corporation, and one Real Estate Operating Company – Global Logistic … [Read more...]

Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust FLT – Proactive Renewing Future Leases

Frasers Logistic and Industrial Trust (FLT) announced its maiden financial results after its listing this year. The REIT also declared a dividend per unit (DPU) of $0.0184 versus the IPO forecast of $0.0179. The results were inline, but in this article I want to see whether I can pick out anything that FLT does differently from the local REITs. I have to bear in mind that this is a very … [Read more...]

SK Bullion Experience (Part 1)

I have been a client of BullionStar for the past few years and I've always enjoyed my shopping experience with them. I think the most major plus of BullionStar is the ability to execute orders online. I hadn't seen any dealers with such a good system until I stumbled upon SK Bullion. SK Bullion is a subsidiary of the Soo Kee Group, which is a familiar jewelry shop in Singapore as well as a … [Read more...]

Singapore Healthcare Sector Outperforms Regional Benchmark in YTD


The SGX All Healthcare Index has generated a 6.4% total return in the year-to-date, and maintains a dividend yield of 5.9%. This compares with the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Asia ex-Japan Health Care Index, which has declined 2.4% in Singapore dollar terms over the same period, and maintains a yield of 1.2%. The three best-performing components of the SGX All Healthcare Index are Singapore Medical Group … [Read more...]

"One with the F&B Business That Got Listed Recently"


I thought about whether I want to really write about this "falling knife" since it only gotten listed recently. Writing it may make it worse for the existing shareholders. My rationale for looking at this stock was because: 1. It is in the food and beverage business - something my portfolio is lacking and something I am interested in. The price has been falling - After reaching the … [Read more...]

Company prospecting: Talkmed

(not vested) I have been crawling through medical companies, especially those offering direct services to patients. But have not go into those upstream, the manufacturers of medical equipments, products. One thing that struck me is the high lofty valuation of above 30 PE is more of norm than exception. It is a sector that seems that it can do no wrong, however, looking at the companies, I … [Read more...]

HC Surgical Specialists Limited


HC Surgical Specialists Limited ("HC Surgical" or "the Company") is offering 30m placement shares at $0.27 each for a listing on Catalist and there is no public tranche. The offer will close on 1 Nov 2016 at 12pm and commence trading on 3 Nov 2016 at 9am. The market cap is S$39.5m based on the IPO price. The Company is a medical services group primarily engaged in the provision of endoscopic … [Read more...]

How we made 64.4% returns (so far) in this “boring” Hong Kong company that no one talks about…


About two years ago, in 2014, there was an opportunity for us. It was a rare investment opportunity that offered little downside risk and we could potentially earn 50-80% in profit in three years. What was obvious then too was that this company was paying its shareholders steady dividends since 2000 and we figured that the company was likely able to sustain the dividends for another ten … [Read more...]

The New Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF


Word has spread around of a new REIT ETF which has been launched for IPO just last week and closed on 13th October 2016. The ETF will begin trading in the market this Thursday 20th October 2016. REIT has been an all time favourite for Singaporeans as it provides higher than average dividends which is quite a good dividend income for many people. With the new REIT ETF, it will be easier to … [Read more...]

Why I won’t buy the Fullerton Healthcare IPO


Apart from the fact that I have no money, that is. As Asia Pacific grows in both population and wealth, demand for quality healthcare is definitely going to increase. Indeed, optimism for solid growth has driven valuations for other SGX-listed healthcare operators like Raffles Medical Group sky high. It is in this back drop where news that Fullerton Healthcare IPO was being priced at the … [Read more...]

100 Minutes: Investing with Confidence


RHB Securities has organised 100 Minutes: Investing With Confidence, a bespoke seminar tailored to empower retail investors with practical knowledge in stocks investing. Hear from a great line up of speakers on useful investment tools and information that will aid investors in improving their investment decisions in the current economic climate and invest with confidence. Learn how to leverage … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Time to Cut Losses (T4B)


I've been holding onto this stuff for way too long. I could've sold everything off when prices hit upwards of 0.70, but I didn't. Could've, would've, should've - it's all water under the bridge. I took a gamble on the Garden Fresh IPO from Sino Grandness (T4B), and it's about time I liquidated my holdings. I would most definitely make a loss, but I am thankful that my other trades (thank you, … [Read more...]

Keppel DC Acquires Data Centre in Wales, Showing us How a REIT can Grow Well

One of the privileged presentation during our reader’s sharing Building Cash Flow with Stocks was an explanation of how REITs grow by B from Forever Financial Freedom. He illustrated based on his competency how the capital management of REITs could take place to grow with debt and equity. I do agree with his thoughts, and my article on how REITs grow have articulate that view. In this week’s … [Read more...]

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF – A Panacea For Low Yield?


Normally, I’m not an active blogger due to my day job, which requires me to dabble in technology and finance, but when an interesting piece of news comes across my desk, I can’t pass up the chance to write. In case anyone hasn’t heard the news yet, Phillip Capital has launched an IPO for a REIT ETF to be listed on the SGX, and from the product fact sheet, the ETF shall track a list … [Read more...]

How Does One Become an Angel Investor?

Angel Investing is a rather new form of investing in Singapore and South East Asia. Experienced Angel Investor, Mr Lim Der Shing shares his thoughts to the general questions many people ask about Angel Investing. Enter Der Shing NB: While I have experience mainly in tech startups, I believe the principles mostly apply to non tech angel investments too. 1) What is Angel Investing ? How is … [Read more...]

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT Case Study – Low Dividend Yield, Long WALE and build in Organic Growth

Singaporeans have a good number of REITs for them to select from, when they look for dividend yield and share price appreciation. These REITs are split into different categories and have their own characteristic, dividend spread over the risk free rates and react differently to the demand and supply of their own categories. (You can take a look at the REITs, their prevailing prices and certain … [Read more...]



Greetings! You must be wondering where Mr. IPO has gone to ... Is he busy catching Pokemons and neglecting this retirement blog?!? Well... I have been living in a suitcase for the last few months, round the world for work and not for catching Mr. Mime unfortunately... And this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future... Sigh The Pokemon eggs is probably an apt picture. It … [Read more...]

Are these two stocks the Best stocks?

Two Singapore’s listed companies appeared in Forbes Asia magazine Best under the Billion (in terms of market cap) companies. The two companies are MM2 Asia and Riverstone Holdings. While readers may want to refer to the article to know more details of the nomination behind the two companies, I just want to highlight how these two companies’ stocks have already been in the “radar” of investors … [Read more...]

Why this stock is heading south?

Since its IPO, Jumbo Group stock has been on an ascent. The attractive F&B scene, the support of investors like Temasek Holdings and Ron Sim, founder of Osim further lends a vote of confidence to investors vested in this stock. Jumbo has also plans to expand in China. But as we know for all stocks, the ascent of stocks could not be unabated. And the time has come for Jumbo Group stock to … [Read more...]

Do you know what is Green Shoe Option?


Recently, Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust (LMIR Trust) announced that they have obtained up to S$350 Million term loan facilities with a Green Shoe option of up to S$70 million. The proceeds will be used to fund acquisitions and refinance existing debt. The term “Green Shoe Option” caught my eye. Initially, I thought it was the name of a new mall Lippo is planning to acquire, however upon … [Read more...]