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4 Reasons Why Spinoffs Outperform the Market Index


In 1993, Patrick J. Cusatis, James A. Miles and J. Randall Woolridge did a research study on the stock performance of spinoff companies from 1963 to 1988. From the research, they found that spinoffs outperformed the S&P 500 by about 10% per year in the first three years of their independence. The study also found that parent companies of spinoffs also outperformed the index by more than 6% per … [Read more...]

[SGX Portfolio] January 2015 Update

Hi everybody, To all those that have seen my previous monthly, you would notice that this month it has changed quite a bit. This is due to the new change in the SGX as well as a new method of caluclation that I will be using. With the change of calculation, my previous individual monthly updates are slightly wrong. I don't know if I like this presentation format the best, but it's a … [Read more...]

Bobbie Bear – A case of product exclusiveness

A Straits Times article recently talked about the Bobbie Bear produced at the Bridestowe Tasmania lavender farm. Seems a craze has started in China over owning the purple coloured bear produced exclusively by this farm. More on this from Forbes: How Did Tasmanian Lavender Bears Turn Into a Social Media Sensation in China Purple seems to attract. Recall the purple dinosaur? I found that … [Read more...]

Most Popular Personal Finance Posts on 2014

It is the year of OCBC 360/365. Comes as no surprise as even my colleagues are heading over to HR to update their accounts. Read all about OCBC  and what other posts made it to the top five. Being RICH is not about how much you have, BUT about how much you GIVE. I happened to chance upon this video from Facebook and I learned a new quote today, YAY! It's my first time hearing this and I am … [Read more...]

Best Credit Cards for 2014

My criteria for the best credit card is based on the amount of monetary incentives and rebates. The minimum spending is also taken into consideration. Cards that give reward points and air miles will be converted to cash credits and be judged accordingly. 3) ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card ANZ travel visa signature card is my third choice. Currently, the best air mile to dollar … [Read more...]

Cash Rebate Credit Cards

One way to maximize my returns is to reduce monthly expenses. So for me, I look specifically at cash rebate when choosing my credit cards. Air miles or reward points maybe good(if the conversion ratios are attractive), but why exchange for vouchers when you can get back cash credit? Personally, cards with min spending doesn't entice me. My aim is to reduce spending and not to meet a higher … [Read more...]

Average Down versus Scaling-In versus Dollar Cost Averaging

Nothing draws in new batches of cannon fodder like the bull market of 2013 - be it STI or S&P. I think its good to revisit this never ending average down topic once again. Experienced investors and traders (lived through 1 bull/bear cycle) you can move along now. Nothing to see for you. You won't be where you are today without a well established opinion. Don't change a winning formula. … [Read more...]

How to Extract Maximum Value From Your KrisFlyer Miles & Subtract Travel Expenses

Despite the immense impact of globalization and hype about a future with ubiquitous connectivity, it’s a pity that air travel is still considered the transport mode of choice for the elite. Yes, affordable air travel is still a distant dream and most wanderlust-inspired bucket lists are left unfulfilled due to the financial burden they can put on one’s lifestyle. For Singaporeans, the budgeting … [Read more...]

OCBC 365 Credit Card

sgmoneymatters - OCBC 365 Credit Card

Credit card competition has already been fierce in Singapore. You hardly get your credit card annual fee “waived” every year in other parts of the world. Moreover, it is no longer easy for Krisflyer miles or other form of points to create some excitements among consumers. Singaporeans are spoiled with choices. OCBC’s survey found that “the cashback or rebate card commands 50% of the credit card … [Read more...]

3 Best Credit Cards for Frequent Flyers in Singapore

The number of credit card options available to frequent flyers and the rewards they offer are constantly growing, which seems to be making it harder to pick the best one. While the right choice will depend on your traveling and spending habits, this article should help to find the card that is best tailored to the kind of spender and traveler that you are. These are given in no particular order … [Read more...]

Travel when young

There's a Chinese saying that travelling 10,000 miles can be more illuminating than reading 10,000 books. Do it when you are young. School vacations or after graduation are the best times to do so. If you do not have time at this age, pray tell when you will have time when you are running on the treadmill? After marriage with kids? Even better if you don't have much money! You will … [Read more...]

Small Changes = Huge Results

Saving a lot of money is like trying to run a marathon. If you dwell on how long the race is, you might not even get off the couch. But if, instead, you focus on putting one foot in front of the other and running one mile, and then two miles, and so on, suddenly a marathon doesn't seem quite as intimidating. Try to think about your finances in the same way.PThis post originally appeared … [Read more...]

Krisflyer American Express Credit Card

Recently applied for the Krisflyer Ascend American Express credit card.  The main reason I signed up for it was because of the additional 5,000 bonus Krisflyer miles that first time applicants would enjoy. It is given when one makes a first charge to the card.In addition, one gets to enjoy bonus krisflyer miles in the first 3 months of usage.  Of course, one thing to note is that the … [Read more...]

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Credit Card

Credit cards have really changed the way we shop and make payments, so much so that the need for physical cash these days is slowly but surely ebbing. The plain vanilla credit card aside, many opt for the novel approach of having a separate card for different types of benefits and rewards, such as fuel rebates, travel miles, and even as a show of support for one’s favourite football team! With so … [Read more...]

82 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett

82 Reasons We Love Warren BuffettChanced upon this article on Aug 30, the 82nd Birthday of Warren Buffett (my favourite investment idol)... It's quite entertaining and I would like to share with you all :D1. Intricate, occasionally contradictory complexity hides beneath the aw-shucks folksy charm. As a Forbes writer once put it, "Buffett is not a simple person, but he has simple … [Read more...]

My cost of living in the United Kingdom- Rent and Utilities

In this post I shall touch on the issue of rent and housing. Next year, I am staying with three other friends in a ~1,200 sq ft 3 storey house opposite the university's main building. Our rent per month for this house, excluding bills, is GBP 1,120. That works out to be roughly 64.50 GBP pppw.Now, this rent is slightly below average for the area; this is because we only have two toilets whereas … [Read more...]

Coffee with FFN and Robert Miles

Robert P. Miles is an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter, author and distinguished authority on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. Pursued by journalists and media moguls on just about each and every move that Mr. Buffett makes, Robert is a long-term shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. He also has had the great honor of getting to know Warren Buffett, the man and the remarkable … [Read more...]

Adampak – Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

OKP’s Annual General Meeting FY2011 Coffee with FFN and Robert Miles Adampak – Signed, Sealed and Delivered! May 10, 2012 financiallyfreenow Adampak 5 Comments This morning, at 8.30am, I dropped a pink envelope into the Singpost letterbox. Contained in the pink envelope was the acceptance letter to sell off my Adampak stake to Navis Capital. Navis made an offer to buy over Adampak at … [Read more...]

Talk on Warren Buffett at Invest Fair 2012

I attended a seminar by Robert Miles at Invest Fair 2012 that was held on 8th April 2012. Robert Miles “is an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter, author and distinguished authority on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway” (extracted from Invest Fair 2012 site). His talk was entitled: “New at Warren Buffett’s Investment Holding Company: How It Can Super Charge Your Portfolio”. I will … [Read more...]