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Bank of China’s SmartSaver Appealing at up to 3.55% Interest Income. We compare against OCBC 360, UOB ONE and iSavvy


As wealth builders, one of the common actions we engage in is to find an idea high yielding account which are low risk to park our money which we needed very soon. In a low interest environment it is difficult to find a good place to park our money with decent interest rates. Thus there is a rise of the hybrid hurdle high yield savings accounts. These are bank accounts that gives you higher … [Read more...]

New BOC 3.55% Smart Saver Account


  A new OCBC 360 spin off has arrived. This time its Bank of China's Smart Saver Multi currency account. From what I have read so far, its much better than the current OCBC 360 and UOB One account.   For this account, you will receive two types of interest. First, you will get the prevailing interest which is max at 0.4% when you have 50k and above in your account.   Second, you will get … [Read more...]

Switching to UOB One Account


My emergency funds has been deposited in both OCBC 360 and Standard Chartered Bonus$aver account for quite some time now. At the start of the month, I decided to make the effort to open the UOB One account. UOB One account offers up to 3.33% interest annually for up to S$50,000. Really? There are always terms and conditions to the interest rate. The interest rates are tiered for the UOB One … [Read more...]

Our Net Worth – 2015 Edition


Last August, after I left my first job, I bared our total net worth on this blog. Since then, many things have happened. The Mrs left her cushy regional marketing role (too stressful and busy) in April earlier this year and I left another job just two months ago. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find some changes to our net worth. Honestly speaking, since our work density (cool term?) was … [Read more...]

CIMB FastSaver: Account Opened


Wow, I applied for the FastSaver account online on the 24th and it was opened on the 28th! I did everything from the comfort of my computer! I am really loving CIMB! I have 2 accounts with them (FastSaver and my previous StarSaver) and I have never ever been down to any of their branches yet! Now I have the following decent yielding cash accounts: OCBC 360 @ 2.25% (up to $60,000) CIMB … [Read more...]

Another new candidate account to park your warchest


I was tired and on my company bus home from work. On my facebook feed, I saw this new account from CIMB, called CIMB FastSaver. 1.0% p.a. without any fees nor conditions for the first 50k, sounds like it will replace the CIMB StarSaver Savings account on my watchlist (at least while my balances are still low), no cheque book though. It is an online account similar to my prior StandChart … [Read more...]

CIMB Fast Saver


CIMB has got a new savings account that is similar to Starsaver, but more attractive for the first 50k. Full details click here. It makes for a great alternative to the old Starsaver account. No fall below maintenance fee, no service fee, no requirements needed(UOB one, OCBC 360) and no gimmicks. Interest rate balance at two levels: 1.00% p.a for first S$50,000 0.6%% p.a above S$50,000 In … [Read more...]

The new OCBC Frank card has lost its appeal


Guest post by Coftea With its 6% cashback given for online spending, the OCBC FRANK card is every online shopper’s must-have. Well, not from 1st Oct 2015 onwards when the new changes come into effect. Good things tend not to last. What’s so bad about it? FRANK is turning into every other card out there, tempting you with attractive benefits but making the requirements hard to achieve. And … [Read more...]

Why OCBC PLUS! VISA Credit Card is Good for me


After my rant of the new OCBC FRANK Credit Card CC updated terms and conditions, I decided to look for a new credit card for use of my OCBC 360 account. After looking through all the OCBC Credit Cards, I guess I ended up with the PLUS! VISA Credit Card. Now this is not a card for everyone, just so happen for now that card works best for me. My spending habits are pretty frugal so I can't … [Read more...]

The Annoying OCBC FRANK Credit Card Update Rant


Well, some of my friends know that this is the beginning of my PH-less, no more weekends, and no TGIF-half-the-time life. It is tough but not too bad. But OCBC had to send me this: Yes, they are going to "update" the benefits like how they made the 360 account "just got better". And it is not even a year for me with that card. =.=" Well, could also be my fault. I guess I'm too … [Read more...]

What do I do when everyone is talking about the market?

Asahi Super Dry - 150 x 150

The STI has breeched the 3000 point mark and everyone is dishing out their views and opinions. I too was caught up in the excitement - nibbling at stocks and watching in 'awe' as my watch list and portfolio continue to head south. The weekend is a good time for many of us to plan our investment strategy when the market opens on Monday. However, I decided to take a step back and with my "trusty" … [Read more...]

Standard Chartered e$aver Account S$5 Fall-Below Fee From 28-Aug-2015

Public Service Announcement – Starting 28th August 2015, Standard Chartered Bank is going to charge a new fall-below fee of S$5 monthly for e$aver Account if the minimum average daily balance is below S$1,000. It isn’t on their official website yet but I’ve just received their letter. Note : there is currently no fees being charged. A perfect example of changing the rules of the game. Does … [Read more...]

How to meet 2 requirements with 1 act for OCBC 360?

A conversation with a regular reader of my blog: Hi AK,  How's it going for you AK? This is in regards to the OCBC 360 account and in particular to the criteria of generating an additional 0.5% interest amid the payment of 3 unique bills in a calendar month.  I am wondering do you know that the topping up of our CPF-SA is considered a bill payment because I was so amazed when i … [Read more...]

A chat on FDs, SSBs, OCBC 360 and CPF Top Ups.

Solace is a regular guest blogger here at ASSI and he has shared generously, without any agenda, his thoughts on personal finance and investment matters. He is sharing with us a conversation he had with a friend recently: I had a conversation with a friend recently about FD, Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB), OCBC 360 and CPF. Friend: u know hor, now got SSB, very good, very stupid to put money … [Read more...]

My Monthly Spending and Rebate


My wife decided to resign from her job to take care of our baby for awhile, so its more crucial now to do some serious micro management for my monthly expense. We have also employed a maid to help with the house keeping. I continue the habit of not spending cash but rather on three credit cards that are giro-ed(to prevent any chance of late payment.) My decision on the three credit cards must have … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 Top Up Month, UOB Fix Deposit & Allocation


Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog if you wish to continue with the contents below. This month is my OCBC 360 top up month. I will be topping up my 360 account from 3k(min balance) last month to 60k. This will enable me to enjoy 2.05% p.a interest for this month for the 57k increment. Here is the break down: 1% from the new top up this month 0.5% from paying three $1 … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 Account: A Heavy-Hearted Update


I had always seen this coming. For what is effectively a liquid savings deposit, the OCBC 360 Account offered a ridiculously high interest of 3.05% for balances up to $50,000 during its introduction last year. Therefore, during the past year, I had been one of the biggest proponents of the OCBC 360 Account. In fact, in April 2014, I wrote a comprehensive blog post advocating how AMAZING the … [Read more...]

Earn from your spending with OCBC 360, 365 and FRANK


Even with the recent changes to OCBC 360 savings account, the ability to earn up to 2.25% of your money (capped at 60k) still makes it a top choice to put your money into it. While reviewing the policy changes, it was also a good idea to review my expenditures and see how I can better make use of OCBC credit card offerings. Why look at OCBC offerings? The 360 account entitles you to 0.5% … [Read more...]

Savings account- Time to change!

Still using POSB savings account? TIME TO CHANGE! You must have seen recently the number of posts on OCBC 360 account on the internet, about how unfair they were to review the criteria of payout interest shortly after introducing this plan to the public. Well, I felt that way too when I heard the news, one reason being I had just switched my savings account to OCBC 360 3 months ago. Right … [Read more...]