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Derek (2007 Portfolio Overview and 2008 Action Plan)

By: Derek Lim My 2nd year into stocks and it has been a pretty messy year. I applied for almost half the IPOs this year thinking that I can make a quick buck, tried contra, applied for rights, use my CPF to buy stocks and buying on broker’s recommendation all with mixed results. I’m fortunate that I did not suffer too much a loss because 2007 has been a relatively strong year but I’m determined not to repeat the same mistakes again as I’m very sure that I will get burnt real bad one day. Lessons Learnt: Keep your...

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Of estimates and consensus thinking

By: Jay I attended an investment session where the instructor asked the class (of around 20 pple) to estimate the size of Thailand vs Singapore. Was it 50x bigger? Or 100x bigger? Or 500x or what? He wanted to prove a point. The true answer will lie in the range of everybody’s estimate. Bcos someone was bound to get it right. Well his point was quite valid, in the end, the answer did lie within the range of everyone’s estimate. But what was more striking to me was that most estimates are wrong and some VERY WRONG. For those...

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Is there any reason for the fall in high yielding dividend counters?

By: Drizzt I know alot of folks are fans of high yielding stocks and are heavily vested in it. If you have notice recently, alot of these high yielders are falling like flies. What happens in such a situation? the yield gets more attractive. some good examples are MIIF, Allco REIT, Cambridge REIT, Babcock & Brown. So do they make a good buy now? I’m still investigating the repurcussions of the subprime mess and credit squeeze and their effect to these counters. Personally for me to be vested, I would really need a bloody large yield to make me...

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Preservation of Capital – A Central Tenet of Value Investing

By: musicwhiz With Mr. Market currently being so manic-depressive and seeing only bad days ahead, it is important to remember that he is there to serve you, not to instruct you. The pervasiveness of his mood swings has the ability to affect all but those who inherently understand the true value of a business. Market watchers and pundits who are paid to say something about the market everyday will come up with a myriad of reasons why Mr. Market is pessimistic, and a dearth of bad news will continually stream in to reinforce this perception. Thus, the resultant effect...

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Barriers to Entry

By: Jay To determine whether a company has a business moat ie whether it can defend its turf when competitors come in, we look at what is called Barriers to Entry, one of Porter’s 5 Forces. I have identified a few common barriers but I must point out that the list is not exhaustive. Other barriers exist and it takes experience and knowledge to identify them. Again, investing is about life-long learning and hard-work. It is not about get-rich-quick. Market share This is the most basic edge a company can have over its competitors. When a company is the...

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Ascendas India REIT

By: Derek Lim Hard-luck. Even for a fairly big IPO like this, I’m still unable to get any. Come to think of it, my only two successful IPOs (ChinaRetail Investment Trust and CitySpring) was applied via DBS and none of was successful via UOB. Despite the low yield, I believe that AscendasIndT is a good stock for the long term. My initial plan is to buy only 1 lot and being the typically “Kiasu” Singaporean, I bid 1 lot at $1.60 and another at $1.78 (I estimated that it will open in this range). However, the opening price was...

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