My mutated DCA – Follow-up Action


As per my earlier post on my mutated DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) "strategy" on Singtel (click here to read more why I called it "mutated"), I've expanded by "scope" to include another counter, Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT), of which I've written previously (click here) the reason I am interested in this counter. Ya, I know, the price (at 55 cents) is higher than my indicated target entry … [Read more...]

Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT) – The Reasons Behind Its 7% Jump Yesterday?


If you are vested with the Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT), I am sure its performance yesterday (which is a whopping 7.14% jump to $0.525) put a smile on your face. Some of you might already took profit out of this "rare" jump. The question is what trigger the jump? Reading through numerous sites, my personal interpretation/guesstimate are : Appointment of new CEO, Brian Mckinley and … [Read more...]