For some Singaporeans, growing old means living in a nursing home in Johor Bahru

The facts are very simple. Even with government subsidy, the fees for nursing homes in Johor are still much lower than one in Singapore. It was reported as early as 16th Feb 2009 by the Straits Times that “JB nursing homes draw some Singaporeans”. Just how expensive can this kind of long term care cost? It is easy to see from the table below that a bedridden patient will drain the family income … [Read more...]

Eldershield is not simply for ‘Elders’

Your initial thought when you first discovered ElderShield might have been, “Elder? Who, me?” – especially if you happen to be born in the 1960s, or 1970s. Or that the notification letter from one of the approved insurers administering ElderShield must have been a mistake – or at least vastly premature. Your eyes might even have glazed over when your insurance agent or … [Read more...]

The Bare Necessities of Life (Insurance)

They say there’s nothing certain in life except for death and taxes. So if life is so full of uncertainty, doesn’t it make sense to manage the risks involved? Life insurance, in its various forms, was born out of the desire to manage the risk of death (especially premature death), disability and major illness (that could lead to disability or death). The assumption behind wanting to … [Read more...]

Understanding CPF Insurance Schemes

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Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Healthcare Costs?

I wrote about CPF's "Are You Ready" campaign recently and also did a quick check in my previous posting about "Are You Ready to Manage Your Cashflow".  Anyway, there is a contest also ongoing on the Are You Ready site and there are MacBook Airs and shopping vouchers to be won just by sharing your stories.  So do visit the site here and share your stories. Anyway, thought I will do … [Read more...]