Is property a good investment in times of war?

The Easter weekend was filled with tensions. It started with Donald Trump using Afghanistan as a testing ground for the Mother Of All Bombs and killed 96 Islamic State militants. This was followed by a failed missile launch by North Korea on Sunday. US Vice-President Mike Pence warned that ‘the era of strategic patience is over’. Suddenly, everyone is on their toes. A war sounds … [Read more...]

$500K in gold and waiting for stock market crash.

Gold is not a productive asset. Hi boss! Like to ask you on a topic (precious metals) rarely mentioned on your blog. I love precious metals (gold and silver) and anything in gold I can wear. I liquidated all my shares in 2013 in anticipation of a market crash that didn't happen till date. If I were to liquidate all my gold today, I will get back 500k.  I like to ask should I continue … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To Achieving An IPPT Gold


It started with a T-shirt. While trying on T-shirts at Uniqlo, I realised that not a single M-sized shirt could hide my proudly protruding belly. Aren’t these changing room mirrors supposed to make you look more attractive than you actually are? Ugh. It was time to do something about it. I didn’t want to do the usual “join a gym, pay lots of money, fall of the treadmill (literally)” cycle that … [Read more...]

Familiarity Bias vs. Ambiguity Effect


Or otherwise known as reliance on old-fashioned financial institutions and outdated economic structures.  Partly, it is due to habit; partly, because of our concerns about liquidity; and partly, because we think that it is always risky to experiment with new things where we might lack information (“ambiguity”). We seem to want to persist in using the tried financial technology that was used by … [Read more...]

GDX Gold Miners ETF Technical Analysis

GDX is in a short term downtrend since hitting the highs at 31.50s. It has since corrected roughly 30% and has traded sideways for the entire month of October. It is still abit early to claim we are out of the woods yet, but a close above 25 will be the initial confirmation that we are done. That being said, we cannot close below 22.50 which is the low of this current consolidation.Seeing how Gold … [Read more...]

Gold analysis

This commodity was once the darling of the market in 2011, when it hit a high of 1920USD/OZ. The market has since forgotten about the shiny metal, leaving Gold to drift slowly down during the last 4 years. From the technical perspective, Gold traded in a macro downtrend channel ever since the highs were reached in 2011. However, the 1000-1100 range did see some support with increased volumes. The … [Read more...]

Is gold a long-term insurance?

Many wealth builders view gold as a long-term insurance. This is because gold offers safe-haven qualities that serve to hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties.  In Singapore, the government encourages the locals to buy and sell gold, with a view of making Singapore a precious metal trading hub. One of the policies that incentivize Singaporeans to buy gold is the exemption of GST for … [Read more...]

Buying investment grade gold in Singapore?

Hi AK, would like to check with you on gold products. 1) What are some of the products if we we would like to use CPF to purchase gold? Is it recommended to purchase using CPF? 2) For purchase of physical gold, are there any considerations when purchasing? understand UOB gold should be quite cost efficient if you purchase minimum weight. 3) Why is gold bullion coin is more expensive than … [Read more...]

CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited: Initiation Report


Business Model of CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited (‘CNMC’) CNMC is a relatively young gold mining company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Singapore. Its principal activities are exploration and mining of gold, as well as the processing of mined ore into gold dore bars. It was listed in the Catalist Board in 2011. Its flagship project is the Sokor Gold Field, a mining area of approximately … [Read more...]

Why investors for income buy gold and silver?

It has been a long time since I blogged about having some precious metals in our portfolio and some newer readers might not even know I blogged about gold and silver before. What do gold and silver have to do with investing for income? Sounds like a scam? If you think like this, congratulations! You will never fall victim to Geneva Gold and their friends! Gold and silver coins can be … [Read more...]

2 gold ETFS to consider to hedge against Brexit uncertainty


As we all probably know by now, the UK has voted to leave the European Union and Brexit is the word on everyone’s lips. Stock markets around the world reacted sharply and over US$2 trillion was wiped off global stock markets just 24 hours after the news broke. Markets have rebounded slightly since but the volatility is unlikely to ease in the near future as uncertainty looms over … [Read more...]

3 Good Reasons You Should Own Gold


This is a guest post by Kim Iskyan, the founder of Truewealth Publishing. We had interviewed Kim previously where he shared insights about succeeding as a retail investor. Today he shares about Gold and why retail investors should have it in their portfolio.  A lot of investors either love gold… or hate it. But there’s very good reason to move past your emotions – and invest in gold … [Read more...]

Gold demand ignites price rally

According to World Gold Council, global demand for gold grew 21% to 1289.8 tonnes, the strongest Q1 on record. As gold demand ignites price rally, many investors are caught by surprise at the yellow metal best performance in 30 years. The sudden change in the global economic and financial landscape has certainly caused investors to flee for security. Significant uncertainties stem from the … [Read more...]

Successful: Short Gold


This time gold did went lower and was a successful one. But to close the trade early as its already 11pm. Time to zzzzTrading Plan: 1. Trade with the trend 2. Trade when there is a price action reversal with the trend continuation 3. Place SL on previous high/low candle (Limit my loss) 4. No TP. Let market decide when to exit (Let my profit run)[embedded content][embedded content][embedded … [Read more...]

Failed: Short Gold


Yet another failed short attempt on gold. It suddenly reversed its trend and hit my stop loss.Trading Plan: 1. Trade with the trend 2. Trade when there is a price action reversal with the trend continuation 3. Place SL on previous high/low candle (Limit my loss) 4. No TP. Let market decide when to exit (Let my profit run)[embedded content][embedded content][embedded content] Let's block ads! … [Read more...]

Why SGX Gold Kilobar Contract is a Major Flop

I was reading an article written by BullionStar on SGX Kilobar and could not help but agreed with all the points. The blogger has correctly pointed out the major flaws in the product offering from SGX and also compared it to BullionStar’s products. From a Singapore Inc perspective, of course I hope SGX’s project will be a success as it could have played a major role in fulfilling Singapore’s … [Read more...]

Make explosive wealth with gold

Recently, my wife and I liquidated our UOB Gold Saving Accounts (GSA) again. We are consolidating our funds with the aim of purchasing a new Executive Condominium. Overall, including the profits made on 25 February 2016, we made a total profits of $800 from gold. Not a huge amount of profits but considering the fact that we held the investments for only three weeks, it was quite a good investment … [Read more...]

Gold’s explosive start in 2016

With fear firmly in grip on the global stock markets, gold price has seen an explosive start to 2016. The precious metal has surged an impressive 17 percent after bottoming in December 2015. Investors are fleeing the stock market and pouring massive funds in safe haven like gold and silver. Currently, gold is trading at spot price of USD 1238.40 per ounce. While it is still premature to claim that … [Read more...]

The strong demand for gold

As the year end festive season approaches, gold demand from China and India consumers pick up as expected. This is because the Chinese and Indian consumers are traditionally known to buying gold jewelleries and bullion during festive seasons. In the latest report from World Gold  Council, the Indian demand was up by 15% to 211 tonnes, while China’s demand increased by 4% to 188 tonnes in Q3 2015. … [Read more...]

My gold journey with BullionStar

BullionStar announces their 3rd Year Anniversary celebration! Time really flies and it seems like yesterday when I forged a working relationship with BullionStar to promote understanding of gold bullion among Singapore readers. Since then, the company has grew from strength to strength and has became a leading bullion dealer in Singapore. It never fails to amaze that the company has managed to … [Read more...]