Make money from Croesus Retail Trust and no worries?

I said before that if an investment is still doing what we want it to do for us, there is no reason to sell unless we have found a another investment that can do a better job, bearing in mind to compare apples with apples. Reader: Hi AK, noticed you mentioned you would prefer not to accept any privatisation of Croesus. Just curious about the reason?  Supposing they pay a 20 percent premium, … [Read more...]

What Trended At QAF Limited AGM 2016


QAF Limited conducted its annual general meeting (AGM) at Parkroyal on Pickering on 24 April 2017. Since Heartland Boy has always believed that meeting management would sharpen his investment thesis, he tried his best to avail himself that day. Furthermore, QAF Ltd is a stock that takes up a substantial portion in his investment portfolio. Fortunately, some combination of good fortune allowed … [Read more...]

What Does Socially Responsible Investing Really Mean?


Fair trade products and ethically responsible consumption are probably not strange terms to you.  Many heavyweight companies are increasingly making sure that they engage in socially responsible and fair business practices, including paying producers and their workers a fair and just amount or purchasing raw materials that are obtained from sustainable sources. Socially Responsible Investing … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Dividend Play – Part 2

Dividend Play essentially is about investing in business that are driven to return profits to shareholders. Management naturally will be driven to efficient their operation on what they have after. A strong management has the ability to do that consistently over time. Constantly churning out dividends to shareholders and making use of what has been left to continue to optimize and grow their … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Million dollar home

Few people would have remembered, I blogged about $1M home goal few years ago. To be exact is 4 years ago as per link here. Happy or sad to some, depending on each people felt level, i got mine.  If we include inflation over this period maybe in current dollar term would be 10% lesser in purchasing power. What this mean is Million Dollar home is just a matter of time.The plan for this home will be … [Read more...]

Be Aware Of The Lease On Your Dream HDB Resale Flat

Heartland Boy had previously explained that there are various reasons why young couples may choose a HDB resale flat over a HDB Build To Order (‘BTO’) flat. For instance, they may require a bigger space found only in the previous generation of HDB flats. For some young couples, they might place a premium on unique features such as an executive HDB flat or a HDB terraced flat which are both no … [Read more...]

Emails on investments and the CPF.

I have been spending more time on a new hobby. Online gaming! No, don't worry. It is not of the casino variety. It is a MMORPG. What is this? Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. For more information: MMORPG. The game is "Neverwinter" by Dungeons & Dragons. I am amazed that something like this is available to play free of charge! I remember "Diablo" by Blizzard was quite … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : The Lazy, The Dumb, The Struggle and The Greedy

Singapore is one of unique in the world where we have thousands of thousands in millionaire bracket without need to take risk in setting up business ourselves to be one. They are untapped potentials that financial funds always try to ZAP. Is not unheard of where hundreds of thousands HeartLanders were "Scammed" by Bank RMs, Insurance Agents, Property Agents, Business Investment or purely true … [Read more...]

Monthly Expenses and POSB Invest Saver update (March 2017)

Good day, readers! March has been a month of splurging for me as things like my mousepad and earpiece were worn out. Bought a book at my school bookstore too as the contents inside were essential readings for my module. Overall expenses had actually exceeded my monthly allowance (terrible money management). Hopefully there would not be anymore unforeseen expenses in the following … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : You get what you measured – Cory Sample Portfolio Stock List

When I first stared investment in stock market, we likely deal with one or two stocks. The idea is to get a feel of stock trading. The mechanics. The excitement. In a Bull market, we will see proportional gigantic returns. Stock picks are probably Tips or from Newspaper reading.   After I manage to save sizable sum for larger bets, this increase my stock punch or have a wider stock selections. … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Lessons From The Review Of Becoming Warren Buffett


On the rare occasion that Heartland Boy was able to take a full-carrier flight from Jakarta to Singapore, he decided to plug into the in-flight entertainment system. He selected this documentary titled Becoming Warren Buffett amongst the long list of movies and TV programmes. Before long, he was totally absorbed in the show. The values and habits of Warren Buffett were so valuable that Heartland … [Read more...]

What do you need as an investor?

This conversation took place when IREIT Global's unit price declined to 71.5c after going XD not too long ago. AK bought more. And this was another conversation with another reader at around the same time, maybe, about 2 days apart: Reader: Hi AK, I'm on of your readers. I'd like to know what you think of IREIT Global, which I understand you have in your portfolio. Recently, the stock … [Read more...]

Huge losses from trading but tempted to restart.

Hi AK, I am always tempted to trade and also I see many courses out there on trading and saying that they have earn so much from trading. I never sign up for any of them but there is always a temptation. should i go and attend trading course and start trading again which I have made huge losses before, or do the AK way, be patient, be pragmatic , be prudent? ie just do income … [Read more...]

Did You Beat the Market with Your Own Portfolio of Stocks?

If you want to honestly evaluate whether picking stocks individually is worth your effort and time adequately, you need to measure the performance of your stock portfolio. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the ‘game’ for its own sake…if you really enjoy the process. I understand that some investors relish the process of searching for undervalued stocks and drilling deep into the financial … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Multiple Rows Data in Excel Program – One of the Greatest Invention to the Investment World


Excel helps us saved huge time in tracking and strategies our investment. Some people do not use them and sometimes demeans it as manual and unprofessional. I know of many great computer companies today still use Excel in majority of their daily work. Without it will be horrific. Human kind probably will be step back 30 years in advancement.Today I learned a new trick on creating chart with … [Read more...]

1Q 2017 passive income from non-REITs.

In my last blog, we saw that I made some changes in my S-REITs portfolio in 1Q 2017. Regular readers might recall that the quarter also saw some changes in my non-REITs portfolio. I made the following changes to my non-REITs portfolio: 1. Increased my investment in APTT and then sold it within 2 months. See: Sold APTT at higher price. 2. Increased my investment in QAF … [Read more...]

If You Ever Need An Index Investing Starter ..

Have you ever felt that despite all the blogs and online resources available, you still needed that extra something to nudge you towards index investing? Did you say “yes”? Shiny Things One place that I’ve learnt a lot from is, surprisingly, the Money Mind sub-forum at Hardware Zone. I know, don’t judge. I tend to lurk around many places 🙂 There is a particular individual who uses the … [Read more...]

Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF : One Thing People Aren’t Saying


Like what I wrote for Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF, just throwing out some food for thought for this one. A REIT ETF such as Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF is a great tool to have at our disposal. It would fit in nicely if you’re trying to construct a portfolio like Rick Ferri’s Core Four, for example. Portfolio Charts is a website that I really like, by the … [Read more...]

Take that dream job and take on more risk?

This was my reply to a reader's email: Hi L, If you remember, I have a blog that says unless we are rich, be pragmatic, not romantic. Most of us have to work, exchanging our time and energy for pay. If we are not financially secure, then, we might have to forgo that dream job which does not have a predictable income. Having a predictable income stream provides peace of mind which is … [Read more...]

How Investing In Foreign Property Destroyed My Family Wealth

When Heartland Boy applied for a role at a real estate developer after graduation, the hiring manager asked during the interview, “you graduated with a degree in Business Management, why do you want to work in the property sector?” Heartland Boy replied, “My experience with the real estate sector started when I was only very young, probably at 6 years old. I understand that many households in … [Read more...]