The Curious Case Of the Singapore Savings Bonds

There were 19,505 successful applicants of the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) who would invest a collective sum of S$413m, or an average of S$21,174 each. This is an under-subscription in many people’s eyes considering Monetary Authority of Singapore catered S$2 billion to S$4 billion for the first few SSB issues. There was an expectation of high demand… Why is there an … [Read more...]

The Psychological Problem of Waiting

Earlier in the month, I wrote an article (here) about how I was going to utilize my funds in a bear downturn market scenarios. Since then, the market has somewhat presented me with an opportunity to add on some of the great counters at a rather attractive price which I excitedly add on into the portfolio. I'll share some of these buys when I finish consolidating and start to write my October … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts On The First Issue Of SSB


1. SSB Was Massively Under-Subscribed Honestly, I was thinking if the Mrs would get her full allocation for the first issue of the Singapore Savings Bond. She applied for $5,000 in the middle of September. The 2.63% of returns isn’t fantastic, but definitely not to be sneezed at for what is essentially a risk-free rate. But it seems we are the rare few that thought this way. In the end, all … [Read more...]

9.5% Yielding Croesus Retail Trust makes Acquisition with debt and rights issues

Japan based retail business trust Croesus Retail Trust made an acquisition with debts and rights issue. Current Share Price: $0.85 Last Dividend per Share: $0.0808 (Dividend Yield 9.6%) Presentation Slides here Croesus Retail Trust is rather similar to that of iREIT Global, a German Office Trust majority owned by Shanghai Tong: Both have properties not in Singapore Both are … [Read more...]

Affordability of HDB, Private Housing in Singapore 2015 Edition

I am in that reflective mood again. This time it is based on the horror stories that I read about London’s housing prices, post-general election thoughts on certain policies. Please indulge me while I reflect upon this. There is a sort of goodness in our subsidized housing system, the HDB. It used to be a system to give us a roof over our heads. Nowadays, its purpose is still to do that, but … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Reits Well Enough?


I discussed a lot on the Reits sector towards the end of previous year (Click Here) and then updated them again early this year (Click Here), especially on the sensitivity risk towards rising interest rate environment, and thought it is a good time to review the sectors again after some serious correction during the past couple of months. Many people who looked at Reits often do very minimal … [Read more...]

Manage your CPF well but please do not rely on it !

I'm very busy this week as I have my mid-terms and a presentation to make next week in school. Nevertheless I want to elaborate on this point I made in my radio interview which Driz'zt of Investment Moats has kindly referred some traffic to me is his very well-thought article on CPF. We Singaporeans are a lucky lot because a large part of what our government do actually works. The same … [Read more...]

The Automatic Money Jar System


“So, would you like to go on a hot air balloon ride?”, my Turkish tour guide asked. It was going to set me back an extra $200 USD. If I was asked that question 5 years ago, I might have hesitated. I might have started doing comparisons like “$200 USD! That’s like $300 SGD, which is equal to 100 plates of wanton mee, which is how much I spend on food in a month! Is this really worth it?” But … [Read more...]

Profiting From Stock Index Changes


Straits Times Index (STI) had 3 new members in the 30-stock index. SATS, UOL and Yangzijiang have replaced Jardine Matheson, Jardine Strategic and Olam. The announcement was made on 3 Sep 2015 and the change have taken effect on 21 Sep 2015. It is common belief that stocks that were added into the index could be bidded up in price while the exited stocks would experience sell downs. But … [Read more...]

Ascendas REIT’s Australian Acquisition and the direction of Industrial REIT going forward


I got quite interested in this recent Ascendas REIT acquisition down under. Ascendas REIT is one of the biggest REIT in Singapore and one the oldest REIT in Singapore. Since its listing in early 2002, their XIRR is 16%, while for the past 10 years the XIRR is about 6.77%. It is currently priced at $2.30 and yields 6.2%. Ascendas REIT owns the largest portfolio of industrial properties … [Read more...]

Think twice if we believe peer pressure would help our friends to save more


My best friend asks me recently this question: “How do you convince someone that have never saved all his or her life to start saving?” And I realize this question is very perplexing because I could never hit the magic formula how to convinced any one who couldn’t to do it. If I was able to, then I would have a skill that is highly sought after. If he could have approached me with this … [Read more...]

Financial Education as a Merit Good

The recently concluded General Elections had all political parties presenting their manifestos. There were many interesting proposals. Some fractions wanted to cut the defense budget. Others proposed better ways of running our healthcare system. Many felt that we could do more to help the poor. Whether or not these suggestions will work in isolation or even as a whole is highly debatable. What … [Read more...]

Is The Story of Emergency Funds Overrated?

I recently read an article online about a person who has invested all his funds into the stock market. From his past articles, it appears that he doesn't keep any funds for emergency purpose and I get the impression that neither does he think he requires them at this moment. He is young, single and probably doesn't have any strong commitment to anything other than himself. There were a couple of … [Read more...]

Knowing The Grants Available For Resale Flats [With new Proximity Housing Grant]


Most couples would apply for a BTO flat as a first step to setting up their own family. However, some of us would be buying resale flats as we want a better location or we want to stay near our parents for convenience sake. Resale flats are also much faster for you to move in as you do not have to wait at least 3 years for your house to be built finish as with the case of buying a BTO … [Read more...]

Luxury Items: It’s Not Just About The Sticker Price


In terms of materialism, it’s often said that women’s weaknesses lie in handbags and jewellery. As for men, it’s perceived to be watches and cars. As a Taurus who definitely can appreciate aesthetics and comfort, I get tempted by luxury too. Yes, this guy has “arrived”… And to be honest, if it’s just a high upfront sticker price, I might be willing to save up for one or two of these items. … [Read more...]

Sept 10 year Singapore Government (SGS) Bond May yield close to 2.8%


Courtesy of Fundsupermart, where you can purchase SGS Bonds for a small cost. Here we observed the current Singapore Government Bond Yield Ladder for the bonds trading in the market now. The yield to maturity of the bond with 9.7 years duration is 2.71% and 11.45 years duration is 2.86%. This would probably indicate that the Singapore Savings Bonds to be issued in the next few months may … [Read more...]

The 80/20 Rule of Compound Interest


 Here’s a cool fact I that read on Quora this week: Warren Buffett made 99% of his wealth after his 50th birthday.  At first, this doesn’t seem to make any sense: Warren Buffett started investing at the age of eleven, yet he essentially made almost all his wealth after the age of 50. Were the first 39 years of his investing timeframe just a waste of time? Nope! The truth is, that’s how … [Read more...]

Dream – Having a Purpose For Your Life

Throughout my past 2 years of blogging, I've received emails from several young people who want to take the first step to learn and change how their future would be. Some come from poor family backgrounds where they are worried even for their parent's retirement. It is heartening to see people taking charge of their finances because they care for the people around them. Money is never just for … [Read more...]

Lets Talk Insurance

Asahi Super Dry Girl 3 - 150 x 150

A week has passed since the elections, P won comfortably, the O has gone back to the drawing board and everyone of us got back to our daily routine. With my Lazy Man Portfolio review completed, it's time to review my Insurance Portfolio. I am going to be as detailed as possible complete with premiums and coverage but sensitive information like my policy number will be omitted. I welcome a healthy … [Read more...]

Singapore Commercial REITs – An Overview of the Properties They Own

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are investment vehicles that pool investors capital to buy properties and collect rental income. As such, it would be of interest for investors to study the property portfolios of each REIT to identify the underlying properties the REIT owns. Not all properties are equal, they are in different locations, command different rents, and have different … [Read more...]