3 S-REITs that outperformed in 1Q17


Following the REITs Report for 1Q17, we dive into individual REITs performance in today’s report. Here, we highlight three REITs that managed to outperform the rest of the REITs. 1. CapitaLand Retail China Trust Capita Retail China Trust had two positive catalysts working for them in 1Q17: Firstly, CapitaMall Minzhongleyuan has finally managed to turnaround its poor rental performance with a … [Read more...]



Yesterday, Accrelist topped the most Active Singapore stocks with a trading volume of 76.8 million shares. Accrelist was also one of the top gainer stocks with a 16.667% upside in its stock price yesterday. Accrelist’s trading volume yesterday was notable as it was way far above the average trading volume. Singapore Stocks Investing last posted about Accrelist stock in April 2017, noticing that … [Read more...]

Ying Li International


Ying Li International - This "speculative" counter is an extremely undervalued yet profitable company, which price has been going downtrend (book value of 1.96 vs current price of 0.131). However, its Debt to asset ratio has been increasing and it is a bad sign. Currently, it is oversold with a RSI of 24-28. As compared to Mermaid Maritime, both have similar ratios of increasing Debt to asset … [Read more...]

The math of crisis investing

I want to find out what is the possible rise in my portfolio after investing during crisis, and in so doing, I can find out the optimum amount of cash to keep. The problem with cash is that while it's very useful during crisis, there's a cost to it. It's the drag on your portfolio return, that is, your cash is rotting in the bank doing nothing. On the other hand, investing throughout the ups and … [Read more...]

Survivorship Bias


Was reading the Sunday Times today when several “Unit Trust Providers” and “Actively Managed Funds” peddling their services through ads caught my eye. Whenever I do read those eye-candies, I can’t help but recall the miserable track record of active fund managers. But how is it then possible that their ads, their validated track records and their promises still look so attractive? They are not … [Read more...]

Growing wealth by being smart


It’s going to be close to a year of blogging and I cant explain how much i’ve gained from it.   This blog post will be a short story of how I’ve became an investor At age 21, I’ve decided that having an alternative source of income from trading is essential for early retirement. In order to get out of “the usual cycle of life”, I took an educational holiday to Bali for 30 days. In that 30 days, … [Read more...]

Some insights from Psychology – More loose ends from the previous talk.

There is one loose-end from the last talk. Apparently, my presentation slides were not the latest version which I sent to the company admin. This turned out to be a good thing because, this way, my talk ended on time and it might turn out out to be more draggy otherwise. Just thought I'd share information about the missing slides and in the meantime showcase to the more intermediate readers … [Read more...]



SIA reported a set of very unimpressive results amounting to financial losses on 18 May 2017 and additionally, reported a dividends cut of more than 50% of what was paid last year. The result on SIA’s stock price was not surprising the next day (19 May 2017) with SIA stock price dropping by 7.2% top close at $9.98 on a high trading volume. How high was the volume accounting for this 7.2% drop? … [Read more...]

A Comparison of Shipping Trusts’ Business Models

You might be wondering why I am still writing about shipping trusts' business models when there is only 1 shipping trust left. This is because for investors in First Ship Lease Trust (FSL), it is useful to understand the differences between the business models of FSL and Rickmers Maritime to assess whether FSL would go the way of Rickmers Maritime and be wounded up. On the surface, both FSL and … [Read more...]

Geo Energy Resources – Dropped 23% In The Past Week. What’s In Store?


I typically do not reveal the location of my travel pics, unless the travelling took place some time ago. No prizes for guessing this time around though. LOL! All I can say is, don’t go during summer! It’s shit ass crazy hot, and no amount of air conditioning can save you. Amazingly enough, the locals can wear long sleeved shirts and look perfectly comfortable. I’m doing all I can to stop … [Read more...]

Back in Singapore after US holiday


We are back in Singapore after a 2 week trip to West Coast US. The holiday was a lot better than I expected given it was our first time there. We have been to different parts of Europe a few times and never really considered US as a travel destination until recently. Didn’t think US would be as interesting and I was pleasantly surprised to find out there’s so many fun things to do there. We would … [Read more...]

OUE Hospitality Trust 1Q2017 Results – Signs of Recovery?


Recently, I noticed the share price of OUE Hospitality Trust has gone up slight by a bit. It even broke above $0.70 on 5th April 2017. While research reports published by analyst says that hospitality sector is improving and the worst may be over for 2017, I still have doubts. Since OUE Hospitality Trust makes up 5% of my current stock portfolio, I decided to take a brief look at its 1Q2017 … [Read more...]

Which Is Your Potential Wonder Woman Stock?


Being a movie buff, can't help but to integrate my hobby into this seemingly not-related blog. But I am sure I can get away of it, let me explain... Oh, before that, in case you are not aware, Wonder Woman is the upcoming DC Universe superhero movie (to be released on 1st June 2017 in Singapore). Personally I am so looking forward to it, if you are interested to know why, feel free to drop by … [Read more...]

JD Aftermath #6 : LLBs


Interactions with LLBs are the fundamental difference between SMU and NUS's approach towards legal education for mid-career professionals. SMU prefers that mid-career professionals interact with themselves first with limited exposure to LLBs to come later. NUS would thrown their JD-equivalent to swim with the sharks from day one. JDs will generally begin to have encounters with LLBs when they … [Read more...]

A Singapore Millennial’s Take On Avocado Toast


Poor Tim Gurner. He’s the Australian millionaire who recently got destroyed online for claiming that millennials would be able to afford their own homes if they just stopped spending money on “smashed avocados and $4 coffee.” Millennials around the world were up in arms, firing back with some (hilarious) sarcastic replies: I was gonna put a down payment on a house last year but then I … [Read more...]

Personal thoughts after last night’s talk on Stress-free investing

Ok, I've finally recovered from last night's talk. Let's talk about what happened last night from my perspective. Last night, Lionel gave passionate speech about automating one's investments using ETFs and Alvin Chow spoke about implementing the permanent portfolio. As for me, I was barely sticking to the original intent of the company directors when they set out the topic for the event. I … [Read more...]

If you have too much Insecurities and Personal Problems, Money is Often used to Fill these Holes

Eating has always been something that is less of a concern for me. There the the people that live to eat. And then there are the people that eat to live. I belong to the latter group. This means that I do not have an acquired taste or that I am picky with food. As long as there are adequate quantity and the food is not prepared in a very poor manner (I have high tolerance for poorly cooked … [Read more...]